Days of Our Lives August 20, 2010
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Friday, August 20, 2010
up at 6:15 p.m. est
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The bride, the birthday, and the baby!

- Tis morning in Salem. At DiMera mansion, wedding arrangements have begun. Servants, flowers. Stefano asks what this all is. EJ informs him it
is for his and Samantha's wedding. Stefano gives him a dubious look. EJ adds they are getting married today. Kate is surprised. Needless to say,
so is the phoenix. Why so sudden? Why the rush? "What is the bloody hurry!" EJ claims they are in love and perhaps there is something ... However, he does not want to think about that today. He embraces his papa. The judge has yet to arrive. Once alone, EJ tensely mutters Nicole had better not screw things up for him this time!
- Upstairs, Sami pretties herself for the wedding and assures herself she
is doing the right thing. Will knocks on the door and berates her for not telling him. She points out he knew this would happen sooner or later. He exclaims he did not know it would be today. Why the hurry! Sami claims everything is clear. EJ is the one who loves her. Will is dismayed to find out she will not be telling her parents until after the ceremony. She says she does not want them to try and talk her out of it. Lexie and the kids
will be there, and she was hoping Will would walk her down the aisle,
give her away. A frown creases Will's brow. That would be Roman's job! He cannot makes sense of this and sarcastically adds perhaps she and EJ have their own definition of love. Sami hopes that one day her son will understand. EJ loves and needs her - and they have kids together. Will considers. He quietly wishes them happiness. He now grins and agrees
to walk her down the aisle. Sami hugs him and the pair arrange to meet downstairs. He shuts the door. Sami cries and appears distracted.
- Rafe is reading the newspaper when Nicole slowly wakes up. Why is
he staring at her like that? He holds up the cd, his face solemn. She is busted, says he. "Game over." Nicole pauses, then pounces like a wild animal. "You son of a bitch!" He fends her off easily. Nicole accuses him of lying last night. He admits he did what he had to do. After speaking with mama  Fay, he knew the cd was important. Nicole starts to cry. He now starts to record with his mini-recorder and advises her to enlighten him on tape - right now! She exclaims she will say nothing as he has nothing! He points out she could be an accessory after the fact if the cd reveals a crime was committed. However, he did not set out to hurt her, so if she cooperates, he will do what he can to keep her out of prison. Nicole looks scared and mentions the wrath of the DiMeras. Will he promise to protect her? He will do his best and he will try to grant her immunity. Nicole breaks down. "My God! How did it come to this!" He reminds her that she has few choices, so what is her answer? All of a sudden, her phone starts to ring and she realizes it is EJ himself! Rafe makes her answer. She does. He wants to make sure she is okay. She gasps she is not, then covers by saying she is upset about Brady. EJ
coldly explains he wanted to make sure she has not gone off the deep
end. She assures him she has not gone off the deep end and he ends the call. Nicole now turns to Rafe, having deduced she has just one option
left. "Let's make a deal!"
- At home, Phil reminds Melanie they have plans to go to Chicago. She announces they must go to Dan's for Chloe's birthday party. Phil snaps that is a bad idea! He presses for the trip. Mel explains Dan is expecting them and it means a lot to him, not to mention ... Phil wonders why the hesitation. She complains Chloe no longer seems excited about the baby. Phil drawls he knows why. She is probably worried about the baby. Mel thinks she should be more optimistic about something so wonderful. "Right," says Phil, with a sudden grin, "so let's go."
- Chloe wakes up to Daniel touching her face with a red rose. "Happy birthday," he breathes and they kiss and kiss. "I promise you, I am going to give you the best birthday," drawls the doc. Chloe smiles, and then remembers her important morning appointment with Carly. She blanches. Dan notices and wonders what is wrong. She sighs. She pretends she just felt queasy for a moment. Dan is pleased to report he has the whole day off, and it will be filled with birthday surprises. Chloe giggles she would like to open a present now. When he agrees and walks off to get it, she looks for her phone. Moments later, Chloe is fully dressed and Carly arrives, whispering accusingly that they were supposed to meet! Daniel wonders what they had planned. Carly is surprised to see him and covers that they have plans to get facials. Ring ring. Dan steps away to take the call. Chloe ushers Carly out to go see the results and then let her know. When Dan returns, Carly is gone. He presents Chloe with her first gift.
An exquisite diamond bracelet, She loooves it! He murmurs he has many more surprises for her. Does she have any other wishes? Just one - and only he can make it happen! She wants him to always remember this very moment and how much she loves him. And about the baby, she needs
him to know she wants them to be a happy family together. He promises to always remember. She hugs him, her blue eyes filled with turmoil. Cheerful Mel and Phil arrive with cake and gift. Mel and Dan go in the kitchen to get the candles. Chloe whispers to Phil that Carly will call her with the results. Any minute now. Chloe later blows out the lone candle
on her green cake and Melanie teases what her wish was. Phil retorts to discuss that is against the rules! Chloe is now ready to open her gifts. She opens a box and thanks Melanie for the red clothes. Mel assures her she wants them to be friends. Actually, more than that. She would like them all to be a real family. Chloe breaks down in tears. Phil says they must be tears of joy and claims she has always cried when happy, ever since high school. Chloe woefully agrees. She hopes they will always be like this ...
Meanwhile, Carly is at St. Mary's and asks for Sister Anne, concerning paternity test results. Evidently she has them. Charly waits with bated breath ...
- Steph and Nath jog along the pier, then kiss. Mel staggers up to the pair, gasping about the nightmare. Phillip is the real father of Chloe's baby! She throws her arm around Nathan. Steph now wakes up on the sofa with a gasp. Nathan is getting ready to leave. Steph quietly calls Ian, to do his computer magic. She needs the results pronto, so no breakfast. He agrees to come. Nath enters the room and teases she was asleep on the couch when he got home. But today he does not have to be at work early. Steph gets tense. What about his xray? He canceled. Steph insists he needs one, as his elbow hurts a little. She needles him to go until he finally agrees and departs. Steph laments Mel was not hurt at the clinic, but if she gets hurt soon, Nath will be there for her. Ian now arrives and Steph pushes him to get those results. Nath, however, returns, having forgotten something. Steph pretends Ian is there, as he forgot his flashlight and came back for
it. Nath forgot something too and fishes his phone out from behind a sofa cushion. He tells Ian to take care, kisses Steph, and leaves. Ian wonders
if she thinks he could be the father of the baby. No, for he is good and honest, unlike someone else she used to trust - someone who could be about to ruin her life! Ian has second thoughts committing a felony. Steph implores him. Her relationship hangs in the balance. He agrees and gets to work. He hits s snag getting onto the site. Ring ring! Tis Nath, for Steph. "It's working, I'm in," says Ian. Nath overhears. Is that guy still there? Yes, he is helping her with her computer right now. When she gets off
the phone, Steph learns that Ian now has the results. She stares at the monitor in dismay. "Oh my God!"
- Chez DiMera, the place is decorated for a wedding! Lexie, Will, Ally, Johnny, EJ, Stefano, and the judge await the bride. Sami enters in a satin, beige dress, her hair swept back.
- Back with Nicole, Rafe tells the tape she is hereby entering into an agreement of immunity. Now it is her turn to speak. She tells the tale of trying to find something at the mansion, to prove she had nothing to do with the muggings, which was when EJ and Stefano came in. She hid and recorded their conversation. That is what is on the cd. Rafe removes the cd and inserts it in his computer. EJ's voice is heard. He laments he lives with what he has done every day. And if Samantha ever finds out, he loses everything! Rafe smirks. The cd suddenly stops after Stefano drawls Anna knows what could happen to her ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami explains to little Johnny that Sydney is not well enough to attend. Johnny explodes, like a mini Stefano "But I
want Sydney here!" So does Sami. She goes on to praise daddy EJ for bringing baby Syd back to them. Time for the ceremony to begin. Sami
is holding a yellow bouquet as Will walks her down the aisle. They stop
at the judge. EJ smiles lovingly at his bride. The judge proceeds as the phoenix watches. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today ..."
- Back at Nicole's room, the cd continues to play. The phoenix speaks. "She knows what would happen to her if she ever told anybody that you paid her to kidnap Sydney."  Rafe gets choked up. "That's it. That's all I need!" Nicole realizes he has done this for Sami.He admits he did indeed, his eyes filled with tears. "It's all for Sami ...!"

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Nicole loses it. "If EJ or Stefano finds out what I did, I'm dead!"
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