Days of Our Lives August 2, 2010
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Monday, August 2, 2010 
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-  Replay of EJ's heartfelt marriage proposal down at the Salem pier. He waits for a response. Sami quietly cries. "EJ, I can't!" She cries louder.
EJ stands up and admits it is awkward. In fact, he seems to have terribly misjudged the situation. He had intended to wait, he explains sheepishly. Sami gasps she knows he helped her through these last few months and what he said was the most romantic thing. She adds she cares about him and things have indeed changed between them. "But a part of me still has feelings for Rafe." She cannot change that about now, which is why she cannot say yes and marry him. "I'm sorry," she finishes and runs away.
EJ stands alone, hands in his pockets, looking dejected.
- Meanwhile, working Agent Rafe is with Fay, having just flashed his FBI badge, announcing he has questions about her daughter. She must first put in her time, then will come back to talk. She gets her purse out of her locker, and walks away. Rafe calls Tim to update him that he has located Fay. He stands up and easily unlocks Fay's locker. Inside, he finds an envelope from Nicole! As luck would have it, the envelope is empty. He curses and puts it back. Fay returns and offers him a cup of coffee. He
takes it black. She nervously asks if the trouble Nicki is in has to do with Sydney. No, it is EJ. All he can say is that Nicole is mixed up with EJ again. It could end badly for her. Fay is very worried she could end up in prison again. Rafe tells her she is right to be worried and asks her to be straight with him. Has she been in contact with Nicole again? She replies she has barely spoken to her. Rafe warns if people get hurt, it might not
be good for Nicole. Fay now admits there is one thing ... She made her swear not to tell anyone.  Nicole sent her an envelope and asked her to guard its contents with her life. He inquires if she knows what it had inside.
- Chez Nicole, she has just given thug Marco the name and address of Dick Baker. He wonders if he should whack him. Nicole talks of house arrest - until she knows what to do with him. Marco is amused. Nicole
just wants him to keep him at home, until she has decided what to do.
Exit Marco. Moments later, Brady arrives on the scene. Who was that guy? Just a station messenger, she lies. He is there for one reason only  - to see her - and gives her a passionate kiss! She notes this is sudden. Not for him, as he has been thinking, remembering. "I want to give it a shot." She is the one and always has been, he declares. Is she alright? No, breathes Nicole. She is further overwhelmed when he assures her he is there because he loves her. They continue kissing passionately. The clothes start to come off and they fall into bed together. Afterwards, they blissfully lie in each others' arms, optimistic about their future. Nicole is counting on it ...
- Baker gets a call from poker player Charlie and drawls his timing is impeccable!
- Bo has just heard from little Ciara's innocent lips that Hope had in her possession the wallets of Roman, Justin, and Abe. His eyes are filled with dread as he hugs his daughter tight. Pretty blond Detective McCarthy comes back to get Ciara. Bo quietly suggests she be careful with her, as she has been through much. McCarthy takes her off to the playground. Ring ring! Tis Justin. He tells Bo they need to talk. "It's about Hope!"
- Bo meets Justin at the pub. Justin informs him Adrienne was right. It is like Hope is two different people. Bo's eyes widen ...
- At the house of Kiriakis, red lipstick Hope stares at herself in her sleek compact. Perhaps she missed her mark the first time, but this time will be different. "Brady, you are a dead man!" Downstairs, she eerily reaches
for a letter opener when Vivian enters. Vivian wants to talk Carly. Hope claims Carly has not influenced her. Viv wants Carly stopped and implies Hope should be the one to do it, given she was the injured party. Hope smiles a strange smile and glances at the letter opener. "I know what to do," she says ever so calmly. She assures Viv she does not have pity for Carly, but marvels she told her the details of Lawrence's death. Sounds like he deserved it. She warns Vivian that she should spend less time obsessing about her deceased nephew and concentrate on keeping her husband - or she could end up just like her! Hope strolls away. Madame considers.
- Vivian now pays a visit to Maggie, who is putting the icing on a cake. Maggie wonders if something happened to Victor. Yes. "You!" snaps
Viv. She walks in and coos she is concerned, as Maggie has been making passes at her husband! The redhead denies it and points out she told him she was only interested in friendship. She tells her to get out. She will not. Maggie gets mad when Madame warns her she will be sorry if she does not leave him alone. "Bite me!" exclaims Maggie and slams the door when her adversary steps out. Viv pauses at the door, remarking that is the wrong choice of words, as her bark is certainly far worse than her bite!
- EJ follows Sami home to the mansion and argues his case. She raises
her voice. She cannot marry him while she has feelings for someone else! He exclaims it is certainly a good sign that they are being so honest with one another. Sami laughs at his spin on the situation. EJ explains he does not accept that she will always care for Rafe. She points out she is in love with Rafe. He insists she loves him too, however. He can see it in her eyes. She cannot deny it and laments she is confused. How could he be with someone like her! He praises her for changing. They have both grown up, which is why he fell in love with her again. She wonders about the horrible things she has done to him. He admits he has done his fair share of bad things, too. They can start fresh. He asks her to give him a chance at least. She sighs she will only agree to marry him if she is 100% sure, but she is not. He understands. He requests a favor and wants to give her the ring. She refuses. He begs her to put it somewhere. Maybe every now and again she will look at it and think of him. "It would mean
a lot to me." Sami cries it is so gorgeous. He informs her it was from a jeweler in London. This was no impulse decision. "I love you," he repeats and places the ring in her hand. He realizes it will take her a long time to get Rafe out of her system, but he will wait, for she is the love of his life. And if she will eventually have him, he will be the best husband! Enter little Johnny. "Why are you crying, mommy?" Sami cuddles Johnny on
the sofa and assures him she is not upset. His daddy said some things that made her happy. "Does that mean you're getting married?" grins Johnny. Sami is dismayed when she realizes EJ had spoken to him about his intentions. EJ explains that mommy does not want to get married just yet. Johnny says it would be awesome if she did! EJ gently points out that things will remain great if they stay the same, though. Sami appears uncomfortable.
- Hope enters the house she once shared with Bo. If at first you don't succeed ... She checks her face in the compact, then places a call to Bo, who is still at the pub with Justin. "I really need to talk to you. It's Ciara." He is on his way. She purrs she will be waiting, then pulls a butcher's
knife out of her purse! She now calls Dick Baker, who is on the pier. She reminds him he called 911 after she went to all that trouble! But the real reason she is calling is, she plans to leave soon and wanted to thank him for his loyalty. "It meant a lot to me." He asks her for a drink. "No time," says she. This is goodbye. Baker sighs.
- Moments later down at the pier, Charlie has a wad of cash for Baker, given he bet on the right filly! He invites him for another poker game. Baker doubts it, as  he is leaving Salem for good! Once alone, he writes Hope a goodbye letter, confessing he will always love her.
- Meanwhile, Marco and his concealed gun, impatiently await the doc ...
- Back at the pub, a preoccupied Bo thanks Justin for the info. Justin is beside himself with worry about Hope. Bo is too. He takes off to talk to her ...
- Bo arrives home seconds after Hope has hidden the knife behind a sofa pillow. "Thank you for coming home so soon," says she, forcing a slight, pained smile. She wants to talk Ciara. He wants to talk Hope. He knows that something is wrong and he should take action. Hope glares daggers. "Everything that's wrong - you caused it!" He is baffled. She admits she lied about wanting to discuss Ciara, just to get him there. She glances around. "Lovely home, lots of memories." This is the perfect place. For what, he wonders. Hope gives him a strange look. To put a period at the end of the sentence, to finally say goodbye. She criticizes him for moving another woman into their bed, into her home. "Hope, you're scaring me," states Bo. He does not want her to do anything to hurt herself. She won't and adds "It's you!" Bo is perplexed. "What?" All of a sudden she grabs the knife and lunges at him, her face filled with evil intent. "On behalf of women everywhere, goodbye, Bo Brady ...!'

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