Days of Our Lives August 19, 2010
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Thursday, August 19, 2010
up at 5:30 p.m. est
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Stefano is Chad's papa, Rafe gets the cd, Viv has a mysterious plan!

- Chez Nicole, Rafe starts to unbutton his shirt, then stops. "I can't do this." She accuses him of using her, but he claims she is the one using
him! She wants him to elaborate. He claims he only wanted friendship, whereas she had something else in mind. Nicole exclaims he failed the
test and she sees right through his charade! He drawls that there is no charade and he does realize she wants something physical. She reminds him all he has been trying to do is put her behind bars, hence her mistrust of him. Rafe understands that men have always used her and sincerely adds "You deserve better than that." However, he is not even sure he is better. He pretends to get dismal about messing up lately. Nicole points
out he did what he did out of love for Sami. She admits she has screwed up, too. Rafe now states he knows her love for Sydney and EJ made her do those crazy things. She would rather not discuss, for she is tired of being unhappy. He feels the same way and touches her hair. His hands move down her body. She wonders what it would be like to forget. He feels badly, as maybe they drank too much. He starts to leave. She stops him. It is not a perfect scenario, but she would like to give them a chance. She has nothing to lose. He grins. She wonders where they should start. "Here," he murmurs and starts to kiss her passionately. She kisses him right back!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Madame Viv gets off the phone after making mysterious arrangements. Enter flunky Gus. He sees she is in very good spirits. She purrs she has a plan to get that sanctimonious phony out of Victor's life forever. The victim will become the victimizer!
- After a board meeting, Victor runs into serious Maggie at the hospital nurse's station. She is doing some research for Bo, on behalf of Hope, who needs a therapist. The Greek tycoon offers to pay whatever it costs. He now sees that it totally destroyed Hope when Carly appeared on the scene. Along comes Vivian, who readily agrees. And she knows how to ease his pain. "A divorce?" quips sarcastic Vic. She cackles and tells him
of their restaurant reservation. Much to Victor's chagrin, Maggie excuses herself, as his wife has gone to so much trouble. Vivian shares her plan with Victor. She would like to do something for his daughter Isabella. She deserves better than just to be buried in that mausoleum. Thus, Madame Viv would like to buy a grand and beautiful sarcophagus. It is important for the family to see how beloved she was. He is suspicious about her motives. She claims she loves and would do anything for him. Maggie lurks nearby. Vivian gives her an ominous look ...!
- Down at the pier, Sami is talking to herself. Along comes Roman. He remarks she is deep in thought. She admits she was trying to decide
about something. Like marrying EJ DiMera? "Don't!" says he. Roman encourages her to go talk to Rafe. Maybe it will be different this time. Sami imagines arriving in time to see Rafe arresting Nicole, all for her. They profess their love for each other and kiss. Sami blinks back to reality. Perhaps papa Roman is right and this time will be different. He kisses her and hopes things will work out with Rafe. He saunters off into the night. Sami takes a deep breath and tells herself she can do this. Now she is off to Rafe's!
- At the pub, Kate asks Will about his project with DiMera Enterprises. She notices when Will gives Stefano a look. The phoenix explains he did not allow Chad to help Will with the work. Will sadly laments his friend has become isolated, a loner at the lake. Kate appears distracted. Stefano insists the young man will bounce back. Kate gets a tragic, faraway look
in her eyes and excuses herself to get some air.
She heads for the lake, where Chad sits alone. She asks after his father, who is out of town, acting like he does not exist. He knows he still blames him for his mother's death, hates him and wishes he was not his father! Kate takes a deep breath. She offers to call his father for him. He doubts
it would help, thanks her, and glumly departs moments later. Kate flashes back to a conversation with Maddie, when Kate warned her that the other secret was serious. If Chad found out the truth, that he was really Stefano DiMera's son ... Maddie had stopped her, insisting it would destroy both her husband and her son, so they could never know! Kate is back to reality. "Sorry Chad," she whispers.  Lexie soon arrives with Ciara and Theo to stargaze. Kate is curious. As a doctor, does Lexie feel her father could handle sudden, unexpected news? The kids are playing nearby. Lexie assumes she means Sami and EJ's marriage. Father will be fine if
he watches his diet, takes his insulin. Lexie appreciates Kate's concern. Kate notes his daughter has great affection for him, despite their past differences. Lexie points out she just got tired of the drama. Kate has one more question. How did she feel, finding out the Stefano was her father? Did she ever wish it were otherwise? She confesses sometimes she still does!
- Meanwhile, at DiMera mansion, EJ leaves an irate voicemail for Nicole, warning that she has much to lose if she does not keep up her end of the bargain! He decides to go see her. Ari is at the door. He drawls he is in a hurry. She reminds him they have a meeting. He gets flustered and invites his client in. He later comes down the stairs, recalls kissing Sami, and smiles. He returns to Arianna in the living room, who is confused by the papers he has left her with. They are papers to sign, which ensure the Salem P.D. will erase her record, in return for her promise not to sue them. They both sign. The mood is light, though Ari is still baffled why Hope decided to frame her. She praises EJ for believing in her. EJ says he has some news that might not impress her. He and Samantha are getting married. She tries to make nice, then points out Sami is a train wreck who hurt her brother. She would hate for the same thing to happen to EJ!
- Chez Nicole, the clothes start to come off as she and Rafe get hot and heavy standing in the middle of the room. Rafe is shirtless, Nicole in her bra. Hopeful Sami is about to knock at the motel door when she spies the pair through the window, clear as day, with the lights on. She is shocked! Nicole sees her and smiles smugly. She moans for Rafe not to stop. Sami takes off. Nicole now decides to go into the bathroom to freshen up. Rafe anxiously stands alone in the room. When she comes out in her pink satin robe, she says perhaps she should get some sleep - alone. He grins, puts on his shirt, and they agree to take a rain check. She calls him a great
guy, but stops him at he door, having changed her mind. Could he just hold her? Sure. They lie on the bed together and he puts an arm around her. She never would have thought they would end up together. He points out it is not so bad. She agrees.
- At the pub, Stefano starts to talk to William about his work, then steps away to take a call. Enter Chad. Will wonders what is new. Chad laments his father is out of town. And he can't do that project with him, as his head is not in the right place at the moment. Will thinks it is for the best and glances at Stefano. Chad concludes Mr. Dimera did not want him involved. He is not surprised cos the guy always blows him off. Will feels badly about it. Chad is not fussed, he is more concerned about his father. Will suggests a movie. "Maybe another time," says Chad and walks away. Stefano returns and asks what Will and Chad were talking about. Will
tells it like it is. They were talking about the fact that Stefano does not
like him! Stefano explains Chad Woods is not from good people. Will defends him. Stefano concludes, however, that the young man is not his problem!
- At the mansion, EJ is touched by Ari's concern, but he does not think
Samantha will hurt him. Sami rushes into the mansion, hollering for EJ. When she realizes Arianna is there, she sighs that she will go upstairs.
EJ notices something is the matter. What is it? Ari congratulates her on
the engagement and departs. EJ asks Sami what is wrong. "I'd rather do this," she gasps and grabs him in a kiss and another and another. EJ chuckles he did not see that coming. "I love you!" she declares, adding
she cannot wait to marry him. Forget the big wedding. They should get married tomorrow. Elvis is utterly elated and seals the deal with a kiss.
She would like to do it fast and easily, just for them! He is surprised.
She insists they can do it there, no church is needed. This is about them and their kids and they deserve to be happy. No point in waiting. He
grins this time tomorrow, they will be man and wife! They continue the smoochfest.
- Back at Nicole's room, she has fallen asleep. Rafe slowly gets up from the bed and slips into the bathroom, where she has left her bag. He gingerly removes the cd and smiles ever so triumphantly ...!

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