Days of Our Lives August 18, 2010
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010
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Hope gets 2 years, EJ will wait, Rafe accepts Nicole's dare!

- At the courtroom, Bo elaborates on the change of plans. Time for plan B. Hope reminds him she wants justice to be served. He asks her to trust him. Julie tells Bo everything is all his fault and makes a comment about Carly. The only way to help Hope is to give her a reason to fight!
- At the pub, Justin and Adrienne discuss the fact that Hope's sentencing
is today. Where did all of her anger come from? Justin has been thinking how things used to be great between him and Adrienne. Where did they
go wrong ...?
- Brady wistfully places flowers at the crypt of mother Isabella. He wishes he had known her, so he could at least remember. He laments if she were there, perhaps his life would be different.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami stand up, kissing. He suggests they go upstairs to practice being married. She is on! They head upstairs, all over each other, until Johnny interruptus (cutie seen briefly). EJ is soon back downstairs with Sami, who was lovingly holding the stuffed laughing penguin, remembering Rafe. EJ kisses her and now senses something is wrong. What  is it? Nothing. She starts kissing him again. He stops and informs her that she does not have to if she does not want to. She replies Johnny broke the mood. EJ understands. Sami uncomfortably mentions having a traditional wedding night, even though it might seem silly. EJ supports her wholeheartedly and lets her know. "My job is to make sure that all your dreams come true." Sami smiles he is perfect, thanks him, and gives him a kiss.
- Sami heads for the Brady pub, looking for Caroline, who is not there. She notices Brady is drinking beer. He notices her engagement ring. He slurs he is celebrating getting that last monkey off his back. He is done with Nicole for good! Sami did not even know he was with her again. What happened? Her lies lies lies! He suspects she will be in Statesville soon. Sami is no different than him, cos her addiction is EJ DiMera. If
she marries him, she will be in a far worse place than prison! She insists she knows what she is doing. He warns she is marrying into a family of liars and killers! When he came back to town, she was in a better place with Rafe, but then went back to being the same old screwed up Sami. She yells at him to shut up. He sarcastically advises her to think about what she is doing and departs.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Nicole falls into flirty Rafe's lap. She would like
to hang out there. "Fine by me," says he and they start to kiss. Nicole is overwhelmed. Rafe acts the same. Arianna shows up. "What was that!" She accuses Rafe of making out with the wacko woman who destroyed her and Brady's life. She assumes this is because of Sami. He must be making out with the person who hates Sami the most -  in public - on purpose! Rafe wants her to put a sock in it and mind her own business. Ari snaps at him and walks off to get a drink. Nicole wonders if he is
really just trying to make Sami jealous. Rafe drawls he and Sami are a
lot like her and Brady. "Complicated," says she. He agrees and complains the pair of them always get left out. She feels alone. So does he. Sami made his life a train wreck, just like what happened to Nicole. She slurs
it was cos she was bad. He teases her who cares. Ari gives them the evil eye from a distance. Rafe assures Nicole what his sister said was wrong. He offers to get her home safely and helps her stand up. They stagger
out together, Rafe's arms around her ...
- Rafe and Nicole arrive at her door. Rafe kisses her and asks to come in for a nightcap. She is curious what he really wants. He is not sure and goes back to explaining how he lost Sami, she lost EJ, then Brady. Nicole is drunk and confused. He suggests they live in the moment. She now smiles and invites him in for a nightcap. Once inside, they drink up. Rafe brings up Sydney, who means the world to both of them. Nicole states
she had to let her go. She cannot be a part of her life anymore. Rafe's phone makes a noise and he turns it off. Even FBI guys get a break! She is surprised he does not have an angle. He sits on the bed and drawls he just wants to be with a woman who is uncomplicated. He adds at least
she does not claim to want the best for everyone and then lie to his face. Like Sami. Nicole points out she has lied too. He commends her for being up front about it. He now shifts himself opposite her chair and lets her know he is interested. Nicole notes he has those sexy eyes and she has
this body ...! She still finds it hard to believe that he means what he says, though, so he must prove it. His face gets closer to hers. "Take off your clothes!" she dares.
- Justin and Abe arrive at the courtroom. The judge asks Hope if her plea remains guilty. Hope stands up and repeats she is guilty. The defense now has 3 names to add to the victims list. The D.A. is miffed. If the Defense is trying to make a deal with the court, then the previous offer of 10 years in exchange for a guilty plea is is withdrawn! Hope continues to tell the judge she is guilty. The D.A. announces she wants the maximum sentence - 30 years, without parole! Julie is dismayed. Doug tries to reassure her. The D.A. demands no less than 30 years, due to the severity of the brutal attacks and the attempted murder charge. Enter Arianna. The judge asks the defense lawyer why Hope should be granted leniency. Justin stands
up and declares he can explain why! He takes the witness stand and then points out Hope had an accomplice - one Dr. Baker, who has refused to testify against her. Hope, he adds, has shown remorse. He does not think she should be released, but she should receive treatment so that she can come back to her family and friends. Next witness is Abe, who calls her one of Salem's finest. He remarks he will be a victim again if his friend is buried by the system. She faces a long recovery process and she too was
a victim. Once he steps down, Arianna addresses the judge. "I'd like the chance to say something." She takes the witness stand and tells the court that Hope falsely accused her of her crimes. She knows first hand prison
is a horrible place. However, justice should be blind. "You do the crime, you do the time!" Doug closes his eyes, fearing the worst. Bo now takes the stand and admits he is partly to blame for what happened. He recalls how their daughter was kidnapped and after they got her back, there were demons to deal with. Hope moved out with their daughter. His mistake was assuming she had moved on, so he moved on with his life. The end result was that her whole world fell apart. He continues. She then went to a medical professional, who prescribed her a pill that turned her world upside down. She too was a victim and that should be reflected in her sentence. Finally, he wants his wife to know he will be there for her, for whatever she needs. Hope starts to cry. Bo's eyes are filled with tears. The judge decides Hope is not a hardened criminal. She is sentenced to
2 years in the correctional facility, with psychiatric care and supervised visitation. Julie and Doug jump up and hug her. They are pleased with
the outcome. Bo is sorry. Hope thinks he helped her, however. Julie praises him for saving the day. What would he have to be sorry for?
Justin watches as Bo gives Hope a woeful look. "'I'm sorry I wasn't there," laments the commissioner. Hope now thanks Mayor Abe and Justin. They both want her to get well. When they are gone, she hugs Doug and Julie, who assure her she will be out soon and they will bring Ciara to see her as often as possible. Hope soon stands alone in the room with Bo. "I guess this is goodbye," she whispers. "No, not goodbye. I'll
see you soon, Fancyface," replies a choked up Bo, his eyes filled with tears.
- Sami is outside the pub, trying to reach Rafe on his phone. When Arianna approaches, she asks if she knows where Rafe is. Probably at Nicole's place! Sami thinks he must be ready to make an arrest and gleefully takes off to watch ...
- Meanwhile, Nicole is all smiles, as Rafe stands up and proceeds to strip down ...!

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