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At the house of Kiriakis, replay of devastated Mel about to leave
when Steph enters. She wants to know what is going on. Mel sadly
says she is happy for them that they are getting back together. Phil looks guilty! Steph wonders if Mel knows something she doesn't. She goes on to lecture Phil for possibly overstating his case. All they will
do is try and work things out step by step. Phil would rather discuss it privately. Steph agrees, though she points out he was compelled to share the news with Mel. And why did she look so upset before? She wants them to enlighten her. Both women look at Phil. The prodigal
son blinks. Steph turns to Mel and notes she is not happy about her
and Phil. Mel now declares that the truth may be the best thing. She
believes there is an obstacle - Nathan, whom Steph is leading on. And how will he feel? Steph insists they are only friends. Mel brings up the fact that Phil went berserk on Nath. Steph insists Phil was wrong on that. Mel points out Phil is being very quiet, like someone who has something to hide. Simple Steph misunderstands her angle and assures her she does not have to worry about her and Nathan. Mel says a few cryptic comments, adds she will not stay where she is not wanted, and leaves. Steph says she feels bad for Mel. Phil mutters he does, too. He now declares how Mel feels is the last thing they should be considering. Steph implies she is impulsive. Phil now tells Steph he will do anything to make things work between them. Steph quips he is trying to avoid talking about Melanie. What is he hiding? Did Mel make a pass? Is that why he appears to be protecting her? Phil gets an exasperated look. He is not protecting her. His cell rings. Tis Victor. Phil asks him to let him know when there is word and tells him to take care of himself. Steph decides to go check on her grandmother. Phil will call her later. She agrees they can work on their steps soon, kisses him, and departs.
- At the pier, Stefano and EJ discuss the meeting. Stefano thinks Vic now believes EJ had nothing to do with the kidnapping. EJ feels for Bo and Hope. He laments he could not help his own child when she was unwell and cannot seem to get past it.
- At the closed clinic, Rafe presses the nurse for details, but she claims she did not know exactly what went down. Baker was an excellent doctor who treated all with respect. However, sometimes she sensed
he and some of his patients were not who they appeared to be. There were odd hours sometimes and the doc was evasive, not to mention
the files were unusual and incomplete. The women were all different, whether rich or poor. Rafe asks if one of the patients was called Nicole Walker. The name does not ring a bell. He describes her. Maybe she can help him with the name, as to get a birth certificate, one must use
a real name. He concludes that the name Nicole Walker is indeed in the database, yet he does not have access without the password. She gives him the password and he types it in. Bingo! She was indeed a patient there, although her patient files have been deleted. There is no way to retrieve them, but at least the codes of the visits remained. The last one was when she delivered and the nurse remembers that night. Turns out she delivered the baby! Rafe holds up a digital pic of Nicole. Was that her? The nurse does not recall her face, though she might not have
been concentrating on it at the time. He now shows a pic of EJ. She remembers the tall Englishman! Rafe kisses her in gratitude.
- At the pub, replay of Nicole wondering what Rafe said about her.
Ari tries to excuse herself. Nicole calls her on her attitude. Ari claims she does not feel comfortable gossiping about Rafe or Sami and gets back to work. Nicole is now convinced Rafe is up to something!
- Morose Mel returns to the pub and orders a drink, as Phil and Steph are back on the path to love. She explains to Ari that Steph will not find out about them as he does not intend to tell her. Ari grins and asks if
she will. No. Mel updates her on Phil's about-face, and Stephanie's cluelessness. She could have blown them out of the water, but she
blew it by running. Ari thinks she did the right thing for herself. Ring ring! Tis Phil, asking Mel to come back so they can talk.
- Mel soon arrives at Kiriakis house. Phil answers the front door and thanks her for coming. He is sorry, but she is hurt. She reminds him he told her Stephanie was his past and she was his present. He, however, cannot turn off his love for Steph. She thinks maybe she can! But she will not, because that would belittle the fact that what they did meant something to her. He thanks her with a hug, Mel sadly agrees it will
stay between them.
- Meanwhile, the sleazy, greedy  motel manager is seated at his computer, gleefully watching footage of Phil and Mel's passion from
the previous night. "This might be my best film yet!" he snickers.
- At the police station, replay of Bo barking his threat into Hope's cell
at the calling kidnapper. Brenda warns he might cause his daughter's death. Bo rages he will make sure they get the needle for this, as kidnapping is a federal offense. Brenda leers he will have to find them first and hangs up. Hope is livid. She dramatically puts her hand on her forehead. Enter Justin. What next? Bo replies he will wait for them to call again. Justin admits he feels Bo was wrong.
- At the park, Mayor Abe and Detective Roman walk and talk about
the case. Hawkish Roman knows that someone either experienced or very lucky planned that kidnapping. The only lead left to follow up on
is Traci. Children are not easy to get informatio from. Lexie arrives
with little Theo, who overhears Abe mention Ciara being missing, and the lad is clearly upset. Lexie attempts to console him. Theo now tells them he saw Ciara! They are all ears. He saw Ciara and the ANGEL!
- In the shack, as Ciara remains blindfolded and hooked up to music
via earphones, Kyle tries to encourage Brenda, who points out Bo is smart. They are dealing with two cops - one good, one bad. And Commissioner Bo is clearly the smarter one. Perhaps they should stop
listening to Dean, ditch the kid, and just cut their losses. Simpleton
Kyle is uncertain. Brenda starts to gather her things. Kyle says all they have to show for it is a kidnapping charge hanging over their heads. Dean said it could get scary. She reminds him they are the ones in the line of fire. Kyle hastily calls Dean at the station, to inform him of Brenda's decision to take off. Dean says no she will not and advises
him to wait until he gets there!
- In Bo's office, the commissioner is still with Justin and Hope. Enter Dean, who announces the press is there. He asks for a small break as
he has a headache. No problem. Bo goes off to deal with the press. Meanwhile, Hope trashes him to Justin, who suggests she let her anger go, for Ciara's sake. She takes some aspirin. Justin points out that no one should have to act like a cop and a parent at the same time. Hope admits it is hard to see Bo in such pain. Justin gives her a reassuring hug. Enter Bo. Justin departs to consult with Vic. Hope and Bo now agree to be on the same side for Ciara. Bo explains he feels in his soul that they would have lost their daughter by paying the ransom. Hope laments what if the kidnappers take it out on her that he threatened them? He admits then he would never forgive himself. He promises they will work together from now on and he will not spring any more surprises on her. They clasp hands. She warns that after Zack, they almost didn't make it. He vows they will find Ciara ...
- Back at the shack, close-up of Kyle's ANGEL tattoo on his arm.
Dean arrives and talks tough with Brenda. She is not going anywhere until he says so! Kyle now says it does not seem fair that he gets to sit around air conditioning all day, while they are there. Psycho Dean gets him in a chokehold. He is in charge. Either he can do what he says and he will be rich and alive or he will be neither! Brenda tries to get Dean to release him as Kyle gasps for breath, his face turning red. Brenda yells at him to let go. Psycho Dean eventually releases him. He brushes off Brenda's suggestion that they cannot win against Bo and glances at Ciara. They should not underestimate a mother's love for her child!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano tries to make his son feel better by stating Samantha is a good mother. There was nothing that was not done to help Grace. The child had very good care. Elvis obsesses over the poor conditions the baby may have been exposed to at the convent. He suddenly decides that Sydney must be examined by a reputable doctor. He will call Lexie to arrange complete DNA and genetic tests. "We are going to find out everything." Enter Nicole. "WHAT?!"
Elvis informs her that they should both be tested as well, to find out everything they need to know about their daughta. Nicole assumes it is Stefano's idea. EJ claims it is his. The phoenix gives them their privacy. Elvis insists it was his decision. Nicole reminds him it would be both of their decision and she wants to exercise her veto! Elvis would like to know why she is so upset that he is trying to protect their daughta. Nicole claims she might be traumatized by the tests. EJ replies there is no discussion, as they are doing this, in case that other doctor missed something. When he walks out, enter the phoenix, who airily states his son is not likely to change his mind. Nicole warns that if she goes
down, she intends to take him with her! Stefano warns her that to threaten him is simply stupid. He is the only one in the world that can help her. Elvis walks by and announces Syd is ready and they are leaving in five minutes. Stefano quietly suggests she take the test. He will make sure no one will ever be able to prove she is not Sydney's mother! Let the phoenix take care of everything. No need to worry ...
- Back at what was once Baker's clinic, Rafe asks the nurse if EJ was there with Nicole Walker. She admits she has never seen a Nicole Walker and certainly not with him. Rafe is about to give up when she glances at a pic of Sami and recognizes her as the woman who had her baby the very same night EJ DiMera was there! Rafe silently takes it
all in ...

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"We'll change his mind and you can take that to the bank," Dean
tells his flunkies.
Hope explodes and yells at Bo they will kill her, does he not understand!
"No one is going to find out the truth. Not this hospital, not
Hernandez, and not Sami Brady!" Stefano sternly says to Nicole.

Something's not adding up.
You got that right!

Thursday, August 20, 2009


At the pub, Rafe is navigating the website of Baker's closed clinic.
He explains to Ari that it is kept going by some former employees and patients. He is pretending to be a mad former patient whose child has
a medical condition and he requires info on the birth. Not that far from the truth. Someone has agreed to meet him with answers, so he takes off for the encounter. Ari wishes him luck. Rafe heads for the deserted clinic, enters, and turns on the lights. The filing cabinets are empty. He sits down at a computer and prepares to look at the database. But what is the password? He gets off when the door starts to open ... Tis the former nurse, who was expecting to meet a woman who had a problem with her baby. Rafe clarifies. He is there representing his friend, the woman. Dr. Baker vanished and she wishes to speak with him. The nurse states she does not know his whereabouts, nor does she want to! She is still upset with Baker, given the terrible thing that happened at this very clinic ...
- On the pier, Nicole is on her cell with Baker, who is still in the tropics. Did he get the money? Affirmative. She declares they are then done
and she will never hear from him again! Dr. Baker chuckles she sounds stressed out. She angrily warns him to stop harassing her for good. He makes a wisecrack about her emailing him pics of Sami's - oops her - baby. He then agrees to stay away and advises her to have a few pina coladas for those nerves. The call is soon over and Nicole picks Syd
up out of her stroller, all smiles. "Now you are truly mine."
- In paradise, Baker calls his bookie to place a bet and, of course, loses the money!
- At elegant DiMera mansion, Elvis ends a biz call after threatening to tie someone up in court for the next 10 years. Enter the phoenix, who pours himself a good stiff drink, doctors be damned! EJ wonders what has so irked him. "We have a problem, my son, of major proportions!" He later concludes it never ends. Elvis notes this could set back some
of their plans. He adds there is but one way to handle it. The phoenix nods sagely. Elvis calls to arrange a meeting. Stefano does not like it. Elvis replies there was no alternative. Stefano talks ambush. Master Elvis assures him they can take precautions. Enter Nicole with baby Syd. Stefano gives them their privacy. Nicole wonders what is going
on. EJ bears bad news. Ciara has been kidnapped. Nicole is sad and sympathetic for the parents, as is Elvis. He cannot imagine anything worse than a child being taken from the parents! She agrees it is tragic "unless that child is better off with someone else." He wonders what
she means. Nicole claims she was only speaking in generalities. EJ brings up the tragedy of Grace being taken from him. He is grateful to have Nicole and Sydney.
- At the house of Kiriakis, replay of Steph asking Phil if something happened. Mel now enters, there to talk to Philip. Steph asks why.
Mel flashes back to her night of passion with Philip Kiriakis and casts him a knowing glance. "Do you want to tell her or should I?" she says softly. Phil says he will. Mel is there because she listened when he was upset and needed to vent. Steph wants to know why she is there now. And where did he go after he saw Mel last night? Mel admits they
spent the night together. Phil points out now is not the time to discuss
it, due to the Ciara situation, Mel is stunned to hear of the abduction. Both Phil and Steph decide to touch base with their families. Exit Mel, after telling Phil to let her know if there is anything she can do. Once Phil and Steph are alone, Stephanie wants answers. What happened between him and Melanie last night? She suddenly decides it is not her business. Phil points out she broke up with him. Steph smiles he left
the family, and it appears to have been for her. He asks if she will give them another chance. She replies that depends on just what happened between him and Mel.
Meanwhile, Mel is at the pub, optimistic about her life. Ari listens.
Mel confides in her about her new man - Philip Kiriakis! She has never been so happy, though she and Phil are not officially together yet. She no longer sees Steph as a threat either, for when she finds out that they slept together, she will want nothing more to do with him!
- Back at Kiriakis mansion, Phil claims to Steph that he spent the night talking and venting to Melanie. She knows how much he loves Steph and is trying to be a better person. She was a good listener, that was all. Phil announces he still loves Steph and wants them to reconcile. She considers. They agree to hold off on their decision until Ciara is found. Meantime, he is there for her. Steph sighs and hopes the fiasco with Ciara does not pull him back to the family. He admits he has to be with them, but when Ciara is found, he is out. Steph now goes up to his bedroom, claiming she wants to check for a book she left. Mel soon flounces in, assuming Phil has told Steph about them. The prodigal son lets her know he and Steph might actually be getting back together.
Mel cries that last night meant nothing to him! He insists it can never happen again. He said those things in the heat of the moment. She is heartbroken and angry. He begs her not to tell Stephanie about their fling. She says she will not back him up this time and starts to depart, only to come face to face with Steph, who has just come back into the room ...
- Hope awaits the kidnapper and her daughter. In the shack nearby, harsh Brenda warns Kyle not to give the child false hope. Dean has instructed her to check out the ransom location in advance. She heads out. Meanwhile, Bo again has the vision of Ciara being shot and killed by the kidnappers in front of Hope. Dean wonders what is wrong. Bo frantically places a call on his cell. He cannot reach Hope. He informs Justin she simply cannot hand over that ransom money and rushes out, followed by Officer Dean. Hope continues to wait at the meeting spot, watched by Brenda from the bushes. Bo suddenly rushes over, telling her to stop. Brenda takes off, unseen. Bo now informs baffled Hope that if she pays that ransom, Ciara will surely die! It is his gut feeling. Hope demands he be honest and realizes he had a vision. He admits
the vision showed him Ciara running toward Hope and ... Hope now understands they killed her in the vision. Dean arrives and attempts to change Bo's mind. The commissioner barks at him. He offers to stick around, in case there is any sign of the kidnappers. He walks off.
Bo tells Hope, who is still clutching the ransom money, that they are doing the right thing.
- Dean shows up at the shack and angrily kicks a chair. The commiss changed his mind. Mad Dean states he will return to the station and if he knows that pushy Hope Brady, she will get her way!
- Back at the police station, enter Victor. Justin gives him an update. Hope went to the drop off location and Bo followed, insisting he must stop her. He looked as if he had just discovered some new information. The Greek tycoon frowns, believing he is going to compound things by refusing to pay the ransom! Moments later, he announces there is something he must take care of. Justin asks if he can help. "Not with this," solemnly says Vic. He has to check that Ciara being taken had nothing to do with her being a Kiriakis and he must do it alone. Bo and Hope soon return and Justin joins them. Hope is mad. Bo assures her the kidnappers would have killedl Ciara. Justin is curious. Bo points out paying them would have ensured the non-return of their child. Justin wonders how he could know that. Bo retorts he should not question him. All he knows is what not to do at this point! Hope angrily reminds him Ciara is her daughter, too. He tries to explain she would have been lost to them forever. Hope glares at him and states it was in his head. Now what can they do?! Bo insists they cannot give those kidnappers the money - not ever! Hope warns him the kidnappers will harm their daughter if they do not deal with them. Justin agrees with her. They need to play the game. Bo explodes that Ciara's life will be in danger
if they pay the ransom. He adds she would be able to recognize the guy from the park. Enter Dean, with a list of abductions following the same pattern. He did research and the perps in such cases were only after the money. Hope now decides to give the kidnappers what they want.
- On the pier, a meeting of the two most powerful families in Salem takes place. Victor and his henchmen come face to face with Stefano, Elvis and their henchmen. The DiMeras just wanted Vic to know they had nothing to do with the abduction of his granddaughter. The Greek tycoon quips why should he believe them! Elvis reminds him they had
a truce. Victor wonders. Elvis admits they all do bad things, but they do not harm children. In fact, if anyone took a child from him, he would make that person die a slow and painful death!
- At the same time, Nicole enters the pub with Syd and has a seat. She tells Arianna she was sorry to hear about Sami and Rafe. Ari glares at Nicole, expressing her belief that she and Rafe are in fact far from
being friends! Nicole nervously asks what he said about her ...
- Back at the station, tensions run high. Hope's cell rings. Dean gets ready to trace the call.  Bo asks her to put it on speaker phone. Brenda taunts her that Ciara is crying. Hope offers to return with the money. Bo suddenly grabs the phone and vows to use the money to pay every snitch and more for info. He rages that he will hunt the kidnappers down and make them suffer ...!

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"Your brother is up to something. I know it," Nicole mutters.
Rafe stares at the computer monitor. "So, Nicole. Gotcha!"
At the shack, Brenda tells Kyle it is time they ditched the kid
and get the hell outta there.

You think I'm wrong, too?

Dead wrong!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


At the love motel, Mel wakes up beside Phil and looks uncertain.
The prodigal son stirs. He is glad she is there. They cuddle and talk about their relationship. He insists Steph is gone from his life for good. He does not know what comes next and neither of them regrets last night. All of a sudden, a loud bang is heard in the hall. Tis the sleazy manager, apologizing for working on the air conditioner. He makes a lecherous comment about Mel. Phil grabs him by the scruff of the neck and defends her honor! Mel calls him her hero. Phil would like to see where things lead between the two of them, though first they should get out of there. His cell is dead. Mel needs to touch base with Maggie. He needs to get some things done and Mel has errands. They agree to meet up later at his house and kiss.
- At the hospital, Steph marches in and asks nurse Maxine if Philip Kiriakis was admitted last night. Negative. Lucas overhears and Steph laments she has been unable to reach him all night. She wanted to tell him about Ciara. Lucas is stunned to hear she was kidnapped and complains everyone seems to know but him! He will call around for Phil. Steph suggests they pray for Ciara and walks away. Lucas glances at Chloe's closed door, where a police guard now stands, takes out a document, and sighs. He spies Nathan and asks for an update on Ciara. According to Maggie, they had contact with the kidnappers but that is
all for now. Steph reappears. Lucas heads back in to see Chloe. Nath wonders if Steph has heard from Philip. She sighs there is only his voicemail. She is worried. Nathan tries to make her feel better. She appreciates it. He brings up Phil denouncing the family biz What next? Steph has decided they need to talk, as soon as Ciara is found. Nathan asks what they will discuss. Steph is not sure and admits Nath made
her feel better. She announces she has stuff to do and departs. The young doc is wistful.
- Cheerful Mel flounces into the hospital. Maxine notes she is there early. Mel states she will be taking a personal day and taking time off from her class as well. Nathan walks up and hopes it is not because of him! She suggests he get over himself and she could not care less. Nathan is sincerely sorry. Mel accepts the apology and smiles she is over him choosing Steph. In fact, it may be the best thing that ever happened to her.
- Phil returns home to the seemingly empty house of Kiriakis. Steph is there, relieved to see him.He is surprised to hear she left him messages. She updates him on Ciara and also what she learned of him quitting the family. She is proud of him. He is just there to pick up a few things. Steph thinks they should discuss it. He assumed she had moved on. Steph insists she and Nathan are just friends. She would like to think she had something to do with his leaving the family. She smiles, as Mel approaches the door and stops. Phil asks if she is saying she wants to get back together with him. Steph remarks it sounds like something he might not want. Did something happen? Still unseen, Mel flashes back to their night of passion, her eyes filled with worry and sadness ...
- In Chloe's room, Lucas tells his sleeping wife that he was clearing out boxes and found something. Enter Nathan, there to check Chloe's drip. Lucas asks if she has improved and shows him Chloe's living will, stating she wanted no extraordinary measures to keep her alive unless she had a good chance of survival. Nathan explains that unless this has been authorized by an attorney, the hospital cannot accept it, and the power to decide remains with Lucas. Lucas considers. "So her life is
in my hands!"
- Down at the pier, Daniel leaves a message on his cell for Brady. He understands he must be busy helping find Ciara and that should be a priority. However, he is still waiting to hear from him about getting in
to see Chloe.Kate appears and makes a remark about the doc slithering out of jail after what he did to Chloe. Dan corrects her that would be what SHE did and soon everyone will know all about it! As she toys
with her necklace, Kate gets sarcastic about him and his lawyer trying
to implicate her in a propaganda campaign. Dan takes a step closer and vows they will prove she tried to kill Chloe and set him up, all because she could not bear the thought of him being with her! Kate vows he
will go to jail because he is his own worst enemy! Dan insists he will find a way to help Chloe. She leers he cannot control his urges, like an animal running around, and accuses him of trying to kill Chloe. Daniel calls Kate a sick lady. She taunts him that he will get the death penalty when Chloe dies! He reminds her that Chloe saved her life. Kate claims she did it for attention. Dan calls Kate an evil life form. She starts to slap him and when he stops her, it is clear she is still attracted to him. Exit Kate.
- At the police station, Hope nervously stands around as Bo updates Roman, and Dean lurks in the background, pretending to be hard at work. They will pay the ransom. Hope moans it is her fault if Ciara dies, just as the kidnappers said. Justin soon arrives on scene with a briefcase containing 5 million dollars in 50 dollar bills and lower, as instructed. Dean greedily eyes the case and walks out. Justin assures Hope that Vic agreed to do anything they ask of him. Bo hugs Hope
and reassures her this lifeline will bring their daughter home. Justin is surprised to hear there have been no new instructions. Hope puts her hand on her forehead and moans why have they not called! Justin asks about the last call. Bo explains that according to the phone company, it was from a disposable cell that could not be traced. Roman notes the whole operation appears to be sophisticated. Roman soon leaves to check into things and warns Bo if the media gets wind of this, it will become a circus.
- In the shack, Ciara does not want to eat - until bad Brenda points out a dead Ciara would never see her mommy and daddy again. The child reluctantly starts to eat. Ring ring! Tis dirty cop Dean, who informs Brenda the money just arrived. He advises her to prepare for the next step. She promises the girl will not be a problem. When the call is over, Dean stomps on the cell phone he was using and destroys it. He then saunters off and joins his two flunkies at the shack, where Ciara has been blindfolded and hooked up to earphones again so that she will not see or hear Officer Dean.The dirty cop rages about how much he hates Hope, for having been promoted detective over him, after he spent years doing all the work for her to make her look good! He kisses Brenda, states it is show time, and walks out, tossing her a copy of that day's paper.
- Later, back at the police station, Roman arrives with a list of recent prison releases Hope put away. But he does not think it is the work of an ex con. Bo listens and points out someone certainly has it in for Hope. He then asks Dean for an update on the field. Nothing to report. Officer Dean now states everything seemed to start after that lawyer showed up. Bo dismisses the notion. Justin is his cousin and was already in town to work on the Jonas case. Roman listens, his eyes narrowing. Hope's cell rings. She is supposed to keep the caller talking for 30 seconds. Roman announces the tracer is ready. Brenda talks. Does she have the money? Yes. She instructs her to do what she says
if she wishes to see Ciara alive again. Hope wails she wants to see her baby and falls apart. Bo takes over, demanding proof his daughter is alright. Brenda, her voice still altered, tells him to check Hope's email and hangs up. Roman says it was not enough, they have no trace.
Hope starts to yell. Bo checks her email. They are horrified to open a photo of Ciara, hands bound, holding today's Chicago newspaper! Bo asks Roman to order a picture enhancement and also contact the Chicago police department. He also asks Jenkins to look into the email. Hope gasps they did not say where to leave the money. Her cell rings again and she picks up. Brenda has instructions on where to make the drop, on the west side of the river, off Centerline Road. "Be there in one hour. Come alone." Hope agrees and sobs in Bo's arms as he assures her they will get her back. Bo wants her to go with backup,
but she insists she will go alone, as instructed. She goes on to accuse
Bo of not thinking she can handle it, just like the time she shot Kayla. She yells she wants the money. Bo talks procedure. Hope screams at him. Justin intervenes. He understands there is procedure, but if it were his child, he would do what they wanted. Roman thinks it best to go by the book but must leave to take a call from a reporter. Bo agonizes for
a moment. Hope whispers they cannot lose their baby. She begs him to let her do it. He hugs her and tells her to bring their daughter home. Hope takes the money and scurries off.
- Brenda gets a text from Dean, so she and Kyle grab their guns and prepare to leave with Ciara. Meanwhile, Hope arrives at the secluded spot, case in hand, and looks around ...
- Back at the station, Bo sweats and stares at the photo of Ciara on the computer, only to have a terrifying vision of her running toward Hope and getting shot in the back by the masked kidnappers! Bo gasps back to reality. "God no ...!"

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"You son of a b*tch, you are not gonna harass me anymore!" Nicole says into her cell.
A young woman faces Rafe and wonders if he was the one asking
about Dr. Baker. Rafe replies "You have some information about Dr. Baker to tell me?"
"How's he ever going to forgive himself if he screws this up," Vic tells Justin.
"I need to know what happened between you and Melanie last night," Steph croaks to Phil.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Outside, Phil starts to kiss Mel, but this time she slaps him! Phil stares in disbelief. Mel appears just as surprised by her reaction. She has been trying to be a stronger person and informs him she is not a rebound girl. He murmurs that is not what she is to him, and closes the distance between them. He calls her the only person who accepts him for what he is and that is why he wishes to be with only her. They kiss. Mel swoons.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Steph saunters in with Nathan and orders a couple of margueritas and a glass of ice, the ice for his cut and bruised face. He drawls it is not her fault Phil is a crazy bast*rd and enjoys her attending to his injuries. Phil acted no better than an animal, but the young doctor thinks she loves him regardless! Sanctimonious Steph alludes to the fact that the Kiriakis family is not exactly upstanding. Nathan asks what they are going to do about Philip. She quips she
plans to forget about him. Nathan is sorry. She claims she is not and they toast to it. Steph later claims Phil had no reason to lose it. Nathan points out they were connecting so he got jealous. Steph laments that infamous temper is because he is a Kiriakis.
- At the pub, Brady wants to know where the coke came from. Ari plays innocent. Brady thinks she better than anyone would be able to pick up on the signs of which patron might have dropped it. "Why do you say that?" says she. Cos her ex was an addict. She would rather forget it. Brady insists they must figure out what to do about it. She brings up his checkered past. He becomes defensive. She knows he is clean, though this is her responsibility, so she can handle it. He hands her his cell and suggests she call the cops. Ari flashes back to weighing the coke on the pub counter, and advises Brady not to be rash, as the police might consider him a suspect. He disagrees. She now states that
if word got out, the pub could go under from the bad press. Caroline would be ruined. Then again, maybe he is right and he should do the right thing and call. Brady considers. Ari suddenly says she remembers some unfamiliar businessmen were toasting to a deal and kept going to the bathroom. They paid cash. Brady now agrees there is no point in calling the cops. She asks what they should do with the coke. He stares at it and ponders how something so small can cause such damage to a life. He once relied on it to numb his pain, but it ruined his marriage
and more. He does not plan to travel down that path again. He opens the packet and pours the drug down the sink. Brady then receives a
text message from Victor about a family emergency and must take his leave, after reminding Ari to lock the door. Once alone, she places a
call and orders as much as possible for the next shipment.
- In the shed where Ciara is held, Kyle comes back to bad Brenda,
who complains of Ciara whining. He remarks she is quiet now. Brenda says she cried herself to sleep. Kyle thinks they went overboard by telling her she would never see her parents again. He is dismayed when Brenda eats the candy he bought for the child. Simpleton Kyle hates the idea of Ciara being upset and calls her a nice little girl. He appears to be having second thoughts.
- At the police station, commissioner Bo barks orders. Hope points out the kidnappers knew who Ciara was when she was with friends and most kids are taken by someone they know. She decides Ciara must have been stalked and taken by someone they know! Bo wonders
when the kidnappers will finally call. Enter sorry Ellen with Tracy, who has remembered something important - she gave Ciara her bear and Ciara also told her that a man at her birthday party gave her candy. Officer Dean listens nearby and takes it all in. Hope thanks them for
the info. Bo considers and they discuss. Hope remembers Ciara having the lollipop. The man at the park must have been there. She blames herself for not telling her more times not to talk to strangers. She hugs Bo and cries for her missing child. Bo does not want her to blame herself. Hope gestures and explains her new theory. Bo is a Brady and
a Kiriakis, and Ciara may have been taken by the DiMeras because of it! Dean's eyes widen as he pretends to be busy on the phone. Bo is
not sure. Hope insists it must be because the feud is not over. Dean now stands up and declares he might have a lead. 
- At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor has just learned of Ciara's kidnapping. "Who would do such a thing," he laments as he places a call on his cell. He needs to contact Philip, to liquidate the necessary cash pronto.
- Phil's cell rings and he ignores the call. He informs Mel he has quit the family biz. She supports his decision. He believes he should have taken this step ages ago. Mel understands. Even when one realizes a father is not who one thinks, it is still hard to move on. She herself is working
on her self-esteem. He grins she is not only beautiful, but also funny.
"I feel liberated," says the prodigal son. Mel thinks Stephanie was right about his association with the family being a bad thing. Phil, however, claims this is all thanks to Mel. "You saved my life." They kiss again. Mel admits she has never been able to stop thinking about him. "This whole time it was you. I was waiting for you." He kisses her again and suggests they go somewhere they can be alone. Mel shyly agrees. Due to a convention, all the hotels in town are booked, so they end up at a cheap motel. The seedy manager thinks Phil looks familiar. Philip smoothly hands him extra cash and bids him goodnight. He offers to pull some strings for a better place, but Mel is fine being somewhere
he will not be recognized. She brings up Steph. Phil insists they are
over and he wishes only to live in the moment. The pair move to the bed as jazz music plays in the background.
- Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor makes arrangements for the money he needs to be in his account first thing in the morning. He admits to Justin Phil was unavailable, yet he has taken care of it with the Zurich bank. Justin is confident they will get Ciara bank. Vic hopes she will not be harmed. Justin fixes them both a drink. They talk about Bope's loss of Zack. Justin agrees that family is first. Victor now lets him know of some plans he has in the works for all of them. He talks
of the olive trees behind the Kiriakis villa in Greece. The owner, who had been unwilling to sell the land, met with an unfortunate accident
and his property came on the market. Victor has acquired it. "Every centimeter," he grins. Looks like there will be a Kiriakis complex built, with four or five villas added, to accommodate the entire Kiriakis clan, including the youngest, Ciara. Ring ring! Vic takes the call from Zurich. The money has been transferred. Time to go ...
- The police station continues to be a flurry of activity. Officer Dean explains his lead. A tip came in from Amber Alert. A little girl was spotted near where the car was abandoned. Hope wants to go along,
but Bo thinks Dean can take care of it. She needs to stay, in case the kidnappers call. Dean promises to keep the commissioner updated and departs. As he leaves, in marches Victor.  He will have the ransom by morning. Bo would like a word. The two men walk into his office. Bo asks him to write a list of all the Kiriakis enemies. The Greek tycoon hesitates. Bo should simply pay the ransom. Bo states he would rather go by the book. He brings up Stephanie getting hurt the last time Vic
did not stay out of it. This time it is about his daughter and he calls the shots!
Outside the office, Justin stands with Hope as she waits on the phone and touches Ciara's bear, which is presently in an evidence bag. She flashes back to a conversation she and Bo had on what would have been Zack's ninth birthday. Bo had reminded her that with Ciara, they were given another chance. Hope falls apart and starts to sob.
- Meanwhile, dirty cop Dean is outside. He calls to ask about the kid and tells bad Brenda to prepare to execute phase 2. He leers about wanting to see that b*tch's face when the call comes in. Bad Brenda smirks as little Ciara continues to sleep.
- In the station, Justin offers his shoulder and consoles Hope that everything will be alright. He has faith that they will bring Ciara back. Bo and Victor emerge and it is clear they are not seeing eye to eye. Victor repeats he will have the money in the morning. Exit Victor and Justin. Hope wonders what is going on. Bo starts to say Victor had better not pull a stunt, and gets interrupted by Dean, who has just returned, claiming the lead was a dead end. Bo takes Hope into his office and gives her a reassuring hug. "I love you." She loves him too.
- In the park, Steph and Nathan happily walk along and she shows him a pic of her little brother her mom just emailed her. Along comes Vic. "You little tramp!" Nathan gets hot under the collar. Steph calms him down, having explained this is Victor Kiriakis. Victor calls her a slut. Philip has renounced his family because of her and now she appears
to be seducing another man! Stephanie blinks. "Philip did what?" The Greek tycoon enlightens her. Now his son has nothing. He adds that if she sees him, she should inform him that Ciara has been kidnapped,
and walks off. The pair are shocked by the news. Nathan heads home to update Maggie. Steph insists she will be fine there and tries to call Philip on his cell. The prodigal son, however, is busy under the sheets with Mel at that very moment!
- Victor returns to the house of Kiriakis, where Justin confirms the cash has been received in the Kiriakis account. Five million dollars, Victor now wants to find the party responsible, and if he finds the bast*rd before the police do, "he's as good as dead!"
- Back at the police station, Hope's cell rings Tis an unknown caller. Dean pretends to be hard at work tracing the call. Bad Brenda, her voice, altered, taunts they have her daughter. Hope assures the caller they have the money. She begs to speak to Ciara. Brenda warns her that she must do as they say or Ciara will end up like Zack and it will
be all her fault. Hope breaks down and falls into Bo's arms ...

Next on Days of Our Lives

"You are one sick lady," Dan tells Kate.
Phil assures Mel that Stephanie is gone from his life for good.
"If you ever want to see your little girl alive again, you'll do exactly what I say," Bad Brenda warns Hope.
As Bo and Hope receive a recent photo of Ciara, Hope cries "Oh my God, Bo. Not my baby!" Bo chokes back his tears.

Monday, August 17, 2009


At the Cheatin Heart, Steph and Nath drink their beer. Steph wonders why he did not stop Mel from leaving. He could not and does not feel he did anything wrong. He was just light hearted before when he said she did have a reason for leaving. Steph decides to call her and explain, cos "When Melanie gets mad, she gets even!" Nathan points out all
they were doing was talking. He now says he was not even on a real date with Mel. They are friends and roommates. He will fix this. Steph warns him she needs to be cooled down pronto, given that she thinks
he asked Steph and her on a date at the same time. Nathan does not
feel it is their responsibility to placate her. He just wants them to have fun together and forget about it. Steph agrees worrying is out and they toast to it. They then go to the park and Nath opens up about himself, his career. He suggests they head for the carnival, but Steph states she would rather keep hearing about him.
- At the pier, Mel advises Phil he needs to make a decision. He is not like his father. And he will never have piece of mind unless he figures out what Steph means to him. Does he wish to be with his ex? Phil admits the feelings cannot be easily turned off. He says he knows
Mel wants what is best for him and departs.
- At the Kiriakis poolside, Dan interrupts the passion of the Brady!
Ari puts her dress on as the uncomfortable intros are made and hurries away. Dan is sorry. Brady chuckles it is alright. He is glad to see Victor got his bail. The doc is there as he needs his help to save Chloe! He is locked out of the hospital and thus requires an ally. He asks for his help so he can help Chloe. Brady promises to do whatever he can to help her. Out walks Victor. Daniel is grateful for his assistance but knows
he is limited in what he may do. Vic agrees Daniel should then rely on Brady and praises him as a loyal Kiriakis. Phil has just returned and overhears the Greek tycoon stating he is proud of Brady, who truly understands what it means to be a Kiriakis. Phil emerges and asks for a word with Victor. Alone with Brady, Dan tells him he needs access to Chloe's medical records, etc. as he believes he knows how to save her. Brady has an idea but Dan will have to wait until he has more. He will be in touch soon. Dan agrees and exits.
Inside, Phil gets mad that Daniel the murderer is in the house. Victor points out his godson Daniel is like family. Vic gives him the brush-off when Phil says he wants answers. He has more pressing matters to be dealt with and hands Phil a paper. Phil calls it more dirty work and
Vic suggests he stop whining. Philip suddenly quits and he declares it is for good this time! He talks of his soul. Victor sarcastically asks when he became so spiritual. Phil believes he has given everything for the family, though he cannot be as cold as Vic wants him to be. "I am not you!" He does not want to do things that are wrong and immoral. Vic thinks this is the influence of Stephanie Johnson. He sarcastically says so he is packing in the family, after absorbing how that girl feels. Phil exclaims he will never be the son he wants him to be, nor does he want to be! He storms out of the mansion.
- Chloe is monitored at the hospital, and the staff remark they are
losing her ...
- Melanie goes to the pub, where Ari explains she has work to do. The reality is, she wants to get back to organizing her stash of coke! Mel, however, sees something is going on. Ari insists she needs to be alone. Mel says they will talk later and leaves for the carnival. Ari locks the door behind her and puts on a pair of gloves. She then gets to work weighing cocaine as she pours it out of a bottle until ... Knock knock knock! She hastily hides the stuff. Tis Brady. He wishes to apologize for the earlier interruption. He has to help out his buddy Daniel, for whom he has put in a couple of calls, so if she does not hear from him by morning, it is only because he is busy helping his pal. Ari smiles she gets it. He kisses her again but stops when he spies a small packet on the floor. He picks it up. She pretends she does not know what it is.
He solemnly enlightens her. "Cocaine!"
- Daniel goes to the Cheatin Heart and drowns his sorrows. If only he can get to Chloe ... Daniel now has a vision of Chloe, smiling that he will save her. He blinks back to reality. A girl with long dark hair tries
to hit on him. Exit Daniel. "Oh, Chloe," he sighs. "Don't leave me, please." He walks at the pier alone and has another vision of beautiful Chloe standing before him. "Listen," says she. "I know you think
you're not doing enough, but you're wrong. I can feel how much you care, how much you love me, and it helps more than you know."
No matter what happens, he will always be in her heart. They kiss.
And then she is gone. Daniel promises he will somehow save her. Until then, she needs to hold on. At that very moment, the hospital staff in Chloe's room think it appears that there has been a miracle! In the past hour, Chloe has made a little improvement and is now fighting hard!
- In the woods, Hope finds Bo holding Ciara's bear. The cops arrive.
Bo fills them in on what she was wearing, Pink, but as they know, the clothes could have been changed. His voice cracks with emotion as the police spread out to search. Bo remembers how his daughter looked
the last time he saw her, cutely waving to him from the bench. He
fights back the urge to break down.
- Ciara is in a shed with Mr. Creepy and she wants to go home to mommy and daddy! He tells her there is no reason to be scared as she has him. Sirens are heard. Mr. Creepy asks her to please be quiet. No talking unless he says it is okay. "Or you will never ever see your mommy and daddy again!" Eventually the police cars have passed.
He rummages in his backpack. Next thing you know, Ciara is tied up, blindfolded, and given earphones so she will hear only music. The
door rattles and Mr. Creepy looks nervous. Enter a guy and girl.
The guy ("Dean") stays for a moment and then leaves the girl with
Mr. Creepy ("Kyle") ordering her to do her part. He will do his ...
- Back at the station, Bo coordinates the search. Hope wonders if the bear does not belong to Ciara. Bo insists it does as Justin watches with confusion. Bo angrily asks Hope if she gave that bear back to Ciara. "Did you?!" No, and she wonders what he is accusing her of. Bo
admits they have more questions than answers. The fact that Ciara had the bear means they screwed up somehow. Bad news comes when the police tells Bo they scoured the whole area and so far, nothing. Bo is now urgently handed a ransom note that was found, demanding a
grand total of 5 million dollars if he ever wants to see his daughter again! Newspaper clippings of Hope are included. Hope covers her
face with her hands. Justin is speechless. Bo orders the note dusted for DNA and prints. The note also says they will be contacted with more instructions within the hour. How to get the money? Justin announces he will call Vic. Hope realizes this is the result of her donation and the newspaper article. Or perhaps that is what they want them to believe. She asks Bo if he believes her that she did not give Ciara back the bear. Bo replies he was not accusing her when he asked that question.
She looks at him with wounded eyes.
- Phil walks outside near the carnival and leaves an important message for Steph on his cell. He has just done something that will change everything! Once he ends the call, he sees Steph walking and giggling with Dr. Nathan. He feeds her some cotton candy. Hothead Phil loses
it and attacks Nathan. As they wrestle on the ground, Steph screams at him in disbelief. She pulls him off and keeps the guys apart. Phil wants to know what was going on. Nothing! Phil starts to say that something has happened ... Steph moans she does not want to know and she is tired of the drama. She tells him to get lost but then decides she will go and storms off, Nathan in hot pursuit. Mel soon comes upon  Phil and looks at him with concern as he gives her a lost puppy dog look. She heard shouting and perceives the cut on his face. Phil growls he is
okay. Mel had thought he would go home. He  did and things became clear. "Like this," he mutters and impulsively pulls her into a kiss.
- At the station, Bo is about to go back out, but gets news. Ciara did have her DNA on that bear, but there were no fingerprints or DNA on the clippings and note.
- Justin rushes into the house of Kiriakis, shouting for Uncle Vic, and soon finds him. "It's Ciara," he says grimly.  "She's been kidnapped."
- In the shed, Ciara says she wants her mommy once Mr. Creepy (Kyle) has removed the blindfold. The girl tells her to shut up. If her folks are smart, she will see them soon. She calls Dean on her cell, to get an update ...
- Back at the station, Bo has assembled a search team of cops, whom he instructs to work closely with CSI, even if it means working through the night to find his abducted daughter. "Whatever it takes," says the commissioner as the cops listen, including the now fully uniformed policeman DEAN ...!

Next on Days of Our Lives
Steph informs a pleased Nathan she is going to do whatever it takes
to forget about Philip.
"You're the one I want to be with. Only you," Phil whispers to Mel,
and kisses her again.
"Aren't you a little worried you might be a suspect?" Ari asks Brady.
"This is my daughter. I call the shots!" Bo exclaims to Victor.
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