Days of Our Lives August 17, 2010
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Tuesday, August 17, 2010
up at 5:30 p.m. 
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Nath saves Mel, Bo takes charge, Rafe and EJ are seductive!

- Hope is at the courthouse with her public defender, who is dismayed
she has not given him time to prepare a statement. She numbly informs him too late, she pleads guilty and intends to go to prison. Enter Bo, who declares he will not let that happen. The public defender gives them their privacy. Bo plays the Ciara card. How will she be affected? Hope assures him that is all she thinks about. Bo accuses her of wallowing in guilt, then apologizes. However, he thinks Hope is still acting drugged, cos Ciara needs her. Hope insists she is better off without her. Bo calls Hope a coward as Doug and Julie enter. Bo gets madder and tries to shock some sense into her. No luck. Doug asks him to go for a walk and let Julie try and talk to her. The two guys depart. Julie cannot understand how Hope can do this! She feels Hope has lost her way and vows to get her back,
but she cannot throw it all away! Bo and Doug return, and he concurs. Bo, Julie and Doug are at their wit's end. Bo calmly saunters over to the defender. Hope informs him there is nothing left to say. Bo, however,
only wishes to speak with her lawyer.
- At the clinic, the disheveled  druggie starts to rough up terrified nurse Mel. Nathan races to the rescue! He jumps into the brawl. The guy
pushes him and takes off. Nath's arm has been hurt. He and Mel check each other out. An employee explains the guy got away. The security tapes will be reviewed. Mel thanks Nathan for rescuing her and blushes. He offers to take her home. She shyly repeats she is lucky he was there and they exit together. He starts to walk her home. Once they arrive at Salem Place, she assures him she is fine, he should go home and put
some ice on that elbow. He will. She smiles she hopes she will save his
life one day, just as he did for her. He smiles and heads home.
- Chez Steph, replay of her IT pal Ian promising to help her. He gets to work on the computer. The St. Mary's firewall is secure. She implores
him to just get in. This is important to her, she sighs, glancing at Nathan's picture. Moments later, Ian is in, though the results aren't yet there. Steph is disappointed. Enter Nath. He would like to know what is going on and who the hell the guy sitting with his girlfriend is! Just an old college friend. Nath is sorry. He overreacted, given what happened at the clinic earlier. He apologizes, and goes to take a shower. Ian departs, after telling Steph it's a shame that a girl as pretty as her should have to fight so hard just to keep the guy. Once alone, Steph whispers she loves Nathan. When he comes out of the shower, she is upset to see his slight injury and makes a snide remark about the fact that the guy must have known Mel well if he wanted to strangle her!
- At the pier, Dan comes around the corner and cheerfully wonders what the two gals are up to, secretly planning something for first thing in the morning. Chloe gives Carly a look and states they should tell him. They pretend Carly's present for Chloe's birthday is girl time. They also both want what is best for him. Dan is impressed. Carly looks guilt-ridden. Perhaps they shouldn't push it. Daniel believes the baby has changed everything. They are like one big happy family. He later  gives Melanie instructions on the phone on how to get where they are. They would also like to plan something for her birthday together. Chloe smiles and leaves. Mel arrives, ready to go over the secret, but both parents are shocked to see the bruises on her neck! She explains what happened and adds Nath saved her. Carly is worried. Mel assures her she is alright. She asks Dan
to drive her to Maggie's for a change of clothes. They will discuss Chloe's present in the car. Dan thanks Carly for making amends with Chloe. Mel thinks it must be the baby's doing and happily walks off with papa Dan.
- At the Cheatin Heart, Rafe decides to make his move, now that Nicole
is vulnerable and alone. Lazy country music plays in the background. She nurses her cocktail in addition to her wounded pride. When friendly Rafe approaches, she tells him to go away. He is sorry for his earlier  behavior and wants to make it up to her. She tosses her drink in his face. "No!" He figures she wants to be left alone and orders her another drink. When she opens her purse, insisting to pay for her own drink, he spies with his keen FBI eye that there is a cd in there. However, as he has been told to leave her alone, he must walk away from her table. Along comes a jerk who sits at Nicole's table and taunts her as Misty Circle, porn star. He calls his pal to tell him all about it. Rafe grabs the guy, smashes his head on the table, and orders him to apologize. When the guy does, Rafe sends him flying. Nicole blinks and thanks him. Rafe claims he actually should be the one
to apologize. They continue downing drinks and he drawls Sami marrying EJ must have upset him. He thinks they have something in common. He knows she tried to love EJ. She points out she really loved him. Rafe understands, as he loved Sami. He criticizes EJ for being a sanctimonious jerk when all Nicole did was try to give him a child. She smiles slightly. Nicole sarcastically retorts EJ is a prince. Rafe pretends to consider. He suddenly drawls what Sami said might be right. Maybe grief changed him, when they thought Sydney was dead. He recalls how EJ called Sami to
tell her Sydney was dead, back when he believed it. "He did that?" Nicole muses. Indeed. Rafe slurs EJ is a good guy now and Nicole should say so. She glances at the cd in her open purse on the table and mutters that she cannot do that. Besides, what is up with the past? She now wonders if
Mr. FBI is wearing a wire. He gives her a look and dares her to frisk him. "Maybe I will," she purrs as their eyes lock.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami appears in the doorway and gives EJ and Stefano an accusing look. "What did you say!" She wants EJ to explain what Stefano meant by keeping her away from Sydney. Elvis laughs nervously and claims he just thought after their wedding, he could have her to himself for a little while.Sami wonders whether he regrets marrying someone with four kids. Enter Lexie. "Are you two getting married!" She is surprised, given her in-laws would be DiMeras, but smiles and states
she hopes she will be happy. Sami appreciates it and steps out to check
on Sydney. Stefano gets a call and also steps away. Lexie is happy for EJ as he has turned things around. Now he will have his own family and she is proud of him. He thanks her. The brother and sister hug. She wonders about Rafe. EJ snaps that idiot is out of the picture and must realize what he had with Samantha is over!
Out in the hall, Sami descends the grand staircase. Stefano would like a word. He is grateful for how happy she makes Elvis, despite the past. "I was wrong," he admits. How about a fresh start for them? Sami agrees. The phoenix thanks her, though she stops him from hugging her. "Baby steps." He grins and chuckles in agreement.
As EJ insists to Lexie that Samantha loves only him, Sami walks in and mentions the close encounter she just had with Stefano, who was nice to her. Lexie graciously congratulates the couple again and departs. EJ teases was Sami nice right back to fatha? She smiles time heals all wounds. He points out they have plenty of that, and gives her a kiss.
Meanwhile, Lexie is with Stefano. She alludes to the fact that she senses there is more to this than meets the eye. He suggests she just let the past go ...
- Back at the courthouse, Hope sits in front of Doug and Julie, muttering that Bo should not be talking to her attorney. Doug assures her she should trust him. Bo now returns with an announcement. There has been a change of plans ...
- Chez Maggie, Dan says he will try to change his shift. Mel hopes he can do it, and get the morning off for Chloe's birthday. That will be a birthday Chloe will never forget!
- Meanwhile, Carly calls St. Mary's, then Chloe, with the news that the results will be ready by morning. They arrange to meet at the pier. Chloe begs God to let it work out.
- Nathan is not impressed that Steph has spoken so ill of Melanie. She points out he should get his arm x-rayed, given how he is having such difficulty putting his shirt on! Nath sourly walks off to get some ice for it. Steph glances at the computer, hoping everything will be okay in the morning.
- Back at the Cheatin Heart, drunk Nicole is about to frisk pseudo-drunk Rafe, then falls into his lap. Their faces hover inches away from each other ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami gets nervous and starts to talk and talk and talk. EJ has other things on his mind. He gives her a kiss. "Wait until
I show you what it's really like to be Mrs. DiMera," he drawls. Sami now laughs loudly and they continue kissing ....

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And I'd like to hear directly from the defendant .
HOPE (stands up)
Yes, I'm guilty, your Honor!

"Are you out of your freaking mind!" Ari snaps at Rafe, who is sitting
with Nicole in his lap.

EJ and Sami kiss passionately at the mansion ...