Days of Our Lives August 16, 2010
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Monday, August 16, 2010 
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EJ smug, Mel in danger, Nicole loses, Victor advises Rafe!

- On the pier, Phil embraces Chloe and promises in the worst case scenario, they will raise the baby together. Along comes Nath, who
notes they look upset! Chloe explains they are upset about Hope being
in jail after trying to kill Phillip's brother. Nath is sorry. He was also meaning to call him about Titan funding equipment for the free clinic's new location. Phil tells him to contact his assistant and they will set up
a meeting. When Nath walks off, they deduce that guy - whom neither
of them likes - has not figured it out, else he would have gone running back to Melanie!
- Dan meets Carly at the Cheatin Heart and gets her approval of his gift
to Chloe - jewelry for the opera. Carly smiles it is beautiful. Dan points
out tomorrow is a big day, as it is Chloe's birthday and he will also be
able to share news of her pregnancy publicly. Time for happiness. Carly gets uncomfortable. He notices. She pretends she has been working long hours. He assumes she is blaming herself about what happened to Hope. He and Melanie discussed it. There is only honesty between them all now. Dan suddenly says he has seen a curtain fall over Carly's face. Why? She does not wish to talk anymore and hastily excuses herself. Soon Chloe arrives with a smile to meet her beloved. He alludes to his shopping and decides to let her open one of her birthday gifts a day early. A cup and spoon for baby. Chloe is moved. He admits it now feels real. Chloe gets teary-eyed and excuses herself to the ladies room. Dan looks confused. Enter Sister Anne. She was summoned to the area to get in touch with the mother of a teen in labor. She is sorry she missed Melanie's appointment. No matter. Dan will explain. He invites the friendly nun to stay and meet his fiancee. Eerie music is heard. Chloe returns and is shocked to see the nun from St. Mary's at a table with Dan. Just then Carly comes back.
She looks at upset Chloe looking at Sister Anne and frowns. She motions for Chloe to scoot! She does just that. Carly now approaches Daniel with a friendly greeting. She came back for her glasses. The nun must return to the hospital, tells Daniel it was nice seeing him, and she is sorry she did not get to meet his fiancee. Exit Sister Anne. Carly apologizes for her earlier departure and claims she remembered she was supposed to give Ciara a ride. No prob. Dan now gets an emergency call nearby. He asks Carly to check on Chloe in the bathroom and tell her he will meet her at home. Carly calls Chloe and updates her the coast is clear, but they need to talk!
- At St. Mary's, Mel wonders what Steph is looking at on the computer. Steph closes the page she was on and snaps she had to, as it is restricted access. Melanie presses. Steph claims she is there to check up on Daniel's patient, as PR wanted her to find more info from her file, due to media interest. Mel explains she has a job interview there. Steph hopes she gets it! They exchange a few uncomfortable words and Mel heads off to the information desk. Steph gets back to the computer, determined to see those test results! She finds the name Dana Scott on the database and enters the password. Access denied! Steph sighs in dismay. She must simply see those test results! She regroups, comes up with a plan, and whips out her phone.
- Steph now meets up with an old work buddy at her apartment. He is interested. She flashes a smile and states she has a favor. She is pleased
to hear he still works for a software company, as she has a computer favor. He now sees a picture of her with Nath. Is he her boyfriend? Yes, replies Steph, and is that a problem? That depends on what she wants
him to do. She airily says she wishes to access records from another hospital. What kind of records? Paternity tests. He assumes it is for herself. She tells him it is not and reminds him she helped him out in college. He does not need to know more.
- Suited Phil and nurse Mel are at the free medical clinic, which gives out flu shots. He suggests she give Sister Anne another call. Melanie does not know why she was not there for their appointment. She was only one minute late. Mel wants to stay and do her clinic hours, but Phil thinks it is too dangerous a neighborhood for her to be left alone! Mel assures him there is another doctor. Enter Nathan. Phil snaps will they be working together on a regular basis! Nath replies yes and does he have a problem with that? Phil chuckles nervously, then reminds Nath they spoke earlier about the clinic, yet he failed to mention he would be working there. Nath had assumed he knew. Besides, he did not know Mel was scheduled for the day. Mel tells Phil he has nothing to worry about, with her friend there.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ and Sami kiss passionately. Enter a chuckling, applauding Stefano, who thanks them for involving his beloved Katherine in the elaborate wedding plans. Will arrives and comments so this train wreck is really happening! He warns Sami not to try and sell him on it
and walks off. Sami follows him into the hall, where he gets sarcastic about her getting married yet again - and to EJ DiMera. What makes her think it will work this time! Sami wonders why he did not give her a hard time about Rafe. Will retorts that Rafe was different and that could have worked. He departs. EJ comes out and places his arms around Sami. She is anxious how the rest of the family will react. He promises to assist her, as he will be her husband. They hug.
Will later walks into the living room. Stefano wants a word. He knows he is not happy about his mother marrying Elvis. The phoenix confesses he too was reluctant, but has since changed his mind. And part of the reason is Will! Look at the children both Sami and EJ have created. Young Will
is surprised to hear him say he wishes to be part of his future. He is proud of him. And he believes in the power of family. He places a hand on the lad's shoulder and asks if he understands what he is saying.Wide-eyed
Will gets choked up and nods. "I think I do!"
- At the house of Kiriakis, Brady continues kissing Nicole, though he still has his doubts. Nevertheless, the pair wind up on the sofa and the clothes start to come off. Brady suddenly stops and pushes her away. "Not here. Get dressed!" He exclaims sex is only like a drug for them, the next high. She insists they were on the right track, until he found out about that money. Brady gets himself a drink. She is troubled to see he is drinking now, but he denies that is the problem. She is, and he intends to kick the habit! Nicole says she loves him and she knows he loves her. He drawls he did not buy her lie about the money and he does not even care about her. They are done! He walks away, still holding his glass. Nicole, unable to stop him, looks ready to cry.
- Rafe is thinking alone by the lake. He is determined use Nicole to nail
EJ, whether she likes it or not! He places a call. "I need your help," he drawls. He tells his contact he needs help with one Nicole DiMera and his name happened to come up on the radar. Moments later, Victor Kiriakis arrives on the scene. "Well, I'm here, but how do you think I can help
you with Nicole?" Rafe grins. He has proof Nicole has something on EJ DiMera. Victor wonders why he should care. Rafe points out Vic might enjoy seeing EJ go down. The Greek tycoon, however, would rather see him lose an appendage than just his girl. Rafe states there is more to it, though he is not at liberty to say. "Then you're wasting my time," quips Victor as he turns to leave. Rafe pauses as he considers his options. He now admits all he has is a theory, a feeling. Victor realizes he has nothing. Rafe confides he is sure EJ hired Anna to kidnap his own kid and hide her from Sami, so at the end, he could look like a hero to the rescue. He was motivated by revenge, then changed his mind. "What a putz!" remarks Victor. How does Nicole figure in? Rafe needs Nicole to turn on EJ, cos he has proof she knows what he did. Victor realizes he cannot use that proof, in his world. Rafe needs Nicole. Vic assumes she does not share
his interest. That is why Rafe needs his help. The Greek tycoon coolly cuts to the chase. "What's in it for me?"  Rafe reminds him he is aware
of his little arrangement with Stefano DiMera, which keeps the families at peace, for now. He does not think EJ signed up for that. Victor could not care less. He awaits a reason why he should help him with Nicole. Rafe points out if he puts away Nicole, she will not get her hooks into his grandson! Victor's eyes flicker. Rafe notes Brady would drop Nicole in a minute if he found out what she did. Victor now informs him that Nicole
is not as tough as she acts. He should find her Achilles heel to get to her. Rafe would like to know her weak point. Victor informs him her father made her a porn star, which means that inside Nicole is a broken child. She has always been looking for her knight in shining armor. If Rafe can convince her that he is her white knight, then she will give him what he wants. And then Victor will owe him big time, though they never had this conversation!
- At the Brady pub, Caroline is complaining to Roman about Hope only having a public defender when Roman's phone rings. Tis Sami. She wants to meet daddy and grandma to give them some news. Roman suspects he will hate it. She tells him to sit tight. Sami soon arrives with EJ. Caroline would rather he not be there but Sami insists he stay. She goes on to say she has decided to accept EJ's proposal. She hopes they will be happy for them. Caroline is stunned. Roman asks if she is sure about it. Yes. "Then you really have lost your mind!" Roman concludes. He informs EJ they have not forgotten the past. EJ assures them, in his charming Hugh Grant manner, that he loves Samantha and wants what is best for her. He claims to know how they feel. Roman doubts it. EJ explains he too now has a daughta and one day, if he is lucky, she will grow up to be like her motha. If she grows up to fall in love with a man who does not treat her well,
then he will feel the same. But what if Sydney grows up seeing her father treat her mother with respect, as the beautiful, intelligent woman she is. Then maybe she will have high standards in her life. Sami gazes up at
him. He promises he is ready to be the man Samantha deserves. Caroline starts to disagree. Roman would like a word alone with Sami. She turns him down. She did not come to ask for their permission and adds she has already made her decision. She now decides they should leave to get the marriage license. Exit EJ and petulant Sami.
- At the free clinic, a strung out guy approaches Mel, wanting stuff, and grabs her in a choke hold. "Don't tell me no, bitch!"
- Chloe and Carly meet up at the pier. Carly assures her she covered for her. Chloe thanks her yet again. Carly reminds her they both want the same thing. They can go to St. Mary's together. She will pick her up first thing in the morning. Just then Dan comes around the corner and grins. "First thing in the morning. What are you two up to now?" Silence.
- At the pub, anxious Phillip is drinking. Brady joins him and places an order. Phil is surprised that Brady is drinking again. Brady assures him booze is not his problem. But he will swear off everything that is!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano is approached by EJ, who sarcastically complains Samantha's relatives are less than enthused about their union. Stefano warns him not to be smug. EJ admits he is very smug indeed, imagining the reaction of Hernandez! The phoenix reminds his son that
his bride could still learn he was responsible for the kidnapping."Not in
this house," EJ mutters, wanting him to watch what he says. Meanwhile Sami has just entered the room, and gives them a dirty look.
- Nicole numbly goes back to the Cheatin Heart. She laments she had thought she held all the cards, but Stefano already knew all about EJ masterminding the sydnapping and does not care! Now, she cries, she
has nothing good left in her life! Rafe spies her meltdown through the
back window overlooking the alley. "Well, Victor, you said to strike when she's vulnerable ...!"

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