Days of Our Lives August 13, 2010
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Friday, August 13, 2010 
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Officially Engaged on Friday the 13th!

- Replay of Dan and Chloe outside their door. Steph hastily whispers to Caroline she cannot talk right now and ends the call. The key is heard inserted in the door. Moments later, Dan and Chloe enter and discuss tomorrow's birthday plans. She would like to stay in. Steph is hidden in the closet and listens, quiet as a mouse. She is surprised to hear Dan mention that Chloe is pregnant with his child. He wonders how Chloe
will tell her folks tomorrow. She will simply say it.  He wants her to be more into the spirit. She assures him she is. They sit on the sofa and talk baby names. Ring ring! Tis the hospital for Dr. Jonas. He tells them to prep his appendectomy patient and also summon nurse Melanie to assist. He kisses his beloved goodbye and is off. Chloe gets her phone out of
her purse, sighs, and makes a call.
- Chez Maggie, Melanie laments to Phil that Brady is drinking, he and Ari broke up, and he seems to have something with Nicole. She states it got her thinking and grabs Phil in a kiss. She now receives a text from Dan about the appendectomy and walks back to the bedroom to get dressed.
- As Steph listens, Chloe asks Phillip to come over and she sounds most serious! Suited Phil arrives and Chloe confides how she thinks Stephanie has been acting strangely. Phil tells how he assured her they had only run into each other down at the pier. Chloe exclaims Daniel has been pushing her to share the news of her pregnancy, but what if this baby is really Phillip's and folks find out! Back in the closet, Steph shuts her eyes in
pain, as the reality of the words sets in. Chloe adds the amnio results
from St. Mary's will be in tomorrow. The alias she used is Dana Scott,
but she gave her real cell phone number. They will call her.  Phil warns they cannot screw this up. Chloe wonders if Stephanie is onto him. Phil will handle it. Chloe laments if the baby is his, there is nothing they can do! They decide Mel and Dan would never forgive them. Phil unhappily muses then Mel would go running back to Nathan. Chloe would like some fresh air so they soon step out together. Steph tiptoes out of the closet
and starts to panic. She calms herself down and then places a call to an employee regarding access to St. Mary's records, as Dr. Jonas is working on a patient there. "Great," she says and scurries out of the apartment.
- At the pub, Mel and Dan discuss the appendectomy. Mel makes a snide remark about administrator Steph and admits they are no longer friends. Papa Dan asks if that is just cos she is now with Nathan. Mel insists she
is over Nathan and lists all the people in her life. However, there is one thing that she has on her mind. She has an interview for a position at St. Mary's hospital. A job there would prevent people from thinking she had been hired due to her connections. Dr. Dan is very proud and tells her to knock them dead. When she is gone, he gets emotional. "I love you."
- Down at the pier, Phillip and Chloe walk and talk. He reassures her that if they made a baby together, that is not such a bad thing. They can raise that baby together. Chloe thanks him. She had never thought back in high school that he would end up being her best friend. They hug.
- At the house of Kiriakis, shirtless Brady is glistening after his swim and pours himself a stiff drink. He proceeds to down it. Victor saunters in and sagely notes "She drove you to drink, eh!" Brady retorts why must he assume it is about a woman. The Greek tycoon does the math and snaps he hopes it is not about Nicole! Pause. What did she do to make him drink? Brady wants to walk off and get dressed. Victor wants to help, given that Nicole is like a monster who breathes fire. Brady knows what she has done ... Vic finishes he thought he would be different but finally saw her for the gold digging slut she is. Brady jumps to her defense. Vic growls he still has feelings for her!
- At the bar, Nicole and Rafe drink and talk. She flirts. He humors her. She thinks he is there because he lost Sami. Wrong! He claims that he is celebrating. His sister Ari is not going to prison for a crime she did not commit. Nicole notes Hope's confession got a lot of people off the hook. Like who? She sidesteps. Rafe talks Brady and Ari. Testy Nicole insists
he was not in love with her. He drawls why is she there drinking with
him, in that case? Cos she blew it, just like he did! Tim now calls Rafe with an update on the cd - the lab put it together and he hopes it will be enough to nail EJ DiMera. So does Rafe, cos he is running out of time!
After he gets off the phone, Rafe and Nicole talk karma. He says maybe once in a while because of karma, she does something that is the right thing to do. He pays and exits. Nicole takes out the cd and considers. Brady hates EJ and she has proof that EJ took Sami's baby. Then again, EJ would turn on her and get her arrested. What a bitch of a situation!
She finishes her drink.
- Nicole now heads for the Kiriakis mansion, where fully dressed Brady opens the door. She announces she is ready to go to the police station to confess about the money, if it means that she will get him back. Brady assumes she is admitting she obtained said cash illegally. Not exactly ... Nicole lies about getting a big bribe from a developer, in order  to prove
he is corrupt. T'was only for a story. Brady would like to know one good reason he should believe her. She suggests he call her producer now for verification. He replies she should put her phone away, as he is calling no one. Why did she not tell him in the first place? She just wants to hear
that he still loves her. Ring ring. She does not take the call and continues with her plea. She cannot lose him and they belong together. Brady sighs she drives him nuts. "I love you too," says Nicole. Brady grabs her in a kiss.
- At DiMera mansion, Sami flashes back to her passionate argument with Rafe. EJ now returns from a phone call and Sami announces she is ready to set a wedding date. He is caught off guard. She points out some folks already know and she wishes to start wearing his ring. When would he
like to get married? "Tonight," murmurs Elvis. Sami now appears caught off guard. EJ, however, just wants them to come together as a family and excitedly states they could for sure have everything ready by the end of the week. Sami smiles and disagrees. And what about what she wants? Elvis graciously gives her a chance to say her piece. She would like to be married by Father Matt at St. Luke's. EJ remarks that was where Grace's funeral was held. She also has happy memories there, however. She adds she wants a big perfect wedding. Can he live with that? Enter Stefano, with Kate. "Can Elvis live with what?" EJ puts his arms around Sami and declares she will be Kate's new daughter-in-law. Kate starts to cough. Stefano appears bemused. He offers his condolences ... er ... his ... congratulations! When is the happy day? Gleeful EJ explains it will be a big wedding. As Kate glares daggers, Sami dares Stefano to tell him he thinks it is a mistake. The phoenix chuckles. It is obvious that Elvis loves her. They have also managed to live together in harmony. Kate concurs and wants a drink. Stefano decides to open a bottle of vintage he has, to toast to the happy couple. They drink champagne and Kate purrs she hopes the pair will get all that they deserve! EJ excitedly steps out to book the church. Stefano suggests Sami use Kate's event planning expertise and leaves them to confer. Out in the hall, he approaches his son and notes he made it happen. Stefano sighs there remains the possibility of his bride finding out about the kidnapping. EJ drawls the chance of it happening are less every day. The phoenix raises his glass to him, though his dark eyes are filled with doubt ....
- At FBI HQ, Rafe gets the cd from Tim, who reminds him it will need to be recognizable enough for a jury.Rafe thanks him for his help. Exit Tim. Rafe now listens. For the most part, the conversation is muffled, until ... the part where EJ admitted to Stefano "I can't believe I did that. I must have been out of my mind. I was just so angry at you!" Rafe considers. Nicole blackmailed EJ with this cd. She sent one copy to her mama Fay, fearing she might get whacked. He must find the remaining cd's before
Sami gets married to her baby's kidnapper!
- Back at DiMera mansion, Sami and EJ update each other. He left a message and email for Father Matt. She speaks of holding Sydney in her arms for the ceremony and tells him how happy she is that he brought Sydney back to her. They embrace. She thinks they have a chance. So does he.
- Dan walks outside Salem Place and looks at the bracelet he just bought. He grins she will like it and it will be a great day.
- Steph the busy hospital administrator makes for St.Mary's and gets herself to a computer, ready to have a look at those records when the nurse on duty steps away. She proceeds to check the test results. Enter Mel, who wonders what she is doing there!
- Back at FBI headquarters, Rafe is intensely irate that Nicole did not answer his call. No matter. "You're about to find out I can be a bigger
son of a bitch than EJ DiMera!" Meanwhile, Nicole kisses Brady, and EJ kisses Sami, both blissful couples unaware that their house of cards is about to come tumbling down ...!

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"I have to find out whose baby Chloe is carrying!" Steph insists.
"I need Nicole to roll on EJ," explains Rafe.
"I've decided to accept EJ's proposal," Sami, who is holding EJ's hand,
tells a stunned Caroline and Roman. EJ grins.