Days of Our Lives August 12, 2010
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Thursday, August 12, 2010 
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Sami kisses Rafe, but her and EJ are on, Steph breaks and enters!

- At the hospital, handsome suited Phil is back from a business trip. He approaches Justin and Dan, stating he cannot believe it about Hope. Of course, it is all due to the medication. Ring ring! Tis Chloe, with news about the baby! "Now's not a good time," mutters Phil. He dropped by
the hospital to talk to Justin about Hope. And Dan is there. She explains much has happened and they arrange to meet up at the pier. Phil rejoins the two guys. Dan notes he looks troubled. Everything okay? Phil insists things are fine and walks off. Justin and Dan talk about how Victor is taking this and also Hope. Justin spoke to Hope and sighs there are no words to describe it. How are the doc and Chloe? Dan admits there were rough spots, but now things could not be better!
- Chloe is on her way out when she finds Nicole at her door. She needs a friend and Chloe is the only one she has left! Chloe pretends she must go to an appointment at the hairdresser, to pretty herself up for a night at the opera. Nicole exclaims she has lost Brady for good after she had him for
a few hours. She really blew it this time and he is the only man she ever truly loved. Chloe is sorry and suggests she wait there until she gets back. Nicole laments she will look after herself like she always does -alone. Exit Nicole, much to Chloe's chagrin.
- Steph meets up with Adrienne at the Cheatin Heart and she is shocked about Hope. Steph announces she will get over the picture of Mel and Nath. After all, she is the one that Nathan loves! She must now head out, as there is another hospital fundraiser to attend to. Exit cheerful Steph.
- In Maggie's kitchen, the redhead and Nath discuss Hope. She gets a call regarding a Chez Rouge meat delivery delay and must thus step away. Enter Mel. She folds her arms and looks at him. He is upset about what might happen to Hope, who was such a close friend of his mom. What
will happen to her now? Mel consoles him with a hug. Steph arrives at the door and stops in her tracks when she sees the sweet scene! Needless to say, she does not remain.
Maggie enters and the pair step away from each other. Maggie points out Hope will have to make restitution. Mel gets flustered and excuses herself. The redhead faces Nath and would like to know what is going on between him and Melanie! He insists they are friends only. Besides, she is happily married to Phillip.
- EJ strolls into the DiMera living room with baby Sydney. He intends
to spend the rest of his life making up for what he did to her mother ...
- In the locker room, Rafe and Sami pant and smooch. They stop and Rafe states it was a mistake so she should go. She starts to leave. Rafe kisses her neck until she turns around and they continue. He admits he wants her, but she is engaged to EJ. "I apologize," says he. She yells at him if he loves her, then he should stop her from marrying EJ! He gets sarcastic. She wants to know how he found out about her engagement.
He wants to know why she wanted to keep it a secret in the first place. Sami wonders whether EJ was the one who told him. Rafe advises her to go ask him and shuts his eyes with torment as she angrily departs.
- Teary-eyed Stephanie returns to the Cheatin Heart and complains to Adrienne about what she saw. She fears Phillip has blown things with Melanie, who is now running to her boyfriend for comfort! She informs Adrienne that Melanie already had doubts when she married Phil. If their marriage falls apart, why, she will for sure lose Nathan!
- Sami returns to the DiMera mansion looking tense. "EJ, we need to
talk." She accuses him of telling Rafe they were engaged. He denies it
and exclaims people are going to find out eventually, so what gives! She explains Rafe deserved to hear it from her. EJ is optimistic that the odds are in their favor. But it is up to her. Are they off or on? Sami grins and replies they are on.
- Rafe saunters into the bar and orders a drink. Nicole approaches and would like him to buy her a drink, too! Isn't she afraid he might slip her a mickey? Nope, cos he is a straight shooter. He drawls look where it has gotten him, though! Nicole thinks that since they are alone, they should drink together. Rafe orders the bartender to get the lady whatever she wants. Nicole is pleased he has called her a lady.
- Chloe and Phil meet up at the pier and she updates him on the paternity test. They will have the results in a few days. Phillip reminds her he will step up and be there for Chloe and child if the baby is his. She thanks him and laments that even if this is Dan's baby, she will lose him should this blow up in their faces. She goes on to update him about the fiasco at St. Mary's. Phil promises to make sure the results of those tests will remain confidential. He reassures her with an embrace just as Stephanie comes around the corner. Steph sarcastically wonders if they are together again! Phil explains they were upset over the tragedy of Bo and Hope. Steph doubts it. Chloe excuses herself and walks away. Steph proceeds to ask Phillip questions. He denies being touchy and leaves to get home to his wife. Once alone, Steph deduces that Phillip and Chloe have a secret and it is up to her to find out what it is!
- At the pub, Maggie and Nathan are there for a bite to eat. Maggie tells Caroline how sorry she is about Hope and offers to help. Caroline does not think that is necessary and walks off to get them menus. Nath and Maggie get a table and he wonders about Caroline's cool demeanor. He soon finds out how much time the redhead has been spending with pal Victor, who just recently got married! Nath thinks he isn't the only one with explaining to do!
- Daniel and Melanie have a heart-to-heart in Maggie's kitchen. He is concerned about Carly. Mel agrees they will all have each other's back.  Dan recalls Carly staying with Lawrence all those years ago. One cannot change the past, but one can learn from it. He concludes it is not good for two people to stay together when one has been unfaithful. That would be living a lie!
- Justin is standing alone by the water, sadly remembering how Hope had no recollection of kissing him. Along comes Adrienne, who laments it is awful about Hope. He sighs he does not know what will happen to her. Adrienne is sorry his heart is breaking. She understands how that feels.
He thinks it is too soon to talk about this. Adrienne replies she knows he cannot help how he feels, any more than she can. She woefully departs. Justin considers.
- Mel approaches Chloe at the pub and asks to sit with her. She informs her Dan is worried about Carly being blamed by others for what Hope
did. Chloe does not think it is that simple. Melanie now starts to talk about the surgery consultation she attended at the hospital. And they saw Carly there. Mel chatters about the pregnant woman who was getting an amnio. Chloe becomes uncomfortable and coolly excuses herself. Once she has gone, Mel muses that one should start telling people she is pregnant or  they will just think she is a bitch!
- At the hospital, Steph pretends to need information from unsuspecting
Dr. Dan.It concerns the claim for Chloe's accident there. The insurance company needs to know why she was at the hospital that night. Daniel replies she was there to get a watch she had given him as a present. Steph thanks him. After he walks away, she knows it cannot be, for then the watch would have been in two places at the same time - the hospital and Dan's place!
Later on, Maggie and Nath approach Dan, looking for Stephanie. Chloe comes along and pretends she has not seen her. Exit Maggie and Nath. Dan is glad to see his beloved. She explains she was running errands and wanted to see if he would come home. Dan feels her baby bump and would like to know when they can spread the good news. After her birthday ...
- Meanwhile, Steph knocks on Dan's door. No answer. She recalls there
is a spare key, finds it, above the door, and enters. Now she somehow must find something that tells her what Phillip and Chloe were whispering about!
- Mel is elated when Phil comes home from his business trip and jumps into his arms. The newlyweds head for the bedroom ...
- Meanwhile, Nath is daydreaming of his hug with Mel. Maggie interrupts his daydream. She asks if he has reached Stephanie. He has not heard back. Maggie wonders what on earth he is upset about, if he is not even worried about Steph. Nothing. He states he will talk to her later and walks off, distracted ...
- At the bar, Rafe downs lots of beer. Nicole proposes a toast. He drawls may the present not suck as much as the future. She can drink to that! Rafe gets a mischievous glint in his eye ...
- At the pub. Caroline is happy to see Adrienne, who is dining there alone. Caroline knows all about that kind of thing! They discuss Bo and Hope. Adrienne laments Steph seems to think the whole world is falling apart. The girl is having problems with what she sees in her relationship with Nathan. Aunt Adrienne is worried about her.
- Back at Dan and Chloe's apartment. Steph attempts to hack into Chloe's computer. Ring ring! Tis Caroline and she would like to know how and where she is. Steph suddenly hears voices outside the door and stares in disbelief as Dan and Chloe are about to enter ...!

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"Oh good God! You still have feelings for her!" Victor exclaims to Brady.
"Because I blew it," says Nicole to Rafe. "Just like you did!"
EJ smiles at Sami as she asks "When do you want to get married?"