Days of Our Lives August 11, 2010
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 
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- At the Kiriakis mansion, Henderson gets off the phone with the press. Enter Viv, who has cut her horseback ride short due to the paparazzi outside. She wants a 3 minute egg from the cook and sighs Victor should be here with his soul mate at this difficult time. Brady saunters in and makes a remark about her being such a source of comfort - not! Exit the butler. Vivian calls him a petulant child for saying such things in the presence of servants. "Bite me!" quips Brady. Vivian suggests that Brady be a little more civil, given his grandfather is supporting him in a life of luxury. Brady wonders if she even cares about Victor at all. Madame assures him she does. Brady is cynical. But he suspects his grandfather will take a good look at his life and finally kick her out! Henderson soon returns with an elegant breakfast tray. When he is gone, Viv states Brady should treat her with more respect and refers to the fact that he needs someone to mistreat, given how his own life is in shambles. Exit Brady. Viv considers her options. She should help Victor in his hour of need ...
- Victor arrives chez Bo, after fighting off the vulture paparazzi camped
on his doorstep. Bo is upset and does not want to hear angry talk. Victor
is sorry for what has transpired. Bo laments Hope did not even act like someone he knew and had such venom in her eyes. Victor points out
that was just the pills. Besides, he has people in his corner. Bo blames himself for what happened. They disagree about Carly. Victor exclaims
it is all Carly's fault! Bo will not listen. He insists he is only concentrating on Ciara and Hope right now. Enter Maggie, who voices her approval.
She dropped by to see little Ciara, who is not there, she is with Doug
and Julie. Maggie reminds Bo not to pay attention if Hope tries to push him away. Bo heads out to see her. Before he goes, Victor announces he will pay for the best lawyer. Bo snaps he does not need his damn money, then catches himself and apologizes. He thanks them both and departs. Victor laments to the redhead that he misjudged how serious things were between Bo and Hope. "I was arrogant and wrong." Maggie thinks they should take a walk. Ring ring! The Greek tycoon ignore his phone and they exit together. Meanwhile, Vivian looks at her phone and purrs thanks to modern technology, she is Victor's private stalker!
- Victor and Maggie sit down on a bench by pretty flowers down at the pier and talk. She is scared for Hope. She could have killed Bo and it is just not like her! What happened to the little girl on ice skates? She cries and Victor consoles her with a hug. Along comes Viv, who observes the sweet scene. "Are you kidding me!" she thinks. She stares, from around the corner, at the scene unfolding. Vic tells Maggie to be there for Hope and he will look after her. He suggests they have a coffee. She accepts. Vivian watches them walk away and coldly decides she will teach her a lesson!
- Victor and Maggie are back in her friendly kitchen, where she makes
tea. She admits she was wrong to ask him to stay away. However, he must respect that Vivian is his wife. Vic will pretend to, if they can stay friends. The Greek tycoon considers friendship a gift from the gods. The redhead agrees. He grins.
- Vivian regroups back at the house of Kiriakis, where she complains to flunky Gus that the redhead is luring away her husband. Now she must pay!
- At the station, Mayor Abe meets with  reluctant Hope. She has difficulty looking him in the eye. Abe sternly tells her the D.A.'s office has updated him that she still has no attorney. She exclaims she should not get a free pass and he was her victim! Abe insists he is her friend. And all he wants is a fair trial and a defense for her, but Hope woefully mentions how she would have burned Bo had she been able! No free pass! Abe reminds her she was under the influence of the evil pills. Hope wonders how her kids would feel if it all came out, though, and it concerns her greatly. Abe angrily tells her that throwing in the towel will be no legacy for Ciara! Concrete proof she does not give a damn! Lexie enters and tells Abe to stop, but Hope feels he is right. Lexie would like to speak to her friend alone. Abe exits. Lexie apologizes. Abraham becomes dogmatic when upset. Hope whispers he is right and the two women hug. Lexie cannot stay long, as Ciara and Theo have a play date. But she wants Hope to remember she must take care of herself, especially for Ciara. Hope will and asks her to tell Abe she heard him. They embrace and Lexie is gone.
- At the mansion, Will says a flippant "Cool" to Sami's engagement. She wants a real reaction. He doubts it.  They disagree. She insists she always thinks of her kids first. Petulant Will, however, thinks she never put her kids first before, so there is no need to start now. "Not for EJ!" He stands up. So does Sami. He does not believe she should marry EJ just because he is Johnny and Sydney's father. She is not herself anymore. Too polite. Will goes on to say he would rather discuss Rafe. Sami claims they are over. He claims she is lying to herself! She explains she is marrying EJ as he has changed and is now a totally honest fellow ...
- Replay of Rafe overhearing EJ enlightening fatha on the phone that Samantha said yes. Rafe turns around, mutters it ain't gonna happen, and walks away. EJ, who did not notice him, informs fatha it is a done deal and Samantha wishes to keep it quiet for now. Rafe heads for the gym
and pounds on a punching bag. He punches harder and harder, blaming himself for not being able to prove the Anna/EJ connection. He punches and sweats ...
- EJ calls a cagey cop at the police station with whom he has a seedy arrangement. He demands an audience with Hope Brady, who is presently with the mayor.
- EJ later enters the room where a lone Hope is still being held, there for
a little "chat."  She is sorry. He drawls there is quite a list for her to be sorry about. And he heard about her chat with Arianna. Hope wonders how he got in there. He gets sarcastic about crossing the line. Perhaps her other victims are lining up to say let bygones be bygones, but not him. He remembers what she did to him and his father. This is all about law and order. "I will make sure you pay for what you did!" he declares. Bo walks in and faces the suited DiMera. "Don't you threaten my wife!" EJ calmly states she will not get the Horton/Brady get out of jail card. He strolls out. Bo calls him a jerk but Hope thinks he was well within his rights. Bo has paperwork to get to. She, however, thinks he should keep his distance from her case. It would not look good for him. He would rather focus on her. He adds Maggie sends her love and will visit Ciara. He is about to leave when there is a knock on the door. Tis Brady. Hope would like to see him. Bo asks him to go easy and leaves them alone. Hope tells Brady she is so sorry. Brady compassionately says he thought she should speak to someone who understands. Hope opens up. Her family wishes only to focus on the pills. As a former addict, Brady realizes they are ignoring what led her to the pills. She sighs she wanted to sleep. Brady solemnly advises her to watch out for that voice that tells her she will not bounce back. She laments about all she has done. He suggests she look at those she has helped. She blames herself for ruining what he had with Arianna. He explains it was in the cards. She asks if it was in the cards for him to end up with that Nicole. Brady gets a dark look in his eye. He now tells her not to give up and leaves to get back to his mess of a life ...
- At DiMera mansion, EJ opens the door to Bo, who threatens that if the DiMeras do anything to Hope, he will kill him! Elvis solemnly warns they have security cameras everywhere. Bo criticizes him for harassment of a woman. EJ asks about Carly and sarcastically refers to Bo as the man Hope tried to set on fire. Bo warns him to stay away from the station.
He departs and EJ notes he thought his relationship was strange!
- Sami and Will are walking on the pier and agree to disagree. They are good. She asks him to keep her news to himself for now and he will. He makes a remark about her not getting married if she doesn't want to be alone and heads off. She mutters an admission that she really is in over
her head. Along comes sweaty Rafe, who smiles sarcastically. "I hear congratulations are in order!" he drawls, only to jog off. Sami gasps in surprise.
- Lexie and Abe are at the beach with little Theo and Ciara, who go off to play. Abe and Lexie discuss Hope. She refers to Ciara, how much love
she will need. Abe remarks Ciara looks like she hasn't a care in the world at present. Lexie mentions Hope having a network of friends who want to help. Abe smiles he learned from Mrs. Horton that even friends count as family. Lexie teases him about his profundity. Abe happily says he thinks they are good. He points out they are ready to expand their horizons, their family. She feels they are more than ready!
- Sami follows Rafe to the gym locker room. She wants to know what he meant. He drawls she is getting married and she is certainly no longer the woman he fell in love with! She wants to talk. He walks away. She gets mad and wants more than that. He pushed her away, unlike EJ, who has no such code of conduct demands. Rafe warns her that EJ has conned her. She insists EJ loves her and she loves him. In addition, they will live happily ever after. Shirtless Rafe. however, knows she is lying to herself and he can prove it! He grabs her in a passionate kiss and she kisses him back with equal fire ...!

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