Days of Our Lives August 10, 2010
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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 
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- At the police station, Hope is crying. Enter Julie, upset when the cop
tells her no physical contact. And he must stay. Hope laments there is nothing to discuss. They holds hands across the table and Hope weeps
for her to take care of Ciara. She regrets what she did to Bo's life. Julie
is quick to refer to Bo ruining hers! Hope has had enough. Julie assures her she will be back but Hope says there is no point and cries please just stay with her baby Ciara.
- In Rafe's FBI office, Rafe is conferring with his sisters. He notes Ari seems down for someone who just got off. Ari overreacts. What gives, wonder Rafe and Gabi. She gets snippy about being framed by that psycho cop Hope Brady. Rafe explains she did not know what she was doing. Ari is not sure if she is faking it, though, and intends to find out! She storms off. Rafe looks preoccupied and Gabi asks if something is the matter. He denies it.
- Ari shows up at the station, where Hope is being moved. "You owe me big time, detective!" she exclaims. Remorseful Hope agrees she does indeed. They confer in a room and Ari recounts how she set her up. Why does she hate her so much! Hope laments she does not hate her, nor does she remember anything. Ari accuses her of using the pills as her defense. She knows all the excuses and Hope's word is not enough. "I want you to pay for what you did!" Hope cries she does, too. Ari is unforgiving and warns she sees through her, as will the hardened criminals she gets locked up with! Exit Ari.
- Will is at DiMera mansion, getting ready for his meeting with Stefano about his job. He is anxious. Kate reassures him that the phoenix likes him. He likes him, too.
- At the pub, Stefano gets off the phone, ordering his people to treat the young man who will be there as if he were a DiMera! Enter Chad, who would like to ask him about his mother. Stefano replies he is sorry about his mother, but he is busy. Chad sits down anyway and sadly states she was like two different people. Did he know her when she was a ...
Stefano suddenly stands up to leave and drawls there is no point. He is sorry, he cannot help him. Exit the phoenix.
- At the beach, wet EJ and bikini clad Sami relax and watch their kids, who are somewhere in the distance, building sand castles, being looked after by maid Mary. They are happy for the family time, but EJ cannot help but notice Sami seems glum. She states she knows what he is up to and he will not get away with it! She does not want to be pressured into making a decision that she is not ready to make yet. EJ earnestly admits it makes him most happy to be at the beach with the mother of his children. She smiles and tells him not to push. He refers to the fact that her smile says different. He teases her for the twisted way she looks at the world. Sami sighs and now imagines lying at the beach, only to be approached
by Rafe. "We love each other, we both know that we do. We belong together." They starts to kiss. Back to reality. EJ asks Samantha what
she is thinking about and wonders if she is alright. She woefully looks down. She says her grandmother told her that she actually sinned. She is mad at Baker and Nicole, yet she made a mistake not telling him about baby Sydney. EJ patiently reminds her he forgave her. She wonders if
she will ever be able to forgive herself. He tries to make her feel better
and praises her for being a strong woman. "Yes," she now says. "Yes, I'll marry you!" He jumps up and gives her an elated hug. She wants to wait before telling the kids. EJ asks to kiss the bride. They start to smooch.
- Sami later goes walking along the beach, trying to find one of Johnny's toys. She bumps into Rafe. He is sorry how he acted at the pub. She is, too. He does not want to fight with her and she smiles they aren't. He
asks what is new. Sami gets uncomfortable. "What is it?" he asks. Pause.
She pretends she is upset as she saw Dr. Baker yesterday, which brought back lots of bad memories. It is hard reliving it. Rafe assures her she has Sydney, who is safe, but Sami still blames herself for her daughter getting hurt. Rafe drawls her guilt must work well for EJ. Sami overreacts that he has brought up EJ again. Rafe points out he is in fact  already controlling her. Sami snaps she cannot even have a normal conversation with Rafe and does not feel like she knows him anymore. Rafe is clearly dismayed. She declares she was wrong about EJ. He informs her no, she was not! Sami says she thinks Rafe loves her. "I do," he murmurs. She now adds he does not love the real her. Rafe accuses her of holding onto a lie that
EJ is someone whom he is not. He walks away. "I thought we weren't gonna fight!" Sami yells after him.
- At the pub, pensive Chad drinks coffee. Will comes along, looking for Stefano.  The lad is suited up and ready for his new job. Chad explains Stefano left after he asked about his mother's previous life. Will assures him things will get better when he heads to Wake Forest. Chad laments there is one tiny problem.They have an unseen discussion. Will comments about him needing business experience to get into a business class. Ironic. He shows him the project he is working on for DiMera Enterprises. If he helped him, with his numbers skills, would that count as biz experience? "Absolutely," says Chad. Will suggests they head to the mansion to find Stefano and ask if he can get on board. Enter angry dad D.A. Woods,
who states Chad is not going anywhere!
- Stefano has returned to the mansion and informs Kate he left the pub as Maddie's son was there, full of questions. Kate warns him if he keeps on avoiding him, the boy will suspect something. He quips the lad is obsessed and could go through her papers and things, find out about what was on that tape. Kate, however, is confident that will not happen ...
- Gabi finds sister Ari at the beach and reminds her that when she was in prison, her mother suggested she forgive her. Ari realizes she is saying she should forgive Hope. Indeed, so she can move on. Easier said than done. Hope destroyed her life ... !
- Back at the station, Doug is with Hope and tries to get her to look at a list of lawyers. She cries she is guilty, will plead that way, and does not need a lawyer. Doug thinks she needs help. "I am so sorry," she cries. He must be ashamed of her! Doug hugs her and promises her she is still his little girl. "I'm so scared!" she sobs into his arms.
- Back at  the pub, D.A. Woods sits with his son and tells him he is going to Chicago to work on a task force. It could be a while. He might not be back before he goes to North Carolina. Chad is dismayed they will not be driving together. Woods coolly states that plans change. Chad wonders maybe he should not go to Wake Forest after all. Kate watches and listens nearby. The D.A. is not interested in hearing Chad's thoughts or plans. He stands up and tells him stay, go, whatever. He must get back to court. He leaves Chad all alone, looking dejected. Sympathetic Kate approaches him with some unsolicited advice. His father is grieving, which can bring out the worst in people. Chad complains his father has always been distant
and disinterested, ignoring his accomplishments, wanting to send him to boarding school. Time to face the facts. "The guy just doesn't want me around!" Kate offers to help. He replies he doubts she can and adds she
is not family. When he walks away, Kate muses he is wrong about that!
- Will returns to DiMera mansion, where his meeting with Stefano will now take place. Will takes a seat and confides he is in over his head. His friend, Chad, however, is great at biz, so perhaps they can work together. "Absolutely not!" retorts Stefano. Why not? Will suspects this is about Chad and his mom. The phoenix explains he only wants him to focus on the project being successful. He alludes to the fact he would not want the son of the District Attorney to have access to the inner workings of his organization. Will, however, knows he blew off Cad at the pub earlier. What is it that he does know want Chad to know ...?
- Sami later finds working Will at the mansion and shuts the doors. She has something to privately tell him. "EJ asked me to marry him and I said yes."
- At that very moment, EJ is on the pier, calling Stefano with big news.
"I asked Samantha to marry me. She said yes." Meanwhile, Rafe has come around the corner just in time to hear the announcement of Sami and EJ's engagement. He stops dead in his tracks ...!

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