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Arianna meets up with a dripping wet, swimsuit clad Brady at the Kiriakis pool. She smiles she came by to give him a gift. She takes
out a wrapped box with ribbon and hands it to him. It contains a card entitling him to a Brady picnic basket for two! He teases who should
he take. And why the gift? To thank him for the other lovely night.
She hopes they can do it again. Brady suggests they spend time
together at the pool. Would she like to go for a swim? She cannot, as she is on a break and must close the pub. Caroline had bingo night. Brady appears disappointed. Ari suggests she stop by after she closes the pub and gets her swim suit. They flirt and kiss. Ari walks off as Brady watches.
- Inside Kiriakis mansion, Phil is on the phone setting up a fund to take care of the education of Carlo's kids. Enter Victor, who snaps what the hell is he doing! Phil ends the call. Victor wonders when the college education of Carlo's children became Phil's responsibility. Phil points out he died on the job. The Greek tycoon berates him for getting involved in any of it, starting with the fact that he called 911. Philip exclaims he was trying to save the man's life. Vic angrily goes on.
The lawyers are having a tough time answering the cops' questions.
Phil gets exasperated. Does it not bother him that he lost his life doing business for them? "Why should it!" snaps Victor. Phil questions if he has a heart. Vic states he was merely an employee and knew the risks. He was well paid to do the job and keep his mouth shut. The prodigal son thinks Vic is too cold. Papa Vic warns him stuff happens, so he needs to toughen up and get used to it!
- Big Steph has showed up to hang out with little Sami. Steph asks about the boxes. Rafe is moving out. Steph is sorry. So is Sami, who laments she had thought this time she would have a happy ending.
What happened? Turned out there was a problem from his past. Sigh. Steph can relate. Sami thinks Steph is doing the right thing by not staying with Philip and condoning what his family does. Tomorrow is another day. Maybe they will each get their happily ever after yet.
Steph later parks herself on the sofa with a glass of wine. Enter chipper Maggie. Sami explains there has been a change in plans. They will be staying in, as she has Johnny for the night. Maggie decides to stay and catch up. She senses all is not well. Sami drinks wine and admits she and Rafe have broken up. Maggie is sorry. She assures Sami one day she will find her soul mate, but Sami believes she already did and now he is gone.
- Rafe saunters into the hospital and sneaks a peek at a classified computer, seeking information on Dr. Baker. Mel catches him and wants to know who he is and what he is doing! Rafe retorts who is
she! Mel grins she asked him first. He says he is Rafe and was trying
to find a patient's room number. She reminds him he was supposed to ask the person behind the desk. He charmingly grins there was no one there. Mel sees she is being played by Mr. Handsome and repeats
what was he doing on that computer! Or she can call security. Rafe pretends he wanted to  look up a dishy nurse called Nita on the database. Given that Mel is a sucker for romance, she feels bad about
it, but explains she still cannot let him look at that computer. Rafe understands. She is just doing her job. Mel babbles about wanting to help him find her, though her matchmaking is usually a bust. Rafe says thanks but no thanks and makes for the elevator. Mel walks off and Rafe slyly re-emerges from the elevator, back to finish what he started at that computer. When he gets what he needs, he takes a few steps, only to bump into Sami, who looks pleased to see him. They both uncomfortably say they are fine. She asks why he is there. Has he changed his mind about leaving town? Rafe gives her an intense look. He is just there as he still has some things to do. He does not know when he will be leaving and sidesteps when she probes. Sami stops herself and sighs she no longer has the right to ask questions. She will miss him and walks off.  Rafe watches with longing. "I'll miss you too," he whispers. 
- In his hotel room in the tropics, Baker enters, only to be confronted
by a thug demanding the money from his gambling debts. Dr. Baker promises he will have it soon. In a couple of days tops. The thug pulls
a gun and declares he is thru waiting. The money now! Baker pulls out his wallet and gives him the contents. The thug glances at the clinic card. How did a doctor get involved in such a mess? This cash is not enough. Baker offers to give him a cut of the big money he has coming in, The thug threatens him again and then agrees to give him two days, after which he walks out.
- At the Brady pub, replay of Bo's vision. He jumps up to make a call. Wide-eye Hope watches.  Justin wonders what is up. Bo reaches Ellen, who is still at the carnival.Can he talk to Ciara? Ellen looks around, but where is Ciara now? She was there a moment ago. But hastily shuts his cell and tells Hope they must go. Hope and Justin race out with Bo, Hope anxiously asking if it is about Ciara.
- Ari returns to the pub and meets with her cocaine supplier, who states he only has one ounce available until the next big shipment comes in. His bosses are impressed by her. She just needs to be careful. Ari
coolly says she has got it covered, not to worry. She alludes to the fact that she hopes his bosses will take as good care of her as they do him, should there be any trouble. He hopes there won't be.
Once Ari is alone, Rafe is back, to use her computer and find out the connection between Nicole and Dr. Baker, and more importantly,
how it relates to Sami. He sits down to read the data he has extracted from the hospital computer and is baffled to learn that Nicole cancelled an appointment for Sydney with Baker. He later discovers that Baker ran the clinic in Brookfield, which must be where he first met Nicole. He wonders what she might have been doing at that clinic. What was her true connection to Baker?
- Sami returns home and Maggie smiles that Johnny is having a nice sleep. She also cleaned up a bit. She assures her things will get better, but notes Sami is acting like something happened. Sami admits she ran into Rafe and it was hard. Maggie gives her a reassuring hug. The redhead wonders if it is too late for her to change her mind about letting him go. "Yeah, it is," says Sami. They cannot be together, but it feels like she is making a big mistake. Does he feel the same way?
- Mel flounces into the Cheatin Heart wearing a mini, a tad late for her date with Nathan. As the buttons of her top are not properly aligned, she excuses herself to the ladies room, to rebutton them. Nath sits back down, a bemused grin on his face. Enter Steph. Just when Mel is about to return to their table, she spies Steph talking to Nath and stops in her tracks. He drawls he got her message and they should really hang out sometime. Steph readily agrees. They both had such fun at the park. Mel now shows herself, and wonders if they planned this. She has had enough of triangles. "We're done, he is all yours," she quips, and then departs. Steph thinks Mel went berserk over nothing. Nathan thinks it might not be nothing. He is of the opinion that Mel thought he had asked them both on a date at the same time. Steph claims she does not care who he hangs out with anyway. She is sorry for the trouble she caused, though. Nathan asks if she is still into Phil. They are through. He invites her to stay for dinner. She smiles. He toasts to having fun and uncomplicated relationships.
- Down at the pier, Phil walks and thinks. Along comes Mel. He tells her it is not a safe place to be at night. She laments she is not in a great mood, with her bruised ego. He admits he cannot stop thinking about Carlo.She says he was not family and Phil gets upset, as that as what Victor said, too! She explains she just wanted to make him feel better and calls him a good hearted person. Phil laments he does not know what to do. She would like to help ...
- Ari is back at the Kiriakis pool, where Brady awaits. She strips down to her bikini. They get in the pool for a splash! They eventually get out and Ari is cold, so Brady wraps a towel around her. They kiss and the towel falls.
- At the park, Ellen complains to Abe she cannot see Ciara. Abe offers to start searching after he takes Theo to Lexie. He is carefully searching when Bo, Hope, and Justin arrive to help. They call out her name, but still no Ciara. Abe has contacted the station for assistance.Mother Hope is increasingly frantic. She finds the water bottle on the ground. Bo's
cell rings. Apparently moments after Ciara vanished, a car was seen speeding away. They have the make and model but not the plate number. Hope screams she wants her daughter. Bo attempts to console her. Abe announces they have every available officer working hard to track down the owners of all the cars matching the description. So
far everyone checks out, except there was a car of that very make and model spotted down by the river. The owner had reported it stolen. Bo and Hope now race to the river, convinced that is where Ciara must be. Bo comes upon the teddy bear and cries out for his lost daughter, horrified that his dreaded vision has come to pass ...!

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Well, then how the hell do we get in there?

There's gotta be a way.

Mel warns Ari "Don't play a player. What's really going on?"

"I'm quitting," Phil informs Vic. "For good!"

Bo reads a note to Hope. "Five million dollars if you ever want to see your little girl again."

Thursday, August 13, 2009


At DiMera mansion, Stefano greets Elvis in the living room. Where is Giovanni? He has a cold and therefore remained with his mother. EJ wonders where the heck Nicole is. He is irate she is taking so long and does not even have her cell on. Stefano is curious what happened at Samantha's other than her not letting him take Johnny home. Was
Rafe there? He brings up the friction of the tombstone. Distracted Elvis announces it was nothing like that. Samantha and Rafe, according to Will, have split. The Phoenix feigns surprise. He notes Elvis seems calm. Why is he not rejoicing about their misery! He admits that he is conflicted and then walks out. Stefano hopes he is not going to see Samantha!
- Meanwhile, Nicole is outside, talking and almost hanging up on Dick Baker. Rafe overhears her tell Dr. Baker she has nothing more to say
to him! He admits he ran into a bit of bad luck and reminds her about that letter when she tries to give him the brush off. That letter he wrote detailing all her crimes and indiscretions! All it takes is one phone call
to his lawyer and she loses everything! She asks what he wants. One hundred thousand. She calls him insane but Baker doesn't budge. He will soon let her know how to wire the cash to his offshore account. With the call over, Nicole walks away. So does Rafe. At the pub, he pretends to run into Nicole and then thanks her for tipping them off about Grace's headstone. Ari is preparing her takeout order. Rafe says
it is not always easy to keep secrets from those close to us. Nicole retorts she heard he was keeping secrets from Sami and she is sorry. She then uncomfortably hands Ari the payment for her food and
hastily departs. Rafe wonders what that was all about. Ari gets him a beer and asks abut his leaving town. He has decided to stay a while longer, as he has a sudden feeling that Sami might need him to protect her! He overheard Nicole talking to Dr. Baker, probably the same guy who delivered her baby, and he has a strange feeling. Of course, he could be reading too much into it, but he would never forgive himself
if he left and something happened to Sami. Ari says she is there for
him and hopes he will find the answers he seeks. Can she offer him a place to stay? Rafe will find a motel room for now. He vows to find
out what is going on between Baker and Nicole ...
- At Grace's grave, Elvis laments to his daughter that he was not there for her. He should have been there for her, instead of that other man.  Along comes Lexie, who saw his car. She consoles him with a hug but wonders does he really have feelings for Sami? He declares he will discipline himself to stop thinking about her. She thinks it sounds like
he has feelings for her. Elvis admits he has to remind himself to hate Samantha for what she did to him If he does not, then ... He stops and points out he has a loving wife and daughta at home. Lexie senses something has changed. Elvis informs her that Sami and Rafe split up. She asks how he feels about that. He should not care but ... they conceived two children together ... and the mature part of him does
not want to hate her ... This should not even be an issue, as Nicole is
so devoted ... Lexie realizes he cannot stop thinking about Sami and he does not deny it! She hopes he will find peace of mind, but he doubts he can. The siblings embrace.
- Nicole storms into the DiMera mansion and complains to Stefano about the call from Baker. He wants a hundred thousand as he has gambling debts. He is a loose cannon! She asks the phoenix to write
him a check. Stefano does not wish to give him a penny. She panics
EJ will find out the truth unless they placate the greedy doc. Stefano exclaims it would never end! Nicole implores him. He pours himself a drink and reluctantly agrees, angrily telling her to inform the doctor
that this is the end of his line of credit with the DiMeras! He hands her
a slip of paper with the number of a bank account from which she can wire Dr. Baker the money. "It cannot be traced," says he. She thanks him profusely. He growls this is the last time they will give that parasite anything! Does she understand? "Yes," she feebly replies. The phoenix nods. Nicole now asks after EJ. Stefano explains he was back without Johnny, as he had to stay with his mother, and then took off again, without mentioning where he was going. Nicole wonders whether he
is aware of the fact that Sami and Rafe broke up. Yes. She assumes
he went to comfort her and Sami is trying to reel him back in. "EJ doesn't really hate Sami, does he?" she sadly asks Stefano, who can only sigh ...
When Elvis returns, Nicole is waiting for him. She asks if he was with Sami. No. Did he want to be? He considered it ... Nicole complains
she has tried to be a good wife and friend and wanted him to love her the way he loved Sami. He admits he cannot push Samantha from his mind, but insists the love he has for Nicole is deeper than anything he has ever experienced before. He is sorry he has hurt her and promises he is committed to her. They each say I love you and kiss on it.
Alone, Stefano makes a phone call at his desk, his face dark. "It's me. There is something - rather someone - I need you to take care of!"
- At the police station, replay of Hope hearing Justin wanting to speak with Adrienne and asking him if all is well. Justin replies things are fine, he is just preoccupied with the case. Hope gets a call from Bo, who is about to go back to Ciara to give her her water bottle.
Hope later rejoins Justin as her work is for the most part done. She wishes she could have spent the evening with her daughter, who is becoming quite the little Miss Independent. They talk kids.Jackson still lives at home with Justin and Adrienne. Hope now brings up the fact that losing Zack made her overdo things a bit with Ciara.
- On the bench at the carnival, the creepy guy with blue eyes and a tattoo is telling Ciara he would get her many teddy bears and anything she wanted if she were his daughter. She smiles.
Bo is now back at the carnival, wondering how he will be able to find Ciara among so many people! Ciara rejoins Ellen and co. just before
Bo finds her, though Mr. Creepy lurks behind the trees, watching. He
is relieved that after Bo hands her the bottle, he departs. Ellen and her two kids go off to the merry-go-round with Ciara, who has left her teddy bear on the bench. My Creepy emerges and picks up the bear,
a smirk on his face.
- Back at the station, Bo arrives and runs into Abe and Theo, who will soon be at the carnival. Bo asks his old friend keep an eye on Ciara. Abe agrees. Bo joins Hope and Justin. Hope worries that 3 kids might be too many for Ellen to watch. Bo reassures her all is well. The gang are soon done with their paperwork for the night. Justin announces he planned to head over to the pub to check in with Caroline and grab a bite. Would they like to join him? Why not! The three head for the
pub together, to catch up ...
- At the carnival, Ellen and co. are ready for juice and snacks. Ciara pauses to find tommybear. Mr. Creepy is there in an instant, and offers to help her find him! She replies she cannot go. He offers to go look for him and Ciara nods, then flounces over to her group. Abe and Theo now join them, as the creep goes back in hiding.
Lexie eventually approaches Abe and Theo, sorry for being late. One
of Ellen's kids hurts her hand and cries out. No one notices when Ciara walks toward Mr. Creepy, who pretends to have just found missing tommybear. She accepts the bear with a smile. As Lexie attends to the injured hand of Ellen's daughter, the group gather round, except for Ciara. She remains with Mr. Creepy, who grins like Gomer Pyle and says it is a good thing they found tommybear, huh! He adds her daddy called and said she should come with him. Her friend's mommy agreed too. He also claims her mommy had an accident and wants to see her
at the hospital, so they must leave together now. Ciara nods and they walk into the woods, hand in hand. Ciara has left her water bottle on
the ground nearby.
- At the pub, Rafe mentions needing a computer so Ari offers hers. He is researching Dr Baker. Once at Ari's computer, he calls in a favor from a pal at the FBI. He requests the access code of some classified websites. He will send an email with what he needs. His contact can
call him back at this number. Rafe's attention returns to the computer and he comments that something appears weird, unless Baker fell off the face of the earth. He now realizes where he can find out more,
shuts the computer, and gives it back to Ari, walking out.
- Bo, Hope, and Justin are sitting at a pub table. Hope wants to call Ellen. Bo points out they are all out having a great time. Hope admits she is obsessing but makes the call anyway, though it goes to voice
mail. The group eat, drink, and make merry. They talk family. Ari approaches with another round. Hope assumes Ellen is home with the kids by now and tries calling again, to say goodnight to her daughter,
No answer. Bo says they will call later. The gang make a toast to old times. Bo raises the ale to his lips but stops, a look of horror on his
face as he has another vision of desperately searching for Ciara, in
the woods, only to find tommybear!
- Meanwhile, Mr. Creepy hurries Ciara along, reminding her that mommy is waiting, and she drops the stuffed bear, leaving it behind ...

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Ari smiles at sweaty Brady. "I'm glad I found you. I have a gift
for you."
"You'd better thicken up your skin, cos bad stuff happens. Get used to it!" Victor barks at Philip.
"Did you change your mind about leaving Salem?" Sami asks Rafe.
Hope cries she wants her daughter back. "We'll find her," says Bo, hugging his distraught wife. "I promise you, we'll find her!"

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


In the tranquil park, Kate comes upon Dan, who states he is free.
She congratulates him and starts to kiss him wildly. She then stops and vows to make him pay for choosing Chloe. Then she blinks back to reality, lounging alone on a bench. The black widow decides that if he does not get the chair from the state, she will do something herself!
- Outside, desperate Dan hands Lexie the drug that poisoned Chloe and begs her to administer it to her, as that is the only thing he believes will now save her! Up walks Abe, who wants to know what he just gave
his wife and what the hell he is up to! He grabs it out of her hand and repeats his question. When Abe hears that is the drug Daniel wants him to administer to Chloe, he flies off the handle, presuming he is coercing his wife to help him poison Chloe. Lexie tries to explain the medical aspect of giving her a small dosage to make her better. Abe, however, heard Dan already tried to get to Chloe at the hospital and announces
he is making a citizen's arrest!
- At the elegant house of Kiriakis, Bo and Hope greet Justin Kiriakis, who is currently based in New York and Dubai, heading up the legal department for Kiriakis Enterprises. When Hope asks about Adrienne, he says only that she is fine. He soon talks shop, as the somber Greek tycoon has summoned him to defend Daniel. The evidence, he admits, is strong against the doc, who will be needing a miracle! Vic quips it is his job to get Dan off. Bo will cooperate any way he can. Justin starts
to explain he is not experienced in courtroom law, but Victor cuts him off. All that matters is that Daniel has someone on his side whom he
can trust. Someone from the family who is loyal! The Greek tycoon gives Bo a dark look and later snaps the cops should be investigating someone other than his godson. Bo and Hope promise to help as they can and give the men their privacy. Justin turns to Victor and demands to know what the hell was that about and is he going to tell him all he knows! He suggests he get over his anger toward Bo and Hope for doing their job. Vic talks family loyalty. And he is 100 percent certain Daniel is innocent. Then does he have any idea who did do it? Enter Kate, who proceeds to greet the young Kiriakis warmly, but then stops and exclaims that if he is there to defend a certain someone at Victor's request, he can keep his hugs to himself! Justin wonders why she
would say that - until Vic gets a call and orders Justin to the police station, as there has been an incident. Alone again with her ex, Kate
lets Victor know her displeasure at what he has now done. What if Justin puts the spotlight on her? Then she has no one to blame but herself, growls Vic!
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole is at EJ's side, showing him pics of Syd's party. He is glum and she notes he is thinking of Grace. He is sorry
and she states she is too. She admits she has felt threatened and jealous of Samantha. Elvis claims he hates Samantha and calls her a despicable human being. Nicole suggests they get along for Johnny. Besides, she feels sorry for her for losing Grace, and now ... Elvis wonders who she is losing now. Nicole says she heard her arguing with Rafe and thinks she is losing him. EJ realizes why Rafe seemed distracted earlier.Nicole starts to take Syd to bed and her cell rings as she is walking through the foyer. Tis Dr. Baker, calling from the tropics! She quietly reminds him she warned him never to call her again and asks what he wants. Baker chuckles. "I'll give you one guess!" She flat out refuses to pay him any more money. He threatens to tell EJ of the baby switcheroo. They can discuss later.  EJ calls out for dahling and Nicole quickly pretends she
is giving the brush-off to a telemarketer.
Mr. and Mrs. DiMera sit together and kiss in the living room. Elvis reminds her Johnny will be eating there and staying the night. The cook is making a spicy dish, so Nicole offers to pop down to the pub to pick up some kid friendly food.
- Chez Sami, she encourages Rafe to talk. He replies he cannot tell her what she wants to hear.  He claims there are holes he cannot fill in the story and she would certainly never stop probing. "I can't tell you the truth ever!" Rafe unhappily adds she has no faith in him due to this issue and therefore they have nothing. Sami stares at him in disbelief. They argue and she points out she has her kids to consider, hence her interest. EJ and Lucas might not trust him around the kids without clarification. Rafe takes that to mean that she does not trust him either, laments they evidently do not know each other well at all, and declares they are over! Sami begs him not to do this as they love each other and kisses him. He loves her too, which is why he cannot do this to her kids. He states he will get his things. Rafe gathers some belongings, suggests she have a doctor look at Johnny's cough, and drawls he will send for the rest of his stuff tomorrow. One sees the finality when he also carries away his dog painting. Sami stops him for a moment and gives him a snapshot of them together with baby Grace, so he will always remember Grace. He thanks her and she praises him for being
a wonderful father to her. Rafe gets choked up. "I loved that little girl." Sami recalls worrying about Rafe the day she was born. Rafe recalls
the day of her christening. Sami gets teary-eyed that Grace made her family whole and she never imagined she would lose her. Still choked up, Rafe whispers "See ya," and walks out. Alone, Sami starts to cry. Enter Will. She cries on his shoulders that Rafe is gone and never coming back.
- At the pub, Hope overhears Bo on his cell, ordering a re-check of Daniel's fingerprints on the vial. Of course. Bo feels Victor told him, without actually saying it, that Kate is the culprit, as did Daniel. And Victor will eventually have to take sides. Hope quips things will no doubt get interesting in that house. Bo has the feeling something bad
will happen and does not want it to spill over into their lives. Enter smiling Ciara. The family is then off to the waterfront, where they look at sailboats and Bope reminisce about sailing around the world on the Fancyface. Hope has an idea. Maybe someday they can sail around the world and see Shawn, Belle, and Claire. Ciara adds she would also like to see her brother Zack. Bo looks a tad uneasy, due to his latest Zack vision. He explains they will see him in heaven one day. Hope's cell rings. Tis Officer Jenkins, who is swamped. Back to work! Bo will
drop Ciara off with Tracey and Ellen and then return to the station to meet up with Hope. Hope kisses her daughter goodbye after telling her not to talk to strangers. Bo whisks his daughter off to the carnival to meet up with her friend, unaware that they are being tailed ...
- At the police station, the D.A. gleefully tells Daniel he can wait for his lawyer in a cell, if he even has one! He must pay the price for violating the terms of his bail. Enter slick legal eagle Justin Kiriakis, much to Abe and Lexie's surprise. H is back from Dubai to defend Daniel. He gives the D.A. a look and informs him he is a Kiriakis, so he does not lose! The D.A. questions Lexie as Daniel and Justin watch. The D.A. gets
her to admit that Dr. Jonas gave her a dosage of the same drug that poisoned Chloe and asked her to administer it to the victim! However, Justin gets her to admit the treatment Daniel suggested could actually save her life. Daniel begs her again to please do it! Lexie replies she cannot. It is an experimental treatment so she would need the approval of her next of kin. Dan implores her to explain it to Lucas. The D.A. states they are done and he will have Jonas escorted to his cell. Justin calls it a false arrest and would like to know the charges! The D.A. states he violated the terms of his bail by buying more poison to finish the job. Justin argues a doctor has the right to write a prescription. Furthermore, the doc never actually entered the patient's room. Does the Mayor think there is enough evidence for a bail violation? Abe now says he may have overreacted to what he believed at the time had been a bail violation. Justin wants a word with his client. "This isn't over,"
the D.A. says while leaving ... Justin informs client Daniel that he is looking for new evidence. Daniel surprises him by insisting Kate did it and set him up! Justin replies that it would not be easy to prove, as she is one smart lady. Daniel fears if they do not act fast, the woman he loves will surely die!
- Later at the station, Justin is on his cell with Adrienne, saying they need to talk now. He then claims he is losing the connection and ends the call. Hope has overheard and asks if everything is okay.
- At the carnival, Bo hands Ciara a stuffed unicorn he has won. He
tells her to obey Tracey's mom. No wandering off or talking to any strangers. They will pick her up at her friend's house in the morning.
Bo tells her goodbye and departs. Ciara happily opens her bag and shows Tracey her bear. Moments later, Tracey runs off. Mother Ellen follows and asks Ciara to come as well. Ciara starts to stuff her teddy bear back in her bag when along comes the stranger from before, who sits next to her with an eerie smile and a heart shaped candy. "Remember me?"
- Back at Sami's, she informs Will that sometimes things just do not work out. He does not pry, but he had thought Rafe was a good guy. Knock knock! Tis EJ, there for Johnny. Sami replies she just put him down to sleep as he still has that cough. He thinks she should have called and she quietly says she has had much on her mind today. After she goes to check on the young DiMera, EJ spies a box and asks Will
if someone is moving in or out. Will says Rafe has moved out. Elvis wonders what happened. Will retorts he does not know, nor does he think it is his business. EJ claims he does not care, bids him goodnight, and walks out. He then pauses outside the door and considers.
- Elsewhere, Nicole is walking outside, her heels clicking, when her
cell rings. Tis Dr. Baker again. She tells him to leave her alone. He, however, will not relent. He is broke and in paradise. Nicole tells
Baker he can stay there and rot, for she has nothing left to say to him. Meanwhile, Rafe approaches her from behind, and he appears mighty interested in her conversation ...!

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Bo assures Hope that Ciara is just fine. "She's in very good hands."
He gives her a kiss.
The creepy stranger extends a friendly hand to Ciara. "Why don't you come with me and I'll help you look for them. Come on!"
"Politics is one phone call and you lose everything!" Baker says to Nicole on her cell, as Rafe lurks nearby.
"Well, I don't know what's going on with Nicole but I'm sure as hell gonna find out!"  Rafe drawls to Ari.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In the slammer, Dan is dressed and good to go. Vic returns. Dan
thanks the Greek tycoon, who repeats he will help him prove his innocence. Daniel gives his godfather an intense look. They were interrupted before, but now he would like to hear exactly what he knows about Kate's involvement. He suspects Vic knows she is the
one who poisoned Chloe and set him up! Vic stares. Dan continues. Now that he is a free man, they will be able to prove Kate's guilt, though his first priority is to ensure Chloe is safe. Vic reminds him
she is in a coma. Dan is worried as there is no guard with her. Vic thinks it is a reach to assume Kate would blatantly try something.
Dan requests he put a guard on Chloe. Vic refuses. He will prove him innocent but he will not help him prove Kate's culpability. Daniel is baffled until he realizes Victor must be protecting Philip, who would
be devastated if he turned on his mother. Victor mentions priorities. Only Daniel is important now so they must focus on his defense. He
has summoned a cutthroat lawyer to represent his interests.
- At the hospital, black widow Kate lurks at Chloe's bedside and hopes she will die today!  Enter Maggie, with some good news! She heard the nurses say there was an increase in her brain activity and she spoke - perhaps Daniel's name! Kate feigns relief. Maggie is all smiles. Now there is hope! Enter Lexie and Maggie repeats the good news. Will she wake up soon? Lexie is less optimistic. Some neurologists believe that spikes in brain activity can be a prelude to a shutting down of the entire system. Kate asks if Chloe might not be with them much longer. Lexie replies time will tell, but there is always hope. Exit Lexie.
Now also at the hospital, Dan is about to enter Chloe's room when nurse Maxine stops him. He is not supposed to be there! He begs her for an update. She tells him of the recent brain activity that was not significant. The doc insists it was significant and he can save her! He literally begs Maxine to let him in to see her. Maxine walks away and leaves him alone to do what he will. Dan starts to open the door and is stopped by Lexie and a police officer. The cop stands guard at the door and Lexie explains that since his release on bail, the D.A. has ordered a round the clock guard so he cannot harm Chloe! Daniel cannot believe what he is hearing. He would never hurt her. Lexie knows that, but if the D.A. found out he attempted to enter her room, his bail would be revoked. She suggests he go home. Dan reluctantly walks away ...
- At the police station, Bo and Hope discuss Chloe and Dan. Bo points out if Chloe wakes up, she will clear the doc. Maybe, suggests snappy Hope, admitting the case with Daniel as the master poisoner does not add up. Bo decides to interview the employees of the TV station that day. Hope reminds Bo he has a meeting on public safety. Bo will ask Jenkins to take the meeting for him, as he plans to work on the Jonas case all day. Enter the D.A., who charmingly ends a call. He then turns to Bo. "What the hell did you just say, commissioner!" He informs him the Jonas investigation is now closed! The case is airtight, with solid evidence. Furthermore, he does not need the commissioner running around, wasting taxpayers' money, looking for more suspects. Hope protests but the D.A. declares that Daniel Jonas is guilty! Bo has his doubts. The cocky D.A. points out Jonas' godfather is Bo's father and warns him he has a massive conflict of interest. He adds if he needs further investigating done on the case, he does not intend to include
Bo! Bo gets testy. Of course, as commissioner he is involved in all the cases the department handles, including Dr. Jonas! The D.A. smirks
and sarcastically says it is indeed part of his job description, unless the D.A. wants him to step aside! Bo retorts he would need a rationale.
The D.A. alludes to the fact that he is not impartial when it comes to family and warns both of them to stay off the case. If they disobey
that order, he will have them suspended!
- At the pub, Ari and Rafe discuss how unfair it is that he cannot tell Sami the truth about Emily. Rafe's mind is made up. He is leaving town and Sami. Ari would rather he stay and deal with it. She herself is starting to feel she belongs in town. "I thought that too," he sighs. Ari thinks it is her fault what happened all those years ago. He insists this
is his decision and he will handle it. She refers to the fact that he did
not handle the night Emily died the right way, either! Rafe explains he handled the Emily situation  - and he is presently handling the Sami situation the only way he knows how. Ari does not want him to lose another woman he loves. He points out neither of them can tell Sami the truth! In addition, Rafe feels Sami will never stop trying to learn the part of his life he keeps secret if he stays. It seems sometimes love is not enough. They both learned that a long time ago. Ari is truly sorry. She praises him for picking up the pieces of his life after the tragedy
of Emily, while she went on a journey to figure herself out. She still blames herself. Rafe says they each did what they did and Emily died because of it. They can never change what happened and should never speak of it.
- Kate sits at a table in the pub and D.A. Charles Wood joins her. He has bad news. She replies she heard. Chloe probably will not make it. He announces if the worst happens, he will move up he charges against Daniel Jonas to premeditated murder. But the real bad news is that Victor Kiriakis intervened. The doc is free on bail. The judge did a complete 180 once Kiriakis entered the picture. Kate is dismayed.
The D.A. thinks he must be certain of his godson's innocence, but he
is convinced Jonas is guilty! Kate states she is unhappy he is free and claims her son will not like it either. Wood promises he will see to it
that the police find a way to lock him back up again!
- At the house of Kiriakis, Bo and Hope join Vic, who declares Daniel
is innocent and he expects all family members to help. Which means
that he expects Bo to do everything in his power to keep the case from going to trial! Bo appears uncomfortable. Vic asks what is wrong. Bo explains he is supposed to be impartial. Vic will have none of it. Family first! Unless they think Daniel is guilty. No, they do not. He suggests they look into it more. They bring up the fact that Daniel suspects Kate set him up and wonder how Victor would feel about that. Vic replies
he is sure Phil would be sad to see his mother in prison, but if that is where she belongs ... Bo realizes he would have no problem with them going after Kate, provided he not have to get involved.When the Greek tycoon finds out about Bo's run-in with the D.A., he calls the D.A. a cockroach who needs to be squashed! Bo asks him to stay out of the matter. He will help other detectives work on it. Victor gets mad and exclaims he needs action. At least he has someone loyal for family who can help!Enter Justin Kiriakis, looking mighty slick. "Hello everybody," he grins.
- Chez Sami, she grabs the phone and impatiently places a call, leaving another message for Rafe. They need to talk. She wants to believe him about Emily. "So call me. I love you." End of message. Knock knock knock! Tis Lucas, and he notes she does not look glad to see him. He realizes she was expecting someone else. Sami asks how Chloe is. "She's a lying two-faced b*tch, that's how Chloe is!" retorts Lucas. Sami perceives he still cares about her regardless. Lucas says he cares only about Aly. So, who was she expecting at the door? Mr. FBI? Things not going well? What did she do this time? Sami protests loudly. This time it is not her fault. After swearing Lucas to secrecy, she gasps out the tale of Emily and shows him Meredith's letter. Lucas reads and he appears to believe Meredith. It is possible Rafe killed his fiancee! Sami snatches the letter back and states that Meredith is only making accusations, with no proof. Perhaps she has an agenda. Lucas wants
to know how Rafe reacted. Sami admits he said little and left. Lucas implies he is guilty. Sami reminds Lucas that he himself shot EJ and he retorts he did his time for the crime. Besides, EJ deserved to die. Can she say the same thing about Rafe's fiancee? Sami replies that Rafe
said it was an accident. Meredith is playing the blame game. Lucas warns she may believe what she wants, but it could be a road straight
to hell. He advises her not to let her love for Rafe blind her the way he was blinded. She yells she knows Rafe. Lucas fears her faulty instincts could put their kids at risk, living with a murderer! Enter Rafe. Lucas soon leaves with Aly, giving Rafe the cold shoulder. Rafe knows what that was all about.
- At the park, friendly Maggie later joins Lucas and Aly. Lucas sends Aly nearby to play with a friend on the swings. He now turns to
Maggie and coldly tells her to keep walking. He knows she lied to his face. He remembers everything and calls her on it! Maggie does not deny keeping the truth from him. He exclaims she is cruel. Maggie's lip starts to quiver. She did not want to hurt him all over again, and Chloe promise she loved Lucas and would never be with Daniel again. Lucas laments he trusted her. She cries she is sorry. He shouts he no longer wants her as his AA sponsor as he cannot trust her and she made him out to be a fool. He tells her to scram so she does. Kate approaches her son and mentions she saw upset Maggie leaving. Lucas is mad as she knew and did not tell him. He adds that Kate knew too and did not tell him. He feels like an idiot. Kate claims she feels terrible, also because she has more bad news. Victor put up millions and Daniel is out on bail. Lucas gets agitated. Kate smugly points out she just met with the D.A. and if Chloe dies, he will have Daniel charged with a capital offense. That would mean a lifetime sentence - or execution!
- Outside, Daniel approaches Lexie. "I need your help." whispers the
desperate doc.
- Chez Sami, Rafe notes Sami showed Lucas the letter. He assumes he helped her work things out. Sami wonders if he checked his messages. No, though he came as they have unfinished business. Sami announces there is something she would like to tell him. He deduces Lucas told
her to say goodbye to him once and for all. Sami admits it is true. However, she loves him and would like to hear his side of the story.
If he tells her that Emily's death was an accident and Meredith was wrong, then she will believe him. Will he tell her that ...?

Next on Days of Our Lives
"Victor's the one who's gonna have to take sides," Bo tells Hope.
"Kate or Daniel."

What happens if Justin, no WHEN Justin puts the spotlight on me ...
Then you have no one to blame but yourself!

"I can't tell you the truth ever!" Rafe exclaims to Sami.

Monday, August 10, 2009


Chez Sami, replay of her crying to Nicole that Rafe left her. She pulls away and Nicole enters. Why did Rafe leave? They had a fight. Nicole asks about what, but Sami thinks she already knows as she warned her not to trust him. He lied about something important. Sami hands her
the letter and she reads. Does Sami believe what it says, that he killed his fiancee? Sami wonders why Meredith would lie. She reads some of the letter out loud about the argument before the ceremony, followed
by the mysterious accident. She complains Rafe refused to answer her questions. Nicole thinks there could be more to it. Sami, however, is less optimistic. Nicole points out it might be difficult for him to discuss. Sami senses there is more, though Nicole feels she should give Rafe
the benefit of the doubt. Sami sees she is defending him and she knows why. Because she herself chose to look the other way with EJ and his crimes. Sami tells her she appreciates what she has done for her lately, though, unlike her, she cannot turn a blind eye to everything. That is why she did not tell EJ about Grace. Now both Grace and Rafe are gone. Sami thinks she is paying for her mistakes and perhaps she deserves it. Nicole looks ready to cry and insists this is not her fault!
- Outside, Rafe shows himself to EJ as he ends his message to Nicole. Elvis wonders if he is spying on him. Rafe says no and wonders if he
is hiding something. The two stare each other down. Elvis arrogantly remarks that hiding things is Rafe and Samantha's specialty. "True
love conquers all," he adds sarcastically. So long as they are together and damn the rest of the world! Rafe takes a step closer. "No, not
damn the rest of the world. Just you!"
- Rafe later enters Brady pub and approaches Ari to say goodbye. He
is leaving Salem. Did he get a job? He sighs he just needs to clear his head. Maybe it is temporary, maybe not. Ari is baffled. Sami must be upset about his leaving. He has not told her yet. Ari now concludes
the reason he is leaving town is Sami. They must have had a fight.
He brings up the fact that she never liked Sami anyway. Ring ring!
Rafe takes a call from his boss and proceeds to tell him his plans. Ari removes her apron and decides to take her break. Rafe gets off the phone and realizes she is gone.
- At the park. Will and Mia smooch up a borrring storm.  Chadman saunters back and watches, visibly displeased. He clears his throat and they separate. Chad talks about the weather and then brings up cross country for the school team. What is Will's time? Chad agrees when
he says they will beat Salem West this year. Will is confused. Chad remarks Mia did not tell him as she glowers. He updates Will they are going to be classmates and teammates. Will pretends Mia already told him and haughtily says Chad is not on his radar. Mia agrees and tells him to get over himself. The smug pair depart. Kinsey walks over to Chad and states that was cold! Chad thinks they need a new strategy. Kinsey is in.
- Will and Mia walk to a bench, holding hands. Will gets suspicious of Chad joining Salem High and he thinks there is a reason she did not tell him about it. Mia mutters there is a reason and lies she did not tell him as it seemed unimportant compared to all his family turmoil. Will considers. She hopes he is not mad. No, but he knows Chad has a
thing for her. She insists that part of her life is over.
- Chadman and Kinsey are at the gym. He is sure Mia still cares for
him and deduces something must have happened, but not drugs. There is something more and he intends to find out what it was!
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano holds cranky Sydney and coos to her that she is a DiMera. She is also a Brady, yet they do not want to tell anyone that. "Especially Samantha, that wretched mother of yours!" The butler soon announces the Carvers. Stefano picks up Theodore
as Abe and Lexie proudly observe. Stefano shows them Syd in her playpen. Abe hands him a gift for the baby that Theo picked out. Theo chants he wants Charlie his stuffed dog, so Abe takes him outside to
see if he is in the car. Lexie explains Theo has difficulty expressing himself when upset. Stefano gets teary-eyed and Lexie smiles he is overly protective of his grandchildren. The phoenix glances at Sydney. "You have no idea how much!" Elvis returns home and greets his
sister, just as she is leaving. She asks to give Nicole their best and departs. Elvis now laments to Stefano he has been unable to reach Nicole. Where is she? Stefano sighs he earlier overheard their raised voices. What is wrong? Elvis believes Nicole is keeping a secret. And
he saw that Hernandez guy today, though he seemed rather distracted. Syd starts to cry so papa EJ picks her up and takes her off to bed. Alone, the phoenix chuckles that Senor Hernandez is playing right into his hands! Nicole eventually waltzes in and Stefano informs her Elvis
is in his office. Nicole has a look at the gift Lexie and Abe brought by. Stefano mentions they did not know where she disappeared to. "I was with Sami. She's a mess thanks to you. A heartbroken, blubbering, red faced mess!" The phoenix groans. "What an image!" Nicole puts a
hand on her hip and tells him what Meredith wrote in her letter. He remarks sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Nicole is skeptical,
but Stefano points out Samantha believes it and that is all they need, to get Rafe out of her life before he finds out she has Samantha's baby!
He calls Nicole an ingrate. Keeping that idiot Hernandez around would ruin her life! Nicole exclaims she does not wish for anyone's life to be ruined. She starts to leave but he stops her and growls she owes him some gratitude! And now here come the tears, says he. Nicole admits she has made mistakes but at least she regrets them. He sarcastically asks if she wants a gold star and then reminds her she stole another
woman's baby! Either she or Samantha will lose a child and the man they love. Which one is it going to be? Her or Samantha? Enter Elvis. "What are you two arguing about!" Stefano excuses himself to attend
to business. Nicole pretends Stefano felt she was insensitive as she did not wish to think about Grace. EJ cannot forget about his daughta. She understands Elvis' need to mourn but hopes they will have a wonderful future. She loves him. They hug on it, though EJ's eyes remain darkly suspicious ...
- At the pub, Lexie, Abe, and Theo arrive. Lexie asks Rafe if he happened to see a stuffed dog. No. Rafe suggests they retrace their steps. Lexie thinks perhaps they did not check the DiMera house thoroughly enough so Abe steps away to call. Lexie mentions they
were dropping off a present for Sydney as they were unable to make
it to her party. Rafe nods and notes that 6 months old is the age Grace would have been. How is Nicole? They did not see her. Rafe states
she has been very sad about Grace. He soon finds Charlie on a chair and hands him to excited Theo. Abe and Lexie are grateful and Abe compliments him on his sleuthing skills. Rafe excuses himself as there
is something he needs to take care of. Rafe now ventures to Grace's grave. She will always be a Brady to him. Yesterday was her 6 month birthday. He flashes back to Nicole crying at her grave and marvels
she touched everyone. He is there to say goodbye and laments that he cannot even tell her mother the truth ...
- Chez Sami, she has a new visitor. Ari wants to know what she did to her brother! Sami is stunned to hear he stopped by to let Ari know he
is leaving town. Ari suspects it has something to do with her. Sami suggests she be mad at Emily's sister if she must be mad, and shows
her the letter. "Here, read it!" Ari does just that. When she has finished, she is aghast that the letter makes it sound as though Rafe killed Emily!
Sami wants her to answer whether she thinks it is true. Ari becomes uncomfortable and hastily leaves. Sami senses she knows something
and will not tell ...
- Back at the pub, Rafe finds Ari, who admits she went to see Sami. She showed her the letter from Meredith. She does not think Rafe should run away from his problems. He reminds her she knows why
he must do this ...
- Back at home, Sami has just informed Aly that Rafe will no longer
be around. All of a sudden, she decides she loves him and therefore must believe in him and give him a chance to explain. She will just call and ask him ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
"What you're saying is that our Chloe may not be with us much
longer," Kate whispers.
"Daniel, I'll do everything I can to prove you innocent," promises Victor.
"This is my decision and I'm handling this," Rafe informs Ari, who retorts "Right. The way you handled the night Emily died?"
"I think it's very possible that Rafe killed his fiancee," Lucas says to Sami.
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