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Friday, April 10, 2009
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There is a knock at Sami's door. Rafe? She rushes to open it.
Tis Caroline, who asks if she is all right. Sami is gasping. Grandma Caroline wonders if she lost her best friend. "I might have," laments Sami. Caroline enters and the pair sit on the sofa. Sami sorts through baby clothes Caroline has brought and admits she hoped she was Rafe. Caroline nods knowingly. Sami says he left as they had a fight and now she wishes she could take back what she said. Caroline
feels it is never too late to apologize. Sami now brings up Bo. It is private, but she would like to ask her about how she kept the truth
of his father from him for all those years. Caroline confesses she did not tell her son because she was selfish and very wrong. Sami looks surprised. She was thinking of herself at the time. However, if she could do it over, she would change it all, as lies are simply hurtful
and destructive. It is also a bad idea to live in fear, waiting for the truth to come out, cos it always does. The visit ends. Sami thanks
her for the chat. Caroline wishes her good luck with the young man and departs.
- At the convent, Rafe meets Sister Agnes and asks after Sister Teresa, who is not there. She wonders if she can help in any way. Rafe considers. Maybe. He admits he is facing a major dilemma and is not sure how to handle it. Agnes smiles it must have something to do with Samantha Brady. Indeed. He fears they are through. He brings her up to speed on Teresa's advice about Grace, that she advised Sami to tell the baby's father everything. Rafe disagrees with Teresa's advice.  Agnes points out Sami must have already been considering it. Rafe insists Sami did not want to tell the baby's father anything, yet now .... Agnes points out that now that she is in Salem, she looks at things more realistically. Rafe gets it. Agnes wonders why, even though he understands it, he does not want Sami's ex to know about the baby. Does it have to do with jealousy? Agnes says that according to Teresa, Sami is absolutely crazy about Rafe! He gushes she does enjoy being around him and says he makes her feel safe, but she seems to be in love with someone else. "The baby's father," Agnes finishes. But how does he know this for sure? "If
you love Sami, fight for her." He does not think he should fight a losing battle. Been there, done that. Agnes does not think that
sounds like him. Rafe thinks EJ has Sami under some sort of magic spell. Agnes suggests he talk to Sami before throwing in the towel.
He should tell her how he feels. "Don't you run away!" she says knowingly.
- At the church, EJ repeats to Nicole that they will have to see what tomorrow brings. He needs some time but he will let her know. Nicole cannot believe her ears. Meanwhile Brady eavesdrops at the door. She begs EJ not to leave. She will not let him go. He points out it is his call, not hers. Nicole gets sarcastic and also tells him he is cruel, keeping her hanging about whether their wedding is supposed to be tomorrow. He reminds her his brother died, which has had a significant impact on him. He is displeased she does not seem to understand. Nicole moans she does understand. He repeats he needs time and if she pushed him to make a decision right now, she might not like the answer! Exit EJ. Nicole starts to cry. Brady puts a hand on her shoulder. She wrongly assumes EJ has returned, turns around to find Brady, and cries harder. Brady sits down with her and listens to her tale of woe. She fills him in on Steph thanking her and EJ seeing it. He viewed it as evidence that she had more loyalty for the Kiriakis clan and thus betrayed him. Brady thinks that is ridiculous. Nicole worries EJ will get rid of her now. Brady insists she has done nothing wrong. Nicole says that doesn't matter if their relationship is over, finished. Brady declares he is not the man for her and does not deserve her anyway. Nicole makes it clear she will not give up on EJ and she will be his wife! Brady's eyes flicker. Nicole moans like a woman in pain. She really does not care if everything is built on a lie. Brady thinks the complexity of her schemes and her worry are becoming just crazy. She laments she does not have the chance to
go back to change things. He suggests honesty. Perhaps it is time to tell EJ the truth. She is dead set against it, due to the wrath of Stefano, not to mention, where EJ is concerned, the apple does not fall far from the tree. He gallantly says he will not allow anything to happen to her. He will protect her. Nicole could not ask him to take on such a burden, but he calls it an honor! Nicole patiently tells him that their time has passed. Brady states he was not suggesting anything, this is just about helping her as a friend. She cannot take
his advice this time. However, he does not agree with her keeping up with the lies. She moans she needs to find a way to remind EJ why he fell in love with her before it is too late. She adds she will not let that bi*ch Sami comes between them. Brady says Sami is not the problem. She wants to go and confront EJ, but Brady stops her and points out she should not harass him. Nicole does not want to give him his space. Brady says if she does not abide by his request for space, she will lose. If he loves her, he will be able to clear his head and he will realize she is the woman he wants. All she can do now is go home and take it easy. She reluctantly agrees, thanks him, and gives him a hug. He closes his eyes. She does not know how she
will ever repay him, promises to call him later, and leaves. Brady stares after her, his eyes mirroring his torment. He then lights a
candle for his deceased mother Isabella. He feels that if she were there, she would know what he should do. He asks Isabella to help him find a way to make Nicole see that EJ is not the man for her,
that there is someone else ....
- Kate strolls outside and text messages Chelsea, apologizing for leaving so quickly. Irene the physical therapist walks by, chatting on her cell. Maggie is setting her up. Irene and Daniel have spoken and she is looking forward to seeing him. Kate walks up once the call is over. Is she being fixed up with Dr. Daniel Jonas? Yes. Kate says
she knows him quite well  - and she wants her to know something about him. Irene does not know Kate and is baffled. Kate cuts to the chase. "Daniel gets around." Furthermore, she admits she is no stranger to his bedside manner, and implies he spreads disease!
Irene stares in disbelief.
- Inside the pub, Chloe tries to reason with Lucas. The opera gig is important to her. He points out she is important to both him and Aly.
He does not want her to take the job. Dan sits at a table nearby and watches. Diva Chloe does not want  to give up the opportunity of a lifetime, just to host a talk show. She is a singer, after all. Lucas reminds her many people would be thrilled to host a talk show. Dan to the rescue! He stands up and makes his way to their table. He has overheard and wants to offer Chloe his congratulations. He hopes it will all work out. She thanks him for his support. He smiles, tells her to take care, and starts to leave. Lucas invites him to join them.
Chloe suddenly becomes uncomfortable. Dan appreciates the offer, but he is meeting someone. Lucas is glad to hear it is a date as he feels Dan deserves a break from his job. Dan gets paged by the hospital and must now excuse himself. Lucas spies Kate standing outside and goes to see her, just as Irene enters. Irene and Chloe are apparently old friends! She is on a break right now and is supposed
to meet someone there for a date. They have been fixed up by a mutual acquaintance. Chloe wonders if her date is with Daniel. Irene is surprised to hear she knows who he is! He is a great guy, Chloe exclaims. Irene says she heard a rumor that he gets around with women. Chloe retorts that is a nasty, untrue rumor. Who told her that? A woman who claims to know him very well, replies Irene.
She even said he was a dog! Dan sees the two women talking from
a distance.
- Meanwhile, outside the pub, Lucas joins Kate. He asks if she is spying on them. She says she in fact did not enter the pub as she wished to give them their privacy. Lucas apologizes for assuming the worst. He loves her and they exchange a hug. He uncomfortably informs her of Chloe's gig with the Vancouver Opera, so she will be doing a lot of traveling. No she can't, says Kate. She flies off the handle and cries Chloe must be out of her mind! She works for Hearth and Home now. Lucas wonders if they could tape her segments and work around her opera schedule. Kate gets mad about working around her schedule. However, Lucas wants to make his beloved's dreams come true and does not wish her to become too fatigued. Kate pretends to go along. Lucas returns to the pub. Kate watches Chloe, Irene, and Lucas thru the window and considers.
"A little fatigue could weaken the immune system ..."
- Back inside, Dan approaches Irene, who gives him a friendly
brush-off. Perhaps it is not a good idea, as they work together.
Much to his surprise, she will not even have a drink with him, insists there are no hard feelings, and departs. Meanwhile Lucas would like to go out and celebrate with Chloe. They walk out of the pub after Irene. Kate observes. "One bird down, one songbird to go!"
- At the Java Cafe, Mia has just opened the newspaper with Nicole and EJ's picture announcing their wedding, and bumps into EJ. He graciously gives her a latte to make up for the one she spilled when they collided. Mia smiles. He tells her to have a nice day. Mia returns to her table and newspaper. Recognition sets in as she realizes that was none other than Nicole’s fiance. "My baby's father ..."
- At DiMera mansion, Nicole uncertainly enters, calling out for EJ.
He is nowhere to be seen. She gets sidetracked by the bar and pours herself a stiff one. Then she lies down on the elegant sofa and has a bizarre dream. At their wedding, EJ turns her down and says he wants Sami to be his wife. Nicole insists they have a child together. Dr. Baker stands up.  "The hell do you do!" Sami approaches EJ
with baby Grace and introduces her as EJ's child. Dr. Baker clarifies. "No, that baby would be hers," and points to Mia. EJ wonders what is going on. Doc Baker tells him all about the switch. Sami wants to know where her baby is. Nicole picks up Sydney. Sami demands Nicole give her the baby back. All present shout at Nicole. "She's mine!" she cries and wakes up with a start, vowing she will never let such a thing happen! She drinks to dull the pain and curses Sami. Suddenly getting an idea, she unsteadily stands up, grabs her purse, and staggers out.
- Chez Sami, Rafe arrives. The kids are sleeping. Relieved Sami is ready to say she is sorry and he says he is, too. She puts her head on his shoulder in a very high school moment. Sami then asks him to sit down and admits she has been conflicted. He is the one she should
be listening to. He thinks she is wrong, because he has been too pushy and irrational and selfish. At one point, she must have loved EJ, so she should feel she can tell him they have a baby. It is her life and her decision and she needs to do what she feels is right. She declares she is at a loss. Rafe points out EJ is rich and powerful and he thinks that Sami is in love with him. Sami does not know how to respond to that! Rafe thinks she must tell EJ how she feels and destroy Nicole at the same time. Sami exclaims she has no idea
where this is coming from. The only bond she and EJ have is that they share a couple of kids. Rafe however, feels he needs to stop interfering. And he will not be her crutch anymore. He stands up.
She does not want him to walk out on her again! He opens the door, but she drags him back, yelling she is not about to let him walk out
on her and Grace. Meanwhile Nicole staggers up in the hall, unseen. Rafe tells Sami goodbye. Nicole peeks in, shocked when she sees him. "I know that guy...!"

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Mia is all ears as Will says "Nicole Walker has major issues. I
mean, I'm talking about serious issues."
Mel tells Brady "You're still in love with that awful woman,
aren't you!"
Both Stefano and EJ's interest is piqued by Nicole's gleeful announcement. "This guy Rafe, I met him before. Right here in
this house!"
Sami gets fitsy with Rafe "No matter what I decide with EJ,
you're not gonna leave Salem!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009


At the pier, EJ approaches the scene of Tony's death. He crouches down beside some candles, flowers and whispers it should not have come to this. "I will avenge your death, Tony." Even if it is the last thing he does. Max approaches and asks what if it is indeed the last thing he does. EJ is none too pleased about Max's intrusion. His cell rings. He glances at it and puts it away. Max thinks it is time to let
go. EJ blames Philip for his brother's death. Max points out all Tony wanted was to get away from the DiMera way of life. Would he
want his death to set off more fighting and hatred? Why not simply let the Count rest in peace?
- At the church, Nicole plans her wedding and worries that if any DiMera sits next to a Kiriakis, there will be blood! The wedding planner tells her to take a deep breath. Nicole starts to panic that
the wedding might not happen and everything will fall apart. She remembers her baby switch fiasco. She also recalls Mia's mistake,
EJ wanting space, and laments this marriage is doomed.
- At the apartment, Steph returns and chats with Chelsea, who was trying to assemble a bookcase. "Phillip needs me and I need him,"
she announces. Then why did she return, frowning Chels wonders. She replies she needs time to process stuff . She is terrified that something terrible will happen to Phil because of those dastardly DiMeras. Chelsea understand the two families have always had problems. Nevertheless, to focus on bad things that could happen
is no way to live. Her pal should enjoy the time she has with the
person she loves, who loves her right back. All she can do is be
there for him. Steph declares there is something else she can do,
takes her coat, and leaves again.
- At the pub, Lucas and Chloe are having coffee. He likes to spend every second with her. She states that is why she is uncertain about accepting the talk show position.  She will be thinking about it all the time. Furthermore, this job is not really her. Lucas had thought she wanted the job. She admits she just felt she could not say no, but he tells her to at least give it a try before quitting. They kiss as Dr. Dan enters. Chloe's cell rings. She is summoned to the church by Nicole's wedding planner. They are having an emergency!
- Chloe arrives at the church to Nicole and baby Sydney. What can she do to help? Meltdown Nicole complains the wedding might not happen now, but everything was perfect before she ruined things.
She admits she lied. Chloe asks what she means. Nicole pauses. She lied to herself. Usually she married for money in the past and she felt this time was different, but EJ does not act like a man in love. She sadly wonders if she should marry a man who is not 100% in love with her. Chloe points out there are different kinds of love. Love is not about compromise and half-truths, complains Nicole. Chloe senses this is about Sami. She thinks love should be stable and safe, not volatile like what Sami and EJ had. Nicole brings up Chloe's second thoughts about Lucas, how she got through it. How does she feel now - is she ready to shoot herself yet? Chloe does not happen
to think that is very funny, and insists she has no regrets about marrying Lucas. She wants Nicole to be happy as well. Nicole sighs she would be if she did not feel that EJ had regrets. She fears his interest is elsewhere. Chloe points out that Sami left EJ, so there should be nothing to worry about. Nicole states she does not believe Sami's latest story about her adopted baby. Chloe dismisses the idea.  Lucas would surely know if Sami was lying about something. Nicole should focus only on EJ and Sydney. Nicole smiles her pal is a great shrink. Chloe stands up. She will see her tonight at the rehearsal. They hug. Chloe coos bye bye to princess Sydney, blows Nicole a dramatic kiss goodbye, and waltzes out, opera diva style. Nicole tells Sydney she means the world to her and she will not let her down.
- Back at the pub, Maggie approaches Dr. Dan and praises him for giving up Chloe. She also praises him as a fine man of medicine. However, there is more to life than work, and she hears he only
ever leaves the hospital for coffee. "You're a doctor, not a monk." Dan chuckles and sips his coffee. She thinks he should do right by himself. He wonders what that is. She knows. The redhead wants
to set him up with Irene the physical therapist, who has expressed
an interest in him. He agrees to think about it.
- Down at the pier, Chelsea interrupts Max trying to talk sense into EJ. Chelsea agrees with Max. Furthermore, the DiMeras have gone around terrorizing people for years. Enough already! EJ tells her to
go to hell. Chelsea continues. Poor Philip is already suffering and will continue to suffer. EJ gets angry and explodes. At least Phillip is still alive! He has heard quite enough. Maxman warns him not to talk to Chelsea like that. EJ actually has no desire to talk to either of them and departs. Max now teases Chels for being feisty, but warns that could get her in trouble. She thinks he should worry about Phillip instead.
- Meanwhile, Steph likes a candle at the church vestibule and prays. She loves Phil more than anybody and asks God to keep him safe. She then enters the church and sees Nicole talking to the wedding planner. Nicole asks the wedding planner to take Sydney outside to the nanny. Exit the wedding planner and Sydney. Stephanie is glad she ran into Nicole. She thanks her for telling the police that Tony's death was an accident. She imagines his family put big pressure on her. She hopes all will go well with her wedding and hugs her, again thanking her for what she did for Phillip. EJ arrives in the doorway, pauses, and gets a very solemn look in his eye. Ominous music is heard. Moments later, EJ approaches Nicole, who is now alone. He originally came down to apologize. However, he then observed her embracing Stephanie as she  thanked her for saving Phillip. He is
now annoyed that Nicole did not tell him about it the minute he walked in. She states she hardly knows Stephanie. But EJ feels that lately she is always hiding something from him. She exclaims she is sick of explaining herself to him. He too has been going through
quite a lot. She understands the loss of his brother was painfully tragic, then stops what she was going to say about Tony. She shakes her head. He wants her to say it anyway. She does. "None of this would have happened if Tony hadn't gone rogue. EJ, he is the one who betrayed your family!" That is why she thinks he is blaming Philip, though he should not blame her too, she cries.
- Max and Chelsea have returned to the apartment. They kiss and he offers to help her with her bookcase project. He loves to fix things, but she insists she will do it on her own. Chelsea gets prickly about
it. He smiles she is good at other things like work and friendship and ... they start to kiss again. All of a sudden, Stephanie interrupts them and laughs they cannot keep doing this. Chelsea is at the door in an instant and appears irritated. "No, we can't." Steph enters. She tells Max that Phil has moved back to the Kiriakis mansion. Max gets upset that Steph might be staying there with him. Steph does not
want to hear that. Max also exclaims he heard EJ threatening Phil. Steph gets mad. How could she abandon him at such a crucial time? Max quips she has done it before. She snaps he was the one who left her! Max explains he just wants her to be safe and happy. Chelsea takes it all in, a look of displeasure on her face.
- Back at the pub, Maggie joins Lucas, as he awaits Chloe's return from the church. Nicole was having a moment. Lucas admits he
does not want to go to the DiMera wedding. Nicole and  EJ are the couple from hell and the DiMeras are a nightmare of a family. Kate
is a wreck about this whole situation and that clan had better stay the hell away from his brother Phillip! Enter Chloe. Maggie gushes that Lucas and his new bride only have good things to look forward to. Meanwhile, Dan sits at a table nearby and wistfully watches. They discuss having a wedding party at Chez Rouge. Maggie pleasantly says she will see Chloe later, to finish the second half of the Hearth and Home interview. She thinks Chloe will be great and points out Kate has faith in her. So does Lucas. Exit the redhead. Everything's good, says Lucas. They kiss. Dan watches and puts down his coffee in a huff. Chloe cell rings. A private number, but she answers. "Are you serious?" she says with a smile on her face. "Oh my God, this is the best news ever!" Lucas watches and listens.  Chloe gets off the phone. She was just offered the lead at the Vancouver Opera Company and she does not even have to audition. What an amazing break. "Don't tell me you're actually thinking about accepting!"
snaps Lucas.
- Maggie and Dan both arrive at the hospital at the same time. He
has been thinking about her offer and she was right. He agrees to have drinks with Irene. Maggie is delighted and promises she will arrange everything. Dan forces a smile.
-Meanwhile, at the church, Nicole reminds Elvis that this is not the place for talk of enemies and revenge. She remembers how they
were happy there for Sydney's christening. She admires his loyalty, yet they are his family as well. EJ says nothing. Nicole asks him
point blank. Is the wedding on or not? "We just have to see what tomorrow brings," is his elusive reply ...

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"Secrets and lies are nothing but hurtful," Caroline warns Sami.
Sister Agnes advises Rafe, "If you love Sami, fight for her!"
Mia looks at the newspaper announcement of Nicole and EJ's upcoming wedding, with a picture of the happy family. "Nicole’s fiance, my baby's father."
"You really want to give this marriage a shot, you can tell EJ the truth," Brady tells a teary-eyed Nicole.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


At the apartment, Phil disagrees with Stephanie, who wishes him
to steer clear of Titan and his papa. She wonders if he thinks she is being selfish, wanting him all to herself. He feels he has unfinished business. She does not understand. After all, Vic fired him. "We
are Greek, full of drama," Phil states. Steph suddenly decides to break up with him and tells him to leave. She cries she cannot stand to watch someone she loves turn into someone she cannot even like. Phil shakes his head. It doesn't seem in the cards for them. Steph continues to cry, as she feels he is giving up on them. He cannot be the guy she wants him to be, kisses her, and leaves. Steph sits down on the sofa and cries. Enter Chelsea, who asks what is the matter. "He's leaving for good!" She complains it is because of Victor. Chelsea is sorry. Steph laments his family is more important to him than her. Chelsea wonders if Philip sabotaged their relationship on purpose, for her own good. She believes he might merely be trying
to protect her. Steph now realizes he is in danger. "I was really really wrong," she concludes.
- Chez Sami, Will gets a call from Mama Mia. She finished the book he gave her and liked it. She can bring it over now. He says no. He can meet her later at the Java Cafe. Enter Rafe, back from shopping for Sami, and he is more than a bit surprised to hear she went to see EJ. Will gets sarcastic. Rafe is sorry if he was curt. He is extremely worried about Sami and he is mostly used to giving orders.Will sees he wants to make sure Sami and Grace are both okay. The guys
hang out. Will remarks he must care for Sami a lot. He pretends he
is just worried. Will notes he is not comfortable talking about her.
He does not feel their situation is simple and also doubts his mom cares for him the way he cares for her. Rafe points out they are just friends. Will laughs sure, and he just wants to talk about books with Mia! He leaves to meet her. Alone with his thoughts, Rafe thinks
that nothing about Will's mom is simple .
- At Java Cafe, Mia bumps into Dr. Baker. He gently asks why she returned to Salem. Mia appears uncomfortable. Things did not work out in Japan. She is meeting a friend here today. Dr. Baker is still concerned about her and asks if she has seen her little girl since coming to town. No, she has not, and she is trying to start over.
She does not think they should be seen together as she is meeting someone. Baker walks out as Will enters. He asks who the older
guy was. Someone her cousin knows, Mia fibs. She gets impatient when Will refers to Grace as his adopted sister. No need for the
word adopted. She offers to babysit for Grace any time. "Something about her really got to me,"  says Mama Mia. Baker enters again as Will walks off to get something. He tells Mia to take care.
- At DiMera mansion, nervous Sami insists on taking Johnny, having heard Stefano talk about revenge. She reminds EJ she witnessed a murder on their doorstep! She shouts she wants to protect her son. Nicole stands outside the room, listening. EJ states he will protect them. Sami yells the only thing EJ could do is stay away from the entire family! Enter Nicole. "What is going on here?" EJ insists Stefano was only grieving and did not mean what he said. Sami
gasps and yells that Nicole should be upset too and worried for her daughter. Nicole asks why. Sami complains Stefano wants Philip dead. Nicole agrees with her concerns. However, she has a favor
and asks Sami to later bring little Johnny to their wedding. Sami
looks even more annoyed. EJ leaves to answer the door when the doorbell rings. Sami called him a coward ands tells Nicole she is surprised to hear she is having the wedding so soon after Tony's death. How tacky. Nicole insists it will be wonderful. EJ returns with beautiful flowers. Nicole assumes they are for the wedding but they are for Tony. Condolence flowers from Kate Roberts. EJ thinks she has her nerve, considering Phillip is the one responsible for the death of Tony! Sami thinks he is lashing out in anger. Elvis now verbally attacks Nicole, since  Phillip is home free because of her! Sami quips Stefano must be angry about that. So much for him toasting to their happiness. Nicole becomes irate about EJ discussing their private matters in front of Sami and leaves to check on Sydney. EJ  agrees Johnny would be happier with his mother right now. Sami points out to EJ that he is siding with Stefano against Nicole. He should think
of his children. She walks off to fetch her son.
Later on, EJ confronts Nicole about not telling him that Sydney's former doc Dr. Baker is now at University Hospital. He wants to know what the hell is going on with Dr. Baker, as she is hot and cold with him. He bellows she does not tell him anything. She moans he
is turning into his father. She also explains she could not do anything for Tony and no one cared that it was painful and scary for her to
see him die. They just wanted her to perjure herself, in the interest
of payback. EJ gets sarcastic. She cries she would do anything for him and their daughter, but that doesn't seem to mean anything to him. She yells about her predicament. EJ wonders if they should
stop to think about this wedding. Perhaps they are no longer on the right path. At least, she isn't. He believes she is sad about something and will not tell him what. She claims they are just tired and grieving. "I think we need to spend some time apart," he quietly decides,
kisses her, and walks away. Nicole sobs.
- At Kiriakis mansion, Philip opens the door to smiling Stephanie, who grabs him in a kiss ...
- Chez Sami, Rafe holds Grace as Sami updates him on her DiMera visit. She admits she is worried about EJ being in a lot of pain. Rafe retorts that does not change things. Sami, however, has decided she would like to tell him the truth about Grace. Rafe looks at her in disbelief. He is against it. She accuses him of being jealous. He is
of the opinion that she only wishes to do this, as EJ is about to walk down the aisle with a woman she cannot stand! He thinks she is
using Grace to get back at Nicole.  Sami gasps that, according to Sister Teresa, telling the truth is better than lying. She does not want to hurt Grace. Rafe feels now would be a dangerous time to tell EJ. Sami disagrees. He insists they are not telling him. Sami points out it is her decision and her decision alone. She needs to check on the twins.  Rafe stands up and laments to baby Grace  that her mother does not seem to think he is part of her life. "See you later," he sadly says and departs. Sami walks back into the room, to continue the conversation. "Look, Rafe I'm ..."  she begins, but he is nowhere to be seen. She bites her lip and becomes teary-eyed, all alone.

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"I don't know what I'm thinking," Nicole whispers. "This marriage
is doomed."
"With Tony's death. I tell you right now, Maggie, that family better stay the hell away from my brother," Lucas tells the redhead.
Chelsea begins, "He has to live with his guilt for the rest of his life," only to be cut off by a raging EJ, who bellows "Oh, Philip gets to
live with his guilt, does he! Philip gets to LIVE!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


At Steph's apartment, she and Phil make out on the sofa. Chelsea walks in on the pair, then goes back outside, and rings the doorbell. She has forgotten her ID badge for the hospital, and also makes a comment that they should have been in the bedroom anyway. Phil notes she is not keen on him. Steph takes Chelsea aside and brings her up to speed on loverboy staying there. Chels thinks she should
be cautious and departs. Phil senses she was trying to warn her pal against getting in too deep with the likes of him. He gets his shirt off, then hesitates, but big Steph will not let him leave. Phil glances to
the side and perceives the newspaper headline screaming of Tony's death - a reality that does not seem to leave him, no matter what he does. Steph picks up the newspaper and puts it elsewhere. Phil puts on his shirt. Steph talks about the business cr*p his father had fed him for so long. She happens to think he is better off without him
and she prefers this Phillip. The one who thinks about what's right and what's wrong. They kiss again.
- At the cabin, Kate and Chloe are talking about the show. Kate makes a comment about Chloe being able to fool people. Chloe
thinks everything is happening too fast. Knock knock. Enter Maggie with a wedding gift for Chloe - a holy book with a place for family history to be recorded. Maggie is to be her first interview guest,
much to her surprise. Chloe starts to feel apprehensive.
Victor calls Kate on her cell. Has she spoken to Phillip today? He is impatient. The prodigal son has moved out of Kiriakis house and it concerns him. Kate accuses him of taking care of business before their son. Furthermore, she senses his dismay is because he left and his ego cannot take it!
Kate must now excuse herself from the gals at the cabin, as she is volunteering at the hospital today. Once they are alone, Chloe
laments to the redhead that things are moving too fast. In addition, sometimes she feels Kate does not like her, and wonders if Maggie mentioned the Dan situation. Maggie insists she mentioned nothing, but if Kate knew, Chloe would surely know about it! Maggie is later irate to later discover that Chloe has an appointment with Daniel.
She promised she would not see him again! Chloe explains he is the only available doctor around. She swears on the bible that she and Daniel are over. Maggie just wants Chloe and Lucas to be happy.
- At the pier, Stefano sees a police officer. He insists his son was murdered there. The cop says it was an accident but the phoenix is not listening. Anthony's blood was spilled by Phillip Kiriakis and he
is going to pay for what he did!  Once he is alone, his cell rings and his new hire touches base. He is an electronics expert who now knows all the goings on at the Kiriakis mansion! Stefano ends the
call when the Greek tycoon himself arrives on scene. The tension in the air is thick as Salem's two most powerful men lock eyes. Victor points out Tony's death was an accident, but Stefano refuses to
listen. Victor hopes they will keep this issue between the two of
them and leave their families out of it. Stefano calmly warns that he will soon know how it feels to lose a son. Ominous music is heard. "It's inevitable ..." the phoenix murmurs.
- At the hospital, Mel introduces herself to Dr. Dan. He points out
she reports to Maxine. Time for lunch service. Mel spies the newspaper and picks it up. The headline screams of Tony's death
and she is unhappily reminded of what she has lost. Chelsea runs
into her and is unpleasantly surprised to see her there as a new hire. Mel excuses herself to get to work. An elderly man gets mad at Mel's smart mouth and throw spinach at her!
- Dr. Dan chats with a female doctor. The attractive blonde is mucho interested and invites him for dinner. He gives her a friendly brush-off. She tries again later, but he claims he is busy.
- Kate soon arrives at the hospital and chats with Dr. Dan, who is conveniently paged away. Chelsea is surprised to see her glamorous grandma. Kate laments Phil is not returning her phone calls. Chelsea now notices Kate watching Dan. Is that why she is volunteering there? No, says she. Kate then has a strange fantasy about tying up Dan and poisoning Chloe. "Why?" Chloe gasps. "You hurt my son." She blinks back to reality and thinks that Lucas' new bride will
indeed have to pay for what she has done!
- Meanwhile Mel struggles to make a bed properly. Enter Maggie, who offers to help. Miss Mel asks if Dr. Dan has a girlfriend and
how much does he make. Maggie laughs. Mel giggles. Moments
later, Mel has to take a tray to a patient. Devious Kate purposely bumps into her and steals the keys from the tray she drops. Chelsea saunters up, trashes Mel to mama Kate, and walks off. Stefano now comes to the hospital.  Kate is surprised to see him. He is there for the death certificate of his son. She is sorry and states that Philip is beside himself over what happened. The phoenix ominously warns life is only temporary ...
- At Steph's apartment, her would-be lovefest is interrupted when
Vic himself shows up on the doorstep, insisting he needs to talk to Phillip. He is sorry. He promises to be a better father and asks him
to come home to Titan, to the family. Steph gives the two men a moment alone. Phil is not sure why Victor now wants change. Papa Vic talks about working side by side with his son and preparing him
to take over. Phil thinks he is scared. Victor admits there is plenty to be scared about and warns him to be careful regardless. He asks him to think about what he said. Phil now says he is sorry. Vic replies there is plenty of blame to go around and takes his leave. Steph comes out and exclaims that Phil simply cannot go back.
- At the pub, Dan joins Chloe, who is dining alone. The opera diva wonders if being seen together is a good idea. He says they can still be friends and notes something is wrong. She confides in him that
she somehow feels Kate wants to torture her, hence the lovely job offer. He, however, feels that if Kate knew about their affair, she would do something. Chloe gets a nervous look in her eye. Dan now brings up her pregnancy scare and wonders if she would have told him, had it been his child. She claims she never thought about that. Dan wishes he had known about her worry, as she would not have gone through it alone. She reminds him Lucas is the guy she worries with. Dan is clearly hurt and goes to the bar to pick up his order. Enter Chelsea, there to meet Kate, who appears to be a no-show.
- Meanwhile, Kate tries to open the hospital medicine cabinet, but gets stopped by Melanie. Kate pretends she was concerned that the key was left there and hands it back to Mel, after promising not to
tell anyone that she left it lying around.
- Down at the pier, Stefano walks along and speaks on his cell in Italian, making ominous orders. "Philip Kiriakis." he repeats for his dangerous contact. "Phillip Kiriakis!"

Next on Days of Our Lives
"This is my family, this is who I am," Phil soberly informs Steph, who snaps "Right, well then I guess this is goodbye."
Rafe dreamily tells Will that nothing about his mother is simple.
"Tell me what's wrong, why are you so upset?" Nicole asks EJ.
Sami interrupts. "You wanna tell her or should I!"
The Doc quietly asks Mama Mia "Have you seen your little girl
since you got back to town?"

Monday, April 6, 2009


At the hospital, Nicole asks what the hell Baker is doing there. He jokes he thought she would be glad to see him. Nicole reminds him
he said he was leaving town. Indeed he did. However, the job offer
in Detroit fell through. He grins he is ready to help in every way! Nicole calls him a bastard. Enjoying their game of cat and mouse,
the doc retorts he does not understand the hostility. Little Sydney
has a doctor who knows everything now! Nicole moans it is her
worst nightmare. He says her worst nightmare would be Sami Brady finding out she switched the babies. Nicole admits she appreciated him, but now it is time for him to leave. Baker grins they are a team. She is not amused and insists he must leave town. He insists he
needs the income. Nicole fears he came back to blackmail her. He makes light of it. She gasps he is not getting a dime from her. "You always think small," the doc chuckles. She suspects he is gambling again. No, he attends gamblers anonymous meetings and has it under control, but thanks for asking. As for money, he is fine with his job. She warns if he starts blackmailing her again, she will have him brought before the hospital board. Baker states that sometimes she is smart and sly, yet other times she is idiotic. He clarifies. They are even. If he goes down, she goes down, and vice versa. Nicole has heard quite enough. "I can be quiet as a mouse or not, depending on the understanding we have," finishes the doc. He notes Sydney looks like her mother.  Nicole again calls him a bastard. He quips he can be but he can also be a friend, so no more threats. Nicole reluctantly agrees. However, she does not want him as her daughter's doctor. "You're fired!" Baker suggests she reconsider. What if Sydney became sick and the hospital required a blood sample from the mother, which would mean Sami? Nicole insists she could handle it. Baker shakes his head. Nicole adds that when she comes to the hospital, she does not want Dr. Baker anywhere near her. He
reminds her that Mia is in town and what if she finds out that she switched her baby with Sami's? The doc warns that if Mia finds out, she will be more than just a little upset! He then walks away.
- Chez Sami, Mia flashes back to giving her own baby away to
Nicole without even seeing her. Will attempts to hand her Grace. "I can't," says Mia. Will is baffled. Mia brings up getting attached to babies. He remarks she has been around babies before, places Grace back in her crib, and asks Mia if she has siblings. No, says she. She gets a faraway look in her eye and smiles at Grace, who smiles back. Mia points out adopted babies are lucky as they get all kinds of love. He asks if she was adopted. No. She says she had a good friend who was and the parents who adopted her were wonderful but she always wondered who her real parents were. Mia looks sad. Her friend missed her real mom. Will understands. Mia praises Sami for what she has done. Will agrees. He suggests she hold the baby now. She does just that. Mia soon plays with happy baby Grace in her arms. Holding her feels so good, she never wants to let her go! Her cell rings. It is Nicole, who needs to meet her right away at the pier. It is urgent. Mia now tells Will she must go and departs. Moments later, she meets Nicole at the pier. Is something wrong? Nicole tells her Tony is dead. It was an accident, though he is out of the picture.
But they have another problem. Dr. Baker is in Salem working at the hospital. Mia has not spoken to him. Nicole says he knows Mia is in town and he is not to be trusted, so they must be very careful. Mia must do exactly what she says. She understands Mia returned to Salem for her baby. However, she does not want to risk a repeat performance of what happened with Tony. There are new rules, and if Mia breaks them, she will only be hurting Sydney. First, stay away from Baker. Mia agrees. Second, she can never come to the house. And she can never come near Nicole or anyone connected it to her. Mia remarks those are a lot of rules. Nicole says if she doesn't like those rules, then she can just leave Salem. Mia agrees to the rules. She wants Sydney to have everything she ever needs. Nicole thinks she should leave town. How about New York? Mia explains she is
in school here now and will stay put in Salem.
- At the pub, Steph finds Phil and wonders how he is. Okay. Enter the dark Phoenix, who glares daggers at the pair. Stephanie slowly approaches and offers her condolences. Stefano is still livid over his son's death. Steph says it was an accident and that was also in the newspaper. He, however, does not believe everything he reads in the newspapers. Phil steps up. He understands he needs to blame someone ... "Not someone - you!"  Phil murmurs he is not to blame for Tony's death. The person to blame is his father! "You killed my son," the phoenix repeats. And now he blames him for it?  Stephanie tries to intervene. Stefano tells her to keep her mouth shut. Phil threatens to cut his tongue out for talking to her that way. Steph
stops him from continuing. The phoenix laughs dangerously. Phillip dares him to test him. But the phoenix tests no one. He warns Phil not to underestimate him.  Phil says he does feel badly for what happened to Tony. Stefano states he has no idea how he feels and
he should pray to God that he never does. He turns and walks out. Stephanie brings Phil some food and sits down with him. He claims he is fine but she is worried about him. They talk Victor. Steph
points out Vic loves him unconditionally. The prodigal son complains he was never good enough to run Titan. She thinks it is good he is
not a Victor clone. He sees himself as a failure without a job, but she thinks he has been set free. Sanctimonious Steph still does not approve of Victor. She wonders what Phil will do with his new found freedom. Phil suggests they leave together. They go to the Kiriakis mansion, where no one is home. He takes her upstairs. Later he comes downstairs and leaves a note. She smugly tells him not to forget who really loves him. They leave together with his stuff. At
her apartment, she insists he can stay with her as long as he likes.
He is not sure that is a good idea. After all, she lives with Chelsea, who is seeing Max. Steph insists she can have a houseguest too and invites him to her bedroom. They kiss.
- At DiMera mansion, EJ opens the door to Sami. She is sorry for
his loss and gives him a hug. He regrets he was not very kind to brother Tony in the last few weeks of his life. Fatha had made him the head of DiMera Enterprises and Tony felt threatened. He died believing that neither EJ nor Stefano had any respect for him. Sami thinks Tony knew he loved him and he should not be so hard on himself. Elvis sits down with his drink. The house has become quiet, with an utter stillness. "To know that he's never coming back makes these rooms just seem empty." EJ becomes teary-eyed. Sami asks how Stefano handled the memorial service. He barely managed.
Sami understands. It is always hard to say goodbye, but she does have something that might make him feel better. Soon master EJ is with both Sami and Johnny. He appreciates spending time with his son. Johnny asks daddy how his work is. Daddy picks him up and puts him on his lap. Johnny later naps. Sami says he can spend the night. EJ thanks her. Sami smiles he talks about daddy nonstop. He even imitates his accent. EJ smiles. Tonight he needs people he loves around him. One needs family when times are tough. He can now understand why she wanted to adopt her baby. She must have felt emptiness in the witness protection program. And the baby she adopted needed her as much as she needed the baby. She is the
most wonderful mother, he says. Sami smiles and calls him a great dad. He takes such good care of Johnny. And now there is something she wishes to tell him about Grace. She hopes he is not going to be resentful. "I..."  Enter raging Stefano, who thunders that Philip Kiriakis should be dead! Sami looked horrified and cannot believe what she heard. Tony's death was ruled an accident, says she. Stefano insists it was murder and complains about the Salem P.D., which is run by the Bradys, who have sided with the Kiriakis clan. Sami disagrees. Stefano leaves, claiming he has things to do. EJ suggests they forget about it. And what was she going to tell him about Grace? Sami now pretends she just wanted to say she appreciates his understanding her wish to adopt her. She reminds
him she is a Brady and it seems the Bradys should stay far from the DiMeras at present. EJ admits fatha may have been a tad harsh. He brings up Grace again. Sami interrupts he has nothing to do with Grace. She loses her cool and  races upstairs to get Johnny and take him home ...
- At the pier, Stefano mourns his loss and walks through the scene
of the crime. He sits down, sees dried blood on a piece of wood, and cries after Anthony ...

Next on Days of Our Lives
Candy striper Mel exclaims "I just love catering to old men that have so much ear hair, you can braid it," only to have something icky thrown at her.
"He left you and you can't take it," Kate tells Vic on her cell.
"He spilled your blood, Anthony," murmurs Stefano. "Now I'm
going to spill his."
"She was trying to warn you against me. Maybe she was right,"
Phil tells a sullen Steph.

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