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Friday, April 17, 2009
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At DiMera mansion, Stefano drinks and thinks. Enter EJ. Both
men are waiting in their tuxedos for the car to come around.
Stefano wonders if Elvis needs a drink. Elvis gets himself one, his face solemn. "Fatha, it has to look like we are going to a wedding." Stefano points out when the time comes, he will be the father of
the groom, take a lot of pictures, etc. He adds something stronger
to EJ's drink. "To Anthony."  EJ frowns and they clink glasses.
"To Anthony," he repeats.  Stefano smiles, thinking that he will always remember EJ's wedding day as the day that Phillip Kiriakis had to pay in full! He later tells him one grows to love one's children the same as one's life. When he announces that the car has arrived, EJ laments perhaps they should tell Nicole what is going on. Stefano disagrees. If she gets upset, EJ can inform her that she is the only person who could have saved Phillip's life and she chose not to!
EJ seems to disagree. Stefano explains if the Justice Department
had punished him, the phoenix might have accepted it as payment
for what he did. Instead he walked away scott free. "That is why
his fate was sealed." Stefano concludes this could be a learning experience for Nicole. EJ uncomfortably finishes his drink and
walks out with his father.
- Down at the pier, assassin Masi studies a picture of Phillip and checks his gun. He stands waiting, and glances at his watch.
- Phillip arrives at a hotel room, expecting to see a client. However, Steph opens the door, clad in  Victoria Secret style lingerie. He
laughs he won't be doing much business here. No phone calls will
be going through, says she. He hands over his cell and she turns it off. They start to kiss and kiss and kiss. They then get on the bad and Steph gloats that no one knows where they are. They get hot
and heavy and Phil asks her if she is sure. She replies she is and
they continue getting hotter and heavier. Raunchy music is heard
in the background.
- At the hospital, Dr. Lexie is working hard. Enter Dr. Baker, who overhears her say she is attending her brother's wedding today. He chuckles to himself that maybe his invitation got lost in the mail.
- At the church, Nicole is wearing her wedding veil and holding baby Sydney. "I am going to be a wonderful wife and a wonderful mother and you will be the happiest little girl in the whole wide world." She
lets Syd suck on some beads. Germ alert!  Nicole is later lighting a candle as Chloe enters and suggests she finish getting ready. Nicole, still wearing a satin robe over her gown, is pensive. Chloe worries
EJ might see her before the ceremony. Time to go and get ready. Nicole touches her neck and panics. Oh no! She must have left her grandmother's pearls in the car. She nervously gives Chloe the keys and adds she may have left her car unlocked. Exit Chloe. As Chloe leaves, Brady is about to enter but Chloe blocks him. Inside, Nicole prays and asks God to take care of EJ and Sydney. She just wants
to be a good mother to her baby, the mother she deserves. She also wants to be a good wife to EJ. She goes on to say she knows she
has screwed up. She needs God's help. When she stands up and turns around, she sees none other than Dr. Baker, who has quietly slipped in. She turns back to the altar and tells God this is not very funny. She asks Baker what the hell he is doing there and tells him
to get out. Baker grins. "Do you really expect me to stay away on your big day?' After all, he helped make this day happen. This will
be the celebration of his life's work. Nicole asks what he wants. She wants him to leave before EJ arrives. The doc sighs. His status at
the hospital is important to him and when she replaced him as Syd's pediatrician, it did not sit well with him. "I am here to remind you,
do not get on my bad side."  She sees his point. If he leaves now,
she will treat him like a human in the future. He laughs he should bring a guest. Mia. "Don't you dare!" she cries. He agrees to come alone and play nice. But she should never talk to him like that again. Nicole agrees, though she worries what EJ will think of his presence. He will wonder why she invited him. Baker retorts he will surely understand that even though he is not Syd's doctor, they are very very close!
- Outside, Brady is determined to speak with Nicole. Chloe says if
he is truly her friend, he will leave her alone. When he talked to her already, it upset her. Brady insists he would not have been able to upset her if this was what she really wanted. Chloe gets mad that he assumes he knows what she wants, and tells him to turn around and go home. Brady protests. She agrees to tell Nicole he is here, but if she does not want to speak with him, he must leave and go home. Brady stubbornly says no. Chloe insists he needs Nicole's agreement. He reluctantly agrees. Chloe reminds him The Graduate was just a movie anyway and returns to Nicole, who is alone and praying. Nicole is remembering how Mia confronted her about her lies.
- Outside her apartment door, Sami is holding Grace and leaving a message for Rafe on her cell. She asks him to give her a call when possible. Sami is certain she is doing the right thing. She puts Grace in the stroller and hands her the keys. Grace starts to suck on them. Germ alert! Then they are on their way ...
- At the pub is Lexie, dressed in black. Bartender Max brings up Tony. He was not sure if he should say anything. Lexie complains she saw him die, and now, so soon afterwards, she must go EJ and Nicole's wedding. It is almost as if Tony's death doesn't matter. EJ wants her to read some scripture at the wedding so she must go.
Max is sympathetic. Lexie thanks him for his concern. No wonder Theo likes him so much. He heads in the kitchen to check on her order. When Lexie is gone, gasping Sami rushes in, begging Max to help her with her flat tire. It is an emergency. She needs to get to
EJ's wedding and insists Max go out and have a look at her car. She stands at the bar with Grace and sighs she should be there by now. Max returns with news. Her spare is flat, too. Sami is desperate and wants to borrow his car. Chelsea has it. She tells Max to watch
Grace for a moment and exits to get the stroller from her car.
- At the church, Stefano, Elvis and Lexie have arrived. Nice music and flowers adorn the background. Lexie congratulates EJ and explains she is on call for the day. Father Matt joins them in the vestibule. They all go inside, leaving nervous groom EJ outside, awaiting his cue. His cell rings. It is Masi, who asks him not to turn off his phone, as the boy is not there. The house is empty. Where might he have gone? Masi later angrily walks outside and bumps
into Sami as she rushes out of the pub. She calls him a jerk. He keeps walking ...
- EJ now spots Brady at the church and tells him to leave. Brady refuses. EJ tells one of his thugs to keep an eye on Brady and later teach him a lesson, so the guy sits near him and stares. EJ stands at the altar with Stefano. He is concerned the timing of the mission is off. Stefano gives him a telephone number. EJ then hands one of
his men a cell to call and the number, with orders to later destroy it.
Elsewhere in the church, Chloe approaches Nicole with her pearls and tells her Brady is present. Nicole is worried that EJ will go crazy if he sees Brady there, but he already has! Nicole is a bundle of nerves. Chloe tells her to calm down. She is five minutes away from getting everything that she wants. The music begins. Smiling Chloe leaves to take her place at the altar. Nicole takes a deep breath.
"Full speed ahead," She walks down the aisle in her fitted, low-cut gown as all watch, and joins EJ. Dejected Brady walks out in a huff. EJ asks Nicole if she is ready. "Absolutely," she whispers. Father Matt talks about the sacrament of holy marriage and refers to their baby, who is now on Lexie's lap, Baker at her side. Father Matt
asks everyone to stay Hail Mary with him. Brady stands in the doorway and quietly wishes Nicole good luck. "You are going to
need it." The DiMera thug stands up and follows him out of the church.
- Inside, Father Matt talks about God pulling people to higher
ground. Love should be chosen over hate, joy over sorrow, life over death. EJ remembers telling Nicole he did not want her to have any more contact with Brady and how she agreed. At the same time, Nicole remembers her baby switch fiasco and looks guilty. She sniffles and Father Matt asks if she is ready to continue. She is. EJ hands her his hankie. He then looks at his watch and smiles slightly.
- Down at the pier, Masi's cell rings. The bearded IT man tells him his target is at the Ambassador Hotel and gives him the address. He heads off for the kill. Literally!
- In their hotel room, Steph and Phil are under the sheets, discussing their relationship. They had issues, but now she feels she can really trust him. Phil admits he is not comfortable with being serious, though he is certainly a guy she can trust. She laughs they don't
need to be serious anymore and they start to kiss again.
- At Brady pub, Sami returns with the stroller, lamenting she got a parking ticket. Max informs her that Grace has a fever and she should have her looked at. Sami will not listen and insists she is only a little bit warm. Max offers to take her to the doctor, but Sami says she is fine and she has a mission to accomplish. She gasps she is a good mother and that is why she must take Grace to EJ right away! She thanks Max for his concern and departs. When she walks out, she hears the church bells ringing and wonders if she is too late.
- On the pier, Brady walks and ponders what he has lost. The thug from the wedding has followed him. Brady turns around. The thug smirks ...
- Meanwhile, Masi has silently arrived outside Phil and Steph's
hotel room, his gun pulled. They say they love each other and kiss, oblivious to the danger that lurks outside the door. "Promise me you'll never leave me." says Steph. Phil does just that. He will
never leave her. Never.
- Back at the church, EJ and Nicole have joined hands.The church bells stop ringing. Father Matt announces if anyone present has just cause why these two may not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or hold your peace. Enter Mia, who declares. "I would like to!" Father Matt looks at her and asks her what she would like to say.
EJ is visibly surprised as the bride from hell cringes ...

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"Oh my God!" exclaims Sami. Max adds "Brady, what the hell happened to you?" as Brady enters the pub with Mel, his face bloodied and bruised.
"Who is she?" EJ asks his stunned bride. He then addresses Mia directly. "Why are you interrupting my wedding!"
Still in bed, Steph asks Phil if he heard that. "Is somebody there?" calls out Phil as a gun is pointed ...

Thursday, April 16, 2009


At Horton cabin, Chloe returns. Nicole is distracted, staring at her wedding dress, leading Chloe to wonder if the wedding has been called off. Nicole sniffles and smiles that the wedding is still on.
Chloe asks why she is crying. Nicole laments she does not know.
She claims she was just trying the veil on and everything was perfect until she started to feel that perhaps she is making a mistake. Chloe wonders if she thinks she should not marry EJ. Nicole sits down in
a wooden rocking chair and explains how Brady came by earlier and said if she called off the wedding, he would be waiting for her.Chloe assumes she is having doubts. Nicole insists EJ is the guy for her.
She gave Brady the brush off. But now she is overwhelmed and confused. Chloe understands. Tis her wedding day, a stressful day when anything can set you off. She knows. How about eloping with EJ?  Nicole stands up. "No way! This wedding is happening right
here in Salem!" She adds it will be big and beautiful and filled with memories to last a lifetime. She repeats she will marry EJ DiMera
and no one can do anything about it. The gals have tea. She has something blue - a little bunny slipper she and Brandon used to play with. She has also received something old, from her estranged
mother - a lovely pearl necklace that belonged to her grandmother. Nicole is moved, but says she will be a better mother for her baby, and the wedding today will seal the deal. Chloe gives her something new. A pretty bracelet. Nicole hugs her in thanks and starts to try it on. Unfortunately, the beads all fall to the floor. "Oh my God!" cries Nicole, feeling the bad luck. Maybe this is an omen. Chloe thinks it was just an accident. She tells the story of how she broke her Christmas ornament at the Hortons. She thought that meant trouble for her and Lucas, but they are fine, just as Nicole and EJ will be fine. Nicole moans and sighs. Chloe wants to know what is really wrong. She assumes she is worried about Sami. Nicole claims she
is not worried about Sami at all. In fact, she took care of that one already. She tells of FBI Rafe spying on them in the mansion and
that she told EJ. She laughs, remembering the look on Sami's face when she tried to explain to EJ and he slammed the door on her. Chloe looks apprehensive. She believes "what goes around comes around." The more Nicole tries to hurt Sami, the more she might
get hurt in return. Karma.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano asks EJ if he is ready. EJ wonders
if he is referring to the wedding or that other plan. He meant the wedding. "More than ready," says EJ. Stefano, clad in his tuxedo, pours himself a drink and points out he knows it is a special day
for his son. They both think that Anthony should be there. Elvis
gets emotional and hugs his papa. Anthony's death weighs heavy
on Stefano's heart. "This matter has to be taken care of today," concludes the Phoenix. EJ disagrees with the matter being taken
care of on his wedding day. The Phoenix insists today is the day
for Phillip Kiriakis to answer for what he did. Elvis gets agitated. Stefano warns him not to allow sentimentality to get the better of
him. Today is the right day for the mission. He asks Elvis if he is having doubts about what needs to be done. Elvis laments about
the timing. After all, it is his wedding day! Stefano insists they 
strike when the enemy's guard is down. "Think about Anthony." They will never see or hear him again. They can never forget Anthony. EJ reluctantly agrees. Stefano declares they will never forgive, either. They hug each other tightly. EJ looks his father in
the eye. "Make the call. Do it now." The Phoenix calls a number
on his cell and announces "It is time!"
- At Kiriakis mansion. Steph drops by to see Phil. They kiss. He
tells her she has great impulses. His cell rings. Like usual, he says it
is important. When he walks away to take the call, Steph rolls her eyes. Phil finally suggests to Mr. Grant they finish the deal in the morning and gets off the phone. The rest of the day, he promises, belongs to them. His cell rings. "It's important," says he, and takes
yet another call. Steph looks annoyed and sits down. When that call
is over, Phil follows Steph, who has put on her coat. She complains he was not paying attention to her and advises him to get to all that work he has to do, walking out the door with a knowing smile on
her face. Phil is disappointed. Later, he receives a business call concerning a meeting at a hotel, and is on his way ....
- Replay of Mel and Brady kissing at the pier. After their very long, passionate kiss, Brady pulls away. Mel assumes he thinks it is a bad idea. Perhaps now he thinks she has loose lips? He replies they should put it in the way too weird category and move on. He points out she is younger than him and now decides he should not have kissed her at all (we agree!) She teases she is accustomed to being
a stand-in. Truth of the matter is, she feels bad for him because he appears to be dying inside. Perky Mel follows him to the Java Cafe and joins him for a coffee to lend a sympathetic ear. He says he never should have gotten involved with his mystery woman. She wonders if he decided to give her up. He explains he had to, as she
is getting married today. Mel cannot believe her ears. He is in love with Nicole Walker?! She calls her a piece of work, and then there
is her fiance. "EJ DiMera is pure evil!" He may be hot, though when angry ... Mel recalls that she tried to do business with him. She does not want him to come near her ever again. Who knows what would happen if he ever found out Brady had a thing for his wife. He is the kind of man who could make a person disappear. Brady considers
EJ no more than a pompous jerk. Mel is of a different opinion, speaking from experience. With EJ, one never sees it coming. She predicts he will take away every dream Nicole ever had and then push her into her own grave. "When she says I do, she's really
signing her death warrant!"
- Sami is at home, wistfully thinking that Rafe should be there with her. Knock knock knock. Tis Lucas. He got her text message. What is going on? He is in a hurry, with a lot of work to do. Sami wants to tell him something important. Perhaps he should sit down? Lucas is not in the mood for drama, he just wants to know what is going on. Sami cuts to the chase. She warns what she is about to do will
change lives, so she needs him to know first. Lucas gets suspicious. He has no desire to hear about her latest scheme! Sami promises it will not be that bad and it is serious. He is the only person she can trust. He asks why she doesn't dump it on Rafe. She admits he is
out of town temporarily, so he tells her to temporarily put it on ice. She insists. He says finally tell him then! Sami takes a deep breath. The thing she told him and everyone is a lie. What lie this time?
"I told you the baby that I had died, but she didn't. It's Grace." Baby Grace is EJ's daughter. Lucas shakes his head in disbelief. He bought all her stories, and now sarcastically says he is impressed with her. Sami apologizes. Lucas addresses Grace. He is glad she is not in
reality an abandoned baby. Sami apologizes again, though Lucas has had enough. He warns her lots of people will be mad. Her family - and EJ is going to hit the roof! Is she sure that is what she wants?
She gasps she knows something will happen. However, she has to
tell the truth. Lucas does not think she needs to justify her behavior, as papa EJ is a son of a  ... He remarks the baby does not look like either her or EJ so she could have gotten away with this for as long
as she wanted. What made her decide to now tell? Sami sighs and gasps and says Sister Teresa got her thinking. She still regrets the
fact that she did not tell Lucas the truth about Will the moment she found out. "What's done is done," says Lucas. He is impressed with her new attitude of no more lies, but points out EJ is marrying Nicole today. Is she doing this just to cause trouble for Nicole, he smirks? Sami insists she does not care about Nicole. Lucas warns her how territorial EJ is with his offspring. He suddenly realizes that is what she wants - to get EJ back! Sami vehemently denies it. Lucas thinks she just does not want to be alone and now FBI guy is gone. She
says Rafe is only out of town temporarily. Lucas sudenly becomes concerned about how this might affect Aly. Sami brings up the fact that she is too young to notice. Lucas agrees Will would probably be okay about it. However, what about EJ? He will be furious, Lucas points out, and when EJ is furious .... "You might as well find a foxhole!"
- Back at the cabin, Chloe is in her dress. Nicole is about to put hers on and tells Chloe she thinks she is wrong about karma. All she has done to Sami has been justified. She smiles nothing bad will happen. She was upset earlier due to nerves. Nicole admires her wedding dress. Her wedding will be wonderful and no one will ruin it ...
- Back at DiMera mansion, Stefano introduces EJ to the Italian hitman, Signor Masi. He is the best. EJ hopes he is not traceable through Interpol. Stefano boasts he has flown under the radar his entire life. He does not exist on Interpol's files. He reminds EJ they must be in complete agreement about the mission. If he says no,
then it is no, but if he agrees, then Signor Masi will do what needs
to be done. Elvis gives the assassin an untraceable cell phone and advises him to dispose of it in the river when the job has been done. It has two untraceable numbers. One to EJ, another to an associate who is in contact with him. Masi is to have no direct contact with Stefano from this moment on. EJ now tells him to go. He does. Stefano proudly looks at his son and pats him on the shoulder.
- Meanwhile, Sami tells Lucas she is certain EJ's anger will dissipate once he sees baby Grace. Lucas wants to know when she plans to
tell him this wonderful news. Today. Matter of fact, she should be
on her way. Lucas now realizes she knows EJ and Nicole are about to be married. "I sure do ...!"

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Panting Phil asks panting Steph if she is sure. "More than Ive ever been," says she, as they get hot and heavy.
"Get out now!" Nicole tells Baker, who grins. "Do you really expect me to stay away on your big day?"
"Where is this coming from?" Brady asks Chloe, who snaps "From me, telling you to turn around and go home!"
Sami exclaims to Max "I am doing what's best for her. And that means taking her to EJ right now!"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


At the pub, Brady sips coffee and reads of Nicole's impending marriage in the newspaper.
Meanwhile, new waitress Arianna talks to boss Max. Enter Mel. Introductions are made and the new gal eagerly takes Mel's order. Max and Mel have a seat. Mel likes her. But Max does not like that Mel treated his new waitress like a servant. He asks how her new hospital job is. Mel complains it is horrible. The new waitress breaks something on her hand so Max has a look at it. Enter Chelsea, and she does not look too pleased to see Max attending to the gal's
hand. Mel takes it all in smugly. Chelsea is relieved that she is the new waitress. Max introduces his girlfriend to Arianna, who smiles charmingly, says it was nice to meet her, and goes to check on an order. Mel makes a sarcastic comment at Chelsea, who quips she always brightens her day. Chelsea tells Max he looked almost like a doctor, the way he was examining her hand. Mel points out he will
be a doc. She hands some forms to Max and says she is surprised he did not tell Chelsea. He is applying to medical school. Chelsea looks surprised and dismayed at the same time. He admits he would have liked to tell her on his own time. Chelsea is displeased. "Were you ever planning on telling me?" Max says probably not. Chels is more than a bit miffed about Melanie knowing before her. He explains that is because she opened his mail. Chelsea gets snappy. Max points out he might not even get accepted, so why tell people about it. He cares much about what she thinks and that is why he waited. She teases he just wants her to admire him, but she already does and he does not need medical school for that. He is one of the smartest guys she knows, and she smiles he will certainly be accepted. However, she
is still a bit annoyed that he told Mel first. They kiss regardless.
- Brady is now outside, walking at the pier, looking at the newspaper announcement, remembering that Mel advised him to tell the woman he loved how he feels ...
- At the cabin, Nicole warns Mia she needs to think things through,
as she could lose Sydney to someone else. Mia will not allow it to happen. Nicole tells her words are cheap. Mia retorts that if coming forward is the best thing to do for her child, she will take that risk. Nicole claims to admire her selflessness. However, Mia reminds her of herself at that age. She acts tough, but is emotional and impulsive and has made huge mistakes. Nicole states she has learned valuable lessons from her mistakes. She points out everything she has now. She was able to pull herself up and put her past behind her. She warns Mia that if she confesses to selling her baby, she will ruin her whole life. She is young. She will eventually meet a nice guy and she will be able to have more children. The teen appears to consider. What Nicole is saying makes sense. Still, her instinct is telling her to get her baby, so that is what she intends to do. Nicole closes her
eyes, her face tense. She follows Mia outside and dramatically hands her a family portrait for Sydney, as she should have it "no matter where she ends up." Mia thinks she is trying to scare her. Nicole insists she is not. She learned the hard way that some things in life can never be taken back. "The truth is you could lose Sydney to the system." She adds if she tells the government the truth, she will probably not see her daughter again. Mia laments she wishes she could take everything back. Nicole points out she cannot. She says she has a big decision to make, so she should decide whether she wants Sydney in her life or not. Mia now decides she cannot risk losing Sydney forever. Therefore, she will not go get her baby.
Nicole is visibly relieved that she is not going to tell anyone the truth. Mia unhappily departs. Nicole returns inside and thanks the heavens. Time to get ready. But where is Chloe? Knock knock knock! Tis Brady. Nicole is surprised to see him and explains she is in a hurry,
as she is running late. Brady knows Mia was there and he saw her crying. "What happened?" She says it is none of his business. He reminds her it was his business until recently. Nicole airily admits
they exchanged a few words. Brady wants her to stop lying to him. She wishes he could at least fake being happy for her. She is getting married this afternoon. There is something, Brady says, that he must tell her. She moans she does not want to hear how she should not marry EJ and Sydney is not her child. She wants him to be happy
for her. He finds it ironic that she should bring up happiness, for she will never be happy with EJ. She deserves to be with someone who cares for her just the way she is. He gets closer to her. Their eyes lock. He starts to kiss her, but she pulls away despite the attraction. She confesses she has never been very good at resisting him. He
tells her she is marrying the wrong guy. She deserves to be loved
and to be happy. Nicole becomes teary-eyed. She does not think she will ever get everything that she wants. Both she and EJ do not live life by the rules that he does. He is one of the good guys. Brady insists she does not love EJ. She claims she does and she knows it is not a perfect love, but it is what she wants and needs. She tells him he needs to leave. He grabs her by the shoulders and exclaims he needs her. She laments he needs someone with less baggage and reminds him he has walked away from her before, so he should be able to do it again! He does not wish to discuss the past. She brings up the fact that he threw her out of his life before and it was indeed the right thing to do. They are over! They both have their own paths to follow. Hers is with EJ and the baby. He does not wish to see her get hurt again. "Brady, I don't want to be saved." He must accept this. Brady now realizes she has indeed made her decision. She sadly tells him to find someone who deserves him and kisses him on the cheek. Brady kisses her face and sadly walks out. Nicole cries.
- Outside Sami's door, Rafe looks at the medallion she gave him and remembers their past together, what was said.. He then knocks on
the door. Will opens it. Rafe says he is there to give his mother something. She is out running errands or other things. Rafe hands
him the medallion, tells him to take care, and starts to leave. Will has the feeling he will not see him again. Rafe gets uncomfortable. Will thinks Sami dumped him. No, Rafe replies, though he is indeed leaving town. He got another job. Grace starts to cry. Rafe says he has some extra time, so he could help settle her down if Will doesn't mind. He takes him up on the offer. Rafe saunters in. Later on, Will gets a call from crying Mia who asks if she can come over. Rafe walks around with Grace, who is pretty in a pink outfit and matching pink hat. He eventually hands her to Will and departs, after Will wishes him the best. Mia soon arrives and Will asks her what is wrong. She says she cannot talk about it. She is pleased to hear he
is babysitting. She is even more pleased when he brings out baby Grace, complaining his arm is starting to get tired from holding her. Mia sees he just wants to let her hold Grace. He comments that is because he knows she wants to, and hands her over. Mia smiles happily as she takes the baby in her arms.
- At the Jave Cafe, Bo is beside himself with worry. He orders the cop to go back to the station to find out if there's anything more on the location of the stakeout, and get back to him. "Damn it, Hope, where are you?!" Outside, he gets mad on his cell that no progress has been made. Now the cop has news for him. Some bad guys are down at the Hacienda Motel!
- In their motel room, Hope and Roman are now ready, with guns drawn. The door is slowly opened. It is housekeeping. The maid enters, ready to clean the room. When she sees them, she becomes nervous and says she will be back later. Hope looks out the window. Another car has just pulled up and there are four armed men. Oh oh! Moments later, the door starts to make noise again and Roman and Hope are ready for action. All of a sudden the door breaks down.
Tis Commissioner Bo to the rescue! The bad guys have all been arrested. Roman heads out. Bo gets a strange look on his face and picks up the newspaper, which is by the bed. "I'll be damned," he drawls. Hope explains nothing happened. Bemused Bo realizes his vision was spot on, even though he read it wrong. She promises
they will always deal with his visions together and they kiss. All is now well in bopeland.
- Down at the pier, Brady walks and runs into Mel, who notes he is mad. She can help. He does not think so. Mel gets closer and they start to kiss.
- Meanwhile, Nicole looks in the mirror and puts on her bridal veil. "I'm getting married today," says the bride from hell, "and nothing's going to stop me ..."

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"Today Philip Kiriakis will answer for what he did!" Stefano dangerously tells EJ.
"Maybe I'm making a huge mistake," Nicole cries to Chloe, who wonders if she thinks she shouldn't marry EJ.
Mel asks Brady "Are you in love with Nicole Walker?"
"The thing I told you and I told everyone - it's a lie," Sami fesses
up to Lucas, who quips "What did you lie about this time!"

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Outside Horton cabin, Mama Mia confronts Nicole. "How could
you do this to me!" Nicole realizes she followed her on the ferry.
Mia calls her a liar and says she hates her. She knows all about her past. "There is no way I'm letting you keep my baby!" Mia is angry and bitter. Nicole insists she is a good mother. The teen calls her an alcoholic porn star who tried to murder someone. There is no way she is leaving her little girl with her. "Now where is she? Where's
my daughter!" Nicole wants to explain, but Mia is not interested. Nicole states she has no more drinking problem and her porn past
is ancient history. Mia wants to know how she can explain trying to murder her ex-husband! Nicole claims there were circumstances beyond her control. Mia is not buying it. She was up half the night reading about her. Nicole points out she was never convicted.
- Inside, Chloe gets a phone call. Tis Kate, enjoying a glass of wine. She needs to see her pronto. Chloe replies it is a bad time, as she is waiting for Nicole to arrive, so she can help her prepare for the wedding. Kate wants to talk face-to-face. She insists the meeting is not optional and wants her to make more of an effort as her employee. Chloe finally agrees to meet her. Kate coos to meet her
at the pub and she has a surprise for her! She then hangs up as Dan enters, a smile on her face. Chloe now walks out the door, only to find Nicole with Mia. She asks who she is. Mia enters the cabin with Chloe and Nicole, as Nicole explains she is the young girl she has been mentoring. Nicole pulls Chloe aside. Chloe wonders what is going on. Nicole pretends Mia is in a crisis. Mia overhears. "Why don't you tell the truth for a change?" Nicole says the truth is that
she has had a rough life and it is starting to unravel. Heartbreaking. Mia retorts it is heartbreaking that she fell for her act. Nicole says
she needs to be honest for herself. Chloe wonders if they need to have a moment alone. Nicole seems to think the crisis has been averted, but Mia refuses to leave! Chloe excuses herself as she promised to meet Kate at the pub. She will be back soon and asks Nicole to wait for her before putting on her lovely wedding dress.
She tells Mia a gracious goodbye and departs. Mia and Nicole are now alone. Mia glances at the hanging wedding dress and declares there is not going to be a wedding. Her daughter belongs with her! Nicole wants to discuss. Mia calls her a monster who should be locked up. Nicole wonders to whom she has been speaking. Mia
says she read things online, yet Nicole wants to know what enemy
of hers told her these things in the first place. Nicole sadly tells her she is a good person with a good heart. Mia is doubtful. She laments she trusted her with her baby, and becomes teary-eyed. Nicole is teary-eyed now as well. She calls her father a sick basta*d  who forced her to do things. Mia brings up how she tried to kill her ex. Why, she would not be surprised if Nicole killed Tony DiMera! Maybe she did it so he would not tell the truth about Sydney!
Nicole denies it. His death was an accident. Mia wonders why she should believe her, as everything else she has told her was a lie. She accuses her of sucking her in. Nicole exclaims Mia is only a teenager who would not be able to raise a child. Sydney is in a loving home with two parents who adore her. Mia says her whole life is a lie anyway. And she probably never told her fiance the truth about anything. Mia cries she will be a better mother than Nicole could
ever be and walks out, to get her daughter back. Nicole follows. Outside, she stops her and admits she will be haunted by things that she regrets, but she is not that person anymore. She sighs. Falling in love with EJ changed her. All she ever wanted was a husband and a child who could love her for her. She was devastated when she lost her baby and learned she could not have another. She cries about
the little girl she lost. It made her realize how precious life is and made her appreciate everything she has in her life. She had a man who loved her and wanted to have a family with her, and when Mia agreed to give her her baby, everything was complete. She asks her
to understand that she is a changed person from the one who did those horrible things in the past. She begs her to believe that. Mia is not sure what to believe. Nicole was so good at lying about her past, how can she possibly trust her? Nicole points out she never lied, but Mia points out she kept things from her. Mia now believes Sydney belongs with her, as she is her daughter. Nicole pretends to accept
her decision and tells her to go get Sydney. However, she should understand that there will be repercussions Mia is confused. Nicole says that when the truth comes out, things will be bad for her, but they will be worse for Mia and Sydney!
- At Brady house, Bo is in bed, tossing and turning. He has a dream of the vision of Hope with Roman and wakes up with a start. She is not in bed beside him. Fancyface has left him a note. His eyes widen nervously as he has another vision and suddenly sees the date of the newspaper is April 14. Today's date! That means his vision is going to happen today! Hope's note says she has an early morning meeting for a stakeout with Officer Thompson.
- At Java Cafe, Hope sees Roman reading the newspaper. She nervously remembers Bo telling her of his vision. Much drama runs thru her mind. Romans says a casual good morning. There has been
a change of plans. Thompson called in sick, so he will be her partner for the day. It will just be a usual drug dealer stakeout, pretty routine. Roman's cell rings. The drug dealer has moved his operation across town, to Hacienda motel. Hope anxiously sips her coffee. Moments later, Bo arrives at the cafe, and asks Maggie if she has seen Hope. Yes and she left a few minutes ago with Roman. Maggie perceives Bo is troubled and sits with him. She hopes that everything is alright.
Bo is distracted. She asks if Ciara is alright. He replies she is fine. Maggie talks about babysitting. Bo flashes back to his vision of
Hope in bed with Roman on April 14. Today's date. Maggie notes
he has turned pale. Bo insists he is fine, not to worry. Maggie tells him to gives Hope her love, and heads off to the pub, leaving an anxious Bo. A cop arrives and fills Bo in on the latest. The stakeout location changed and Roman has not relayed the information to them yet. All communication is out. Bo wants to know where his wife is!
- Meanwhile, Hope and Roman have arrived in their motel room, ready for the stakeout. Roman thinks it might take a while. They
look through the window and see the bad guy arrive. Roman tries to use his cell for backup, but it is dead. "For now, we're on our own." Hope's cell is dead and so is the telephone in their room. Roman looks thru the window and notes the dealer brought a few buddies. Hope approaches him with a cup of coffee, but he turns around and knocks the cup, the result being spilled coffee on her top. She gets changed into a bathrobe. Roman notices she hurt her hand when she spilled coffee on it. He tries to have a look, but testy Hope tells him not to touch her! He wonders what is wrong. She apologizes that
she overreacted. Roman wants to know why Bo wants them to stay away from each other. He wants to know what is going on. Hope is looking out the window and announces the buyer just arrived. Oh oh. One of the bad guys is on the move cos he spotted her!
- At Brady pub, Daniel sits with Kate, who tells him all about her show. She would like him to be a guest. He thinks she is joking, but she is serious. Kate says it is just a 15 minute interview. Dan claims he has stage fright. She teases him for being shy. However, she says that is what draws women to him. It is part of his charm. He now wonders what he would be interviewed about. She thinks he could talk about a number of medical and health subjects. She thinks he might end up enjoying himself. She presses. He considers. "Alright, I'll do it."  Kate giggles. "Fantastic!" He hopes it will help somebody. She retorts she can think of one person she knows it is helping already. He wonders who the host is. Chloe soon arrives and Kate smiles wickedly. She announces Daniel is going to be a guest on the show. Is that not terrific?  Chloe thinks it is a bad idea. Kate asks why. Dan is suddenly not sure about the whole thing. Kate insists it
is a good idea and adds the first thing people think when they hear Dr. Daniel's name must be what he can do with his hands! Kate's neurotic assistant Chris rushes in. The studio they rented for her talk show had a four alarm fire, at the crack of dawn. It was obliterated! Chloe remarks it seems that the show just got canceled. Kate bites her lower lip and ponders. Diva Chris explains no other studios are even available. He thinks he should take up yoga to relax. She suggests he go home and wait for her to call him. He waltzes out, babbling nervously. Kate returns to Chloe and Dan. Chloe brings up the Vancouver Opera. Kate points out she was already committed to her show. Chloe thinks now with everything on hold, Kate will have time to find another host. Kate is determined to make it work with her current host and her new guest. Chloe would like to return to
the cabin to help Nicole prepare for her wedding. Kate insists she
stay and help her figure it out. Enter Maggie, who approaches Dan. She remarks he was staring at Kate and Chloe in a funny way. He says he is concerned about Kate, about what could happen if she does not slow down. She is stressed because of the talk show. He tells her the studio went up in flames. Maggie thinks she has the perfect solution! She offers Chez Rouge as the new studio. Kate thinks it is a great idea, as they could tape after hours. Chloe and
Dan looked apprehensive. Kate thanks her profusely. Maggie smiles "I'll see you on the set" and flounces off. Kate wants to know if she can count on Chloe and Dan. They reluctantly say they are in and cast each other an uncomfortable glance. Chloe asks Kate what topic she will be covering with Daniel. Healthy food choices, says Kate. Dan is perplexed. He is not a nutritionist and it is not his area of expertise. Kate advises him to fake it and adds  "You're good at faking things." Chloe might be asked to sample an entree or two, which, she gloats, will be the most important part ...
- Bo is still at the cafe, leaving a desperate cell phone message for Hope. Now the cop returns, stating their informant was not at his apartment and appears to have bailed. Bo is a wreck. Meanwhile,
at Hacienda motel, the doorknob starts to move. Roman motions
for Hope not to make a sound as she draws her gun, ready for
action ...
- Back at Horton cabin, Mia and Nicole step inside. Nicole points
out if the DA has an ax to grind, they will try to make it look like
Mia tried to sell her baby on the black market, which is a crime.
Mia says she is a minor. Nicole calmly replies they might throw her
in juvenile and take her baby away. "Is that a risk you're willing to take?" Mia cannot believe she is threatening her. Nicole warns it is
no threat, it is a promise .... !

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Bo is on his cell. "As soon as you hear from Roman or Hope,
you call me!"
In the motel room, Hope whispers "We gotta get ready."
"Come on, let's do it," agrees Roman.
"Your mom and I," Rafe begins, only to be interrupted by Will.
"She dumped you?"
"Brady, you need to leave!" Nicole cries. Brady grabs her by the shoulders. "You know what I need? I need you!"

Monday, April 13, 2009


At the pub, Mia is reading the wedding announcement of EJ and Nicole. She flashes back to childbirth. Will joins her and she blinks back to reality with a smile. He asks what was so interesting in the newspaper. She shows him the wedding announcement. Will calls Nicole "that woman" and says she was once his stepmom. Mia listens. Did he not like her? She sees he does not wish to discuss her and presses. Does he have bad memories? He does not remember much, other than what people have told him. His mom hated her
and still does, and people said she only married his dad for his money. He also heard she drank a lot. Mia wonders if she is an alcoholic. He says maybe and wonders why she cares so much.
Does she know Nicole? "Actually I do," says Mia. She pretends she had a friend at school who got in trouble and was in a mentoring program where Nicole became her mentor. She has met her a few times as well. Will is surprised and hopes she is no longer in touch with Nicole. Mia says she is not. Will explains that Nicole has serious issues. She has had other marriages and he gives this one six weeks. Mia had thought she seemed normal. He says there is nothing normal about her. His father really got burned by her. He mentions her own father putting her in porn movies. Mia looks horrified. She was a
porn star????!!!  Will does not think it means much anymore, Mia, however, insists she needs to know everything about this Nicole woman, her eyes filled with worry. She needs specifics, to back up her story for her friend. Will gets confused. He does not hate Nicole, and maybe having a baby has softened her so maybe this time she won't .... kill someone like she tried to do to one guy. Mia wants the details. Will says she can find it all online as it was in the papers. His cell rings. It is his dad so he walks away to take the call, leaving Mia alone with the horrific information she has just learned. She now quietly vows she will never let that Nicole woman keep her little girl. Never!
-  At the church, Brady walks around, thinking "Don't do it, Nicole." He is against her marrying EJ. He thinks and thinks some more.
Then he walks out of the empty church.
- At Sami's place, replay of Nicole recognizing Rafe despite her
drunken state. She remembers when he pretended to be the cable
guy and gasps that is how she knows him! Inside, the door is now closed. Sami gasps and shouts she must tell EJ the truth because this is her daughter they are talking about and she will resent her for the rest of her life if she does not tell her who her real father is.
The plan doesn't work anymore. She yells Rafe is not trying hard enough to understand. Rafe says he would be there if she needed him. She thinks he does not feel needed but he is wrong. She wants him to promise that he will not leave Salem no matter what she decides with EJ, her eyes filling with tears. He refuses to promise her anything and accuses her of pulling a 180. Sami shouts that he is judgmental. He calls her on changing her mind all the time. He wants to know if she is doing this for Grace's sake or if she just wants to stop EJ from marrying Nicole. She insists she is not in love with EJ and she would never use her daughter to try and break up their marriage. She still does not know what she's going to do. He unhappily says he will do what he thinks is best for everybody. Exit Rafe. Sami gasps and sniffles and cries. She later has Grace on her knee, telling her she wants to do the right thing, but she is not sure what is best for her child. She does not even know what is best for her.
- Rafe goes for a walk in the night, remembering the times he and Sami spent together in the safe house. The sound of waves rippling against the pier are heard as Rafe takes out his cell phone and
pauses. He calls Sami but hangs up, not knowing what there is left
to say.  He then makes another call and arranges to meet someone.
- At DiMera mansion, Stefano enters as somber EJ pours himself a drink. "Where is Nicole?" asks the Phoenix. "Out, like usual," retorts EJ. He alludes to the fact that there probably will be no wedding!
The phoenix listens as EJ tells him the tale of Phillip's girlfriend embracing Nicole. He understands. He is of the opinion that Nicole
is a traitor through and through, if she would rather ingratiate herself with the Kiriakis clan and their dingdong groupies! "The hell with  her!" Enter Nicole, who suddenly seems to have sobered up. She says she knows who the real traitor is and she can prove it right
now. She says she took Johnny's medication to Sami's. EJ is bored, impatient, and wants her to cut to the chase. Nicole says Sami was not alone. She was with a tall, dark haired man who goes by the name of Rafe. Matter of fact, Nicole goes on, she met Rafe before - months ago in the DiMera mansion. The two men are all ears. Rafe was there? Indeed and he just happened to be masquerading as the cable guy! Stefano remembers that guy supposedly came to the wrong house. Nicole continues. Then she found him snooping
around her bedroom. The men consider. She suggests a picture they can show to Maid Mary for verification, to prove her story. Stefano walks out to do just that. Nicole faces EJ and tells him this whole time he was worried about Sami languishing in the safe house, 
what was she doing but spying on them! All of a sudden EJ's cell rings, Tis Sami. She has something to tell him - now. He responds with sarcasm and hangs up on her!
- At the Java Cafe, poor little Mel has not even enough money to
pay for her salad. She pouts and then gets a backup plan. She puts something undesirable on her salad and complains to the waitress. The waitress warns her to pay her bill. Brady to the rescue! He
hands the waitress the money, smiles, and orders two lattes, then joining Miss Mel at her table. He says she does not need to keep
up the indignant customer charade for him and tells her not to sweat
it if she cannot pay him back. She notes he is always so nice with
her. She brings up Phillip, whom he thinks was wrong for her anyway. She wonders if B is single.  He tries to change the subject. She wonders why he dates no one at work. He does not think that would be cool. She asks if there is somebody else for him. She suddenly frowns. "You're still in love with that awful woman, aren't you!" She means Chloe, much to his surprise. She heard gossip back at Titan. However, she never thought him and his ex-wife Chloe
were a good fit anyway. Brady thinks his ex is a sweetheart, but
they are just friends now and he supports her relationship with
Lucas. He says he is happy for all the people he cares about. She remarks he is talking about someone else - someone he is head over heels in love with. He tries to change the subject again. She smiles she will leave him alone. She is grateful for their conversations and the fact that he has been a friend to her. Her only two friends are Max and Maggie in town. She wants him to be happy. Mel decides
to give him some advice with his mystery woman. She points out
she always tells guys how she feels. If he really cares about the woman, he should tell her, as women really hate games. "You need
to tell her that you love her and that you can't stop thinking about
her. Who knows, maybe something good will come from it." Brady appears to consider ...
- At the convent, Rafe complains to sister Agnes that Sami is going
to tell the biological father the truth and he will then be around again. Thus, there is no place for him in her life. Sister Agnes is dismayed
to hear he is leaving town tomorrow at noon and already has his
plane ticket. He asks her to check on Sami and Grace for him. She agrees and they hug goodbye.
- Back at DiMera mansion, she-devil Nicole continues to rub in Sami's deception. She gloats that she herself believes in the truth.
She asks EJ if he is going to marry her tomorrow and caresses his cheek. Enter Stefano, bearing news. Maid Mary has positively identified Rafe as the studly cable guy from that night. Nicole smiles with glee. Stefano says they need a plan but EJ asks him to wait until later. He needs a moment alone with Nicole. Stefano gives them their privacy. Elvis now smiles at his beloved. Ding dong! Harold is not around to answer the door so EJ saunters over to do it himself, only to come face to face with Sami. Their eyes lock. She starts to enter, but he stops her. She asks if she may come in. "No, you may not,
he answers darkly. She says she needs to talk to him, but all he has
to say is that they all know what she did. He knows she violated his privacy. Sami denies it. Nicole says they know that Rafe her bodyguard was in the mansion, months ago, pretending to be a cable man. Sami sighs. Elvis accuses her of violating his home. She cannot deny it and explains Rafe was there because she was worried about Johnny living in that house with Stefano. EJ quietly says they are through and closes the door on her. However, Sami believes eventually telling him is still the right thing to do, and walks off. Meanwhile, back inside, EJ says he owes Nicole an apology. Losing his brother wreaked havoc with his emotions. Nicole means much to him, with her unwavering loyalty to him and the family, and he should not have doubted her. He now realizes how much he loves her. He thinks she is a wonderful, beautiful, kind person and he
wants her in his life because he thinks they would be incredibly happy. He gets down on one knee and asks her to do him the honor of allowing him to be her husband for the rest of her life. Elated Nicole agrees and they seal the deal with a kiss ...

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"She left with Roman," Maggie tells Bo, who looks nervous.
"What?" She clarifies. "They left together."
Hope is clad in a bathrobe and warns Roman not to touch her!
Chloe smiles at Dan and asks him what he is doing there. Kate
looks serious. "Do you want to tell her or should I?"
Mad Mama Mia confronts Nicole. "You lied to me about
everything! Did you seriously think that you were gonna get
away with all of this!"

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