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September 21-25, 2009
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- Sami decides Rafe is like her guardian angel, but cannot
  get through to him ...
- EJ makes an admission to Nicole and she might not like
  what she hears. He only married her cos she was pregnant!
  He insists he is glad he did but she gets more insecure.
- Kate pays a price. On the one hand, she has not
  destroyed Danloe love. On the other, she herself now
  risks falling prey to one whose soul is even darker than
  her own. In return for his help, Stefano demands her
  hand in marriage! She rages, then concedes, and he warns
  her to RESPECT him! He also threatens to testify against
  her if she changes her mind ...
- Meanwhile, Daniel escapes from the motel room where
  Kate had tied him up. He is groggy and determined to
  reach Chloe, who is determined to find him! A cop on Stefano's
  payroll almost intercepts Dan at the hospital - until Lucas sees
  the doc and punches him unconscious! Lucas gets arrested.
  He then flips out upon hearing Kate is engaged to Stefano!
  Nurse Maxine takes Chloe to Daniel and they have a weak,
  but happy reunion. She loves him, he missed her ...
  Father Matt visits Chloe and tells her God would want
  her to embrace what is in her heart. She has suffered enough.
- All charges against Daniel are dropped!
- Daniel wants Chloe to move in with him and also marry him!
- Chloe soon says YES to Daniel's proposal!
- And guess what. The
RUMOR is a go, people! Kate and
  Stefano officially tie the knot! Philip begs her not to do it
  but she says "I do" to the Kiriakis enemy at Chez Rouge.
  Mad Vic wants to give away the bride. Never a dull moment!
- She tries to make the best of it.
And the bride wears RED!
- Stefano prevents Lexie from telling EJ about his upcoming
  nuptials when he calls from the plane.
- Roman deduces that Kate was blackmailed into marrying
  Stefano. He is dismayed the motel room was wiped clean.
- Phil pays Mel's bail for her!
- Mel tries to make Philip feel better all around.
- Nathan, who has his eye on Mel, is jealous of Phil.
- Meanwhile, Phil blasts Brady for siding with Dan and thus
  making things worse for Kate as a suspect! He also blasts
  him for involving Mel.
- Chad realizes he is too young and irresponsible for fatherhood.
- Bo tells off Hope for being so down on him. Hope walks out
  on Bo, and she takes Ciara with her!
  Bo suspects Hope and Justin are having an affair.
- Will's friends all see drunken Lucas pass out on the floor!
- Lucas holds Maggie responsible for his woes! As previously
reported (Aug 20), he will have to go back to rehab after
  tumbling off the wagon again. First he winds up in the
  hospital, where Sami pays him a visit.
- Brady and Arianna have an uncomfortable meeting.
- Brady wants to know why she really ended their relationship!
- Meredith is baaack! But this time around, she is avoiding
  Sami like the plague! Not the case with Rafe, though, who
  was knocked out by the madwoman.
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  Meanwhile, Sami wants Ari to tell her where Rafe could be.
- Kate and Dan exchange words at the pier and he is surprised to
  see her ring.
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