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Days of Our Lives Spoilers
September 14-18, 2009
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- The slithery DA wants a word with Justin and client Dan.
  He wants to make a deal. A plea of no contest from the doc in
  exchange for a lighter sentence and no murder charge if Chloe
  dies. Daniel refuses!
- Stefano gets a clean bill of health and flirts with Kate.
- After checking out Nicole's complaint that Rafe dragged her to
  the convent, Sami goes back to the convent to find herself.
  While there, she dreams of Rafe telling her he loves her, calls
  him, and prays ...
- Chad intends to stand by Mia.
- Arianna realizes Brady is helping Nicole on some level.
  Of course, then brother Rafe takes it upon himself to observe
  Brady and Nicole, to find out what is going on. Nicole already
  has a restraining order against Rafe! But what she does not
  realize is that he secretly hears her discuss her miscarriage!
- Speaking of Arianna, she is revealed (to the viewers) to be
  UNDERCOVER and she wants out! She has words with boss
  ROMAN. Ari wants to quit the operation, but Roman refuses to
  accept her resignation. No one is more important than the
  program. He decides they will speed things up to bring down
  the biggest drug dealer in Salem. Ari, meanwhile, is more
  worried about Brady learning all about her past!
- Nicole tries to practice her French until Elvis announces
  the honeymoon is off because of what he just learned ...
- EJ loses his patience with Nicole and again asks her to tell him
  the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but! He has learned of
  the restraining order from Judge Fitzpatrick. He demands to
  know why she got a restraining order against Rafe instead of
  coming to him!. What does he have on her! She pretends she
  has no idea why Mr. FBI is so obsessed with her and seems
  to think she is linked to Grace's death. EJ finds Rafe's theory
  preposterous and sides with his wife.
  The honeymon to Paris is soon back on again - and Nicole
  secretly decides to stay there foreva once they arrive!
- Oh oh! Chloe needs more medicine! Dan implores Nath and
  Mel to help one more time or she will die! She gets it and then
  wakes up for good, but where is her hero Daniel? She speaks
  of her love for him and then tries to find the absentee doc,
  worried that Kate might do something ...
- Kate all but admits her guilt to Daniel, then makes him
  her prisoner! He meets her at a motel and gets her confession
  on tape. He was secretly recording her with a pen when she
  hissed Chloe deserved it, so did he, and she knows he cannot
  prove it! Dan calls her a homicidal maniac. Kate  panics, knocks
  him out, and ties him up, leaving him there as she decides what
  to do next - when Lucas calls her about Chloe waking up!
- Lucas almost caught Nathan and Mel red-handed and boy are
  they gonna be in trouble cos Lexie knows Chloe got more toxin!
- Mel and Nath get arrested by Roman! Maggie disapproves - 
  and Mel might soon have to find a new place to live.
- Philip's plans change.
- Will has questions for Mia. She makes the decision to
  tell him she had a baby! He gets upset but soon recovers
  and they get back together. He agrees to keep her secret but does
  let it slip to EJ that she had lied to him about something.
- Brady warns Nicole that Mia is a loose cannon!
- Nicole is miffed at Mia, who swears she did not inform Will
  that she was the one who adopted her baby.
- Both Ari and Rafe will know that Nicole miscarried!
- Rafe finally deduces that Sami is Sydney's real mother
  after Baker's nurse informs him the doc was a baby broker!
  He is already suspicious due to a phone convo with Sami,
  who mentioned in passing that Baker took Grace outta the
  room just after she was born ...
  He sets out to prove his theory via DNA testing!
- Kate turns to Stefano for help! She wants him to shut
  Daniel up, but the phoenix wants something in return!
- When Kate and Stefano go back to the motel, however,
  Daniel is not there! He is wandering around in a daze, due
  to that nasty bump Kate gave him on his head ...
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