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- Will assures Sami he will not tell anyone what he knows.
  He will remain silent about seeing her leave the mansion
  with the gun, after overhearing her rage at EJ. Sami is
  relieved, having admitted she did it The teen, however,
  is a nervous wreck!
- Sami warns Will that if Stefano found out Kate had helped
  her, he would kill Kate!
- Kate reaches out to Will and offers to help him, if need be.
  His relationship with Stefano is about to go south, seeing as
  Stefano is going to suspect HIM ...! So will Rafe, who thinks
  Sami's bizarre behavior is cos she is protecting her son.
- Kate warns Stefano that Will is off bounds. The phoenix
  points out that if the evidence indicates her grandson in fact
  shot his son, then they will have a problem.
- Later Will pays EJ a visit and Kate cannot help but wonder
  why! She decides that if things get bad for the teen, who
  might have shot EJ, then she can use her trump card with
  the phoenix - her discovery that he has another living son!
- Gus quits! He tells Madame she is on her own with
  her buried alive scheme, so she calls someone new.
- Maggie gets an odd phone call from Gus, who tells her
  he quit his job with Vivian, who has gone too far. Static
  prevents Maggie from hearing his story, except for his
  final warning - "Watch out!"
- Nicole realizes how much EJ means to Ari. The two
  women clash.
- Rafe accuses Ari of falling for another bad guy when
  she defends EJ to him.
- Arianna declares she will investigate and find the shooter,
  of EJ, unaware that by doing so, she has just signed her
- After her run-in with Carly, Viv presumes she and Chloe
  have a deep dark secret, which is the next item on her agenda ...
- Brady realizes what Vivian was up to, but every plan
  can have a counter-plan ...! As DaysCafe reported weeeeks
  ago, the tables are turned on her buried alive plot this time.
  Here's how it plays out. Brady discovers his mother is gone!
  He is onto Viv, who renders him unconscious with a vase
  to the head, though she does not plan to kill him. Madame Viv,
  realizing she needs help, proceeds to call Gus. No luck with the
  call getting through. Brady comes to and decides to take her
  to the cops. He realizes she had Isabella moved to a pet cemetery
  when  the pet cemetery receipt flutters out of her bag. Brady
  flips! He makes sure she is the one who gets stuck in the
  sarcophagus! She pleads with him to let her out, but as we
  all know, no more Mr. nice guy for Brady, which means
  she is gonna be there for a while! And no one can hear her.
  In addition, Brady writes an email from Viv to Victor,
  explaining she's decided to leave town!
- Johnny demands to see his daddy! Sami must talk to him
  about EJ's situation. The lad asks Sami if she still loves daddy.
- Dan probes Chloe & Carly about what is going on with Vivian.
  Carly replies she is sure Vivian has moved on.
- There's a new doctor on staff!
- Melanie intends to be true to her husband. But she hears
  overworked Dr. Nath mumble in his sleep that he loves HER!
  When Nath wakes up, he realizes he must have been talking in
  his sleep and asks Mel what he said. She admits she heard him
  say 'I love you' and fibs he must have been thinking of Steph.
- Phil later runs into Nath and updates him on his and Mel's plan
  to get a new house. He states things are good between them.
- Maggie fights her feelings for Victor. She then decides
  to have some face time with the Greek tycoon and
  tells him why it would not work.
- Carly reaffirms her love for Bo.
- Ciara makes an effort with Carly and admits it is cos
  grandpa Victor asked her to.
- Ciara is upset over having insufficient communication
  with her mommy and declares she will pray to bring her home.
- Hope gets a dangerous cellmate who attacks her! She easily
  defends herself. But now most of the inmates in the prison
  know she is a cop! Hope asks the warden not to tell Bo. She
  agrees. (There will be more worries for Bo in the coming weeks
  as he is increasingly concerned about Ciara and Hope ...)
- Chad and Kate have another chat. He is sympathetic about
  what happened to the DiMeras. Chad, as it turns out, will be
  attending Salem U.
- Rafe wants to find out what Will is hiding. He cannot help
  but wonder if the anxious teen was the one who shot EJ.
- EJ's condition appears to deteriorate. And Sami wants
  to pull the plug on him!
- Meanwhile Stefano begs EJ to give them a sign, something,
  and of course, the will of the phoenix knows no bounds ...
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