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Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 5 9, 2009
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- Bo talks about his separation with Justin, angry that Hope
  makes all the decisions about when he can see his daughter.
  Justin warns him not to give Hope an ultimatum.
- Danloe are a go! Chloe gets the annulment papers from
  Lucas, via Phil. Phil sees she is wearing Dan's ring.
- Sami cries at Grace's grave, wondering how she will ever
  be able to feel whole again.
- Mia and Brady keep each other updated.
- Philip and Sami discuss Lucas going to rehab ...
- Stefano and Kate dine at Chez Rouge, despite Maggie's
  icy reception. He has steak and booze and chocolate!
- Daniel is mighty suspicious when he finds out Stefano
  fainted after dinner out with Kate, which led to his
  being hospitalized!
- Kate proceeds to worm her way into DiMera Enterprises.
- Steph sets her sights on Nathan but is he still interested?
  Could be too little too late!
- EJ learns part of the truth, as Nicole admits she miscarried
  their baby. However, she at first fails to mention that Syd is
  his and Sami's, so he thinks Syd is not blood. When Chloe
  shows up with news of Stefano's collapse, EJ and Nicole race
  to the hospital. EJ coldly announces he wants Nicole and
  Sydney OUT of the mansion! She has now decided it is best
  to let him know Sydney is his baby, but Elvis refuses to
  listen to a word more, and she does not get the chance ...!
  Note: Elvis assumes Nicole played him for the power and
  money, and
drinks heavily before saying they should leave.
- Nicole freaks after seeing Sami with Sydney.
- Elvis later complains to Sami about his deceitful wife.
- Sami takes pity on him and lets him have time with Johnny.
- Phil is at odds with Kate - again! He defends Mel's honor!
- Maggie tells Phil he had better not play games with
  lovestruck Mel! He considers.
- Nicole is desperate to hang onto Sydney and prevent
  Sami from ever taking her away! She schemes to win back
  her husband.
- EJ does the math and deduces that Sydney is Mia's baby.
- Brady is worried that Nicole could be in danger.
- Phil finds out that Nath and Mel are enjoying a date
  together. Will his cooler head prevail? Does it ever?
  Mel might be in for a surprise! And she still loves Phil,
  by the way ...
- Carly catches a flight to Salem, and her plane has a close call!
- One of the first things she does is try to contact Bo, but
  she does not want to be seen by anyone else and boy does she
  need his help! Unfortunately, turbulence prevents Bo from
  hearing her on the phone! Carly is tormented by visions of mad
  Lawrence. Meanwhile, his body is found and she is suspected ...
- Dan presents Chloe with a key to his apartment.

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