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Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 26-30, 2009
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- Phil tries to win the fair Melanie by proving he is the
  right guy for her!
- Steph is against Phil trying to break up Mel and Nath -
  and she tells him so.
- Shark lawyer be damned cos Mia is determined NOT
  to let Chad get custody of Sydney!
- EJ and Sami clash again. She tells him that Nicole and
  Syd have fled Salem! But Stefano has summoned Nicole.
  Nicole's plane is turned around and she angrily shows up
  at the hospital, where she tells off the phoenix, then runs
  into EJ! He is baffled to find her with Stefano and demands
  to know what she is doing there.The phoenix explains he
  summoned her. Enter Kate, who interrupts the not so happy
  gathering. She ushers the pair out. Kate states she did not try
  and kill Stefano and the love-struck phoenix believes it. He
  later updates EJ and Nicole. He will tell them something
  tomorrow. Nicole tries to get EJ to hold Sydney, but he refuses
  and coldly walks away. Nicole hastily calls Sami, to talk to her
  before her father-in-law does ... Sami marches to the hospital
  for a showdown with the phoenix!
- Stefano almost tells Sami that she is Sydney's mother.
- Sami has harsh words for Stefano, as she is convinced he
  is trying to cause a rift between her and new bff Nicole.
- EJ later advises Samantha to keep away from papa Stefano.
- Bo is caught off guard by Hope's decision to move, with Ciara,
  into Victor's house. He considers his father "a career criminal."
- Carly shows up at  the house of Kiriakis! She seeks Justin
  but he is not there so she breaks into Bo's place. He tackles
  her, not realizing who she is! She tells him part of her sad
  story. She stabbed Lawrence in self-defense. He once got sick
  and after that was very evil. Now his henchmen are after her!
  Bo becomes her rock.
- Victor accuses Bo of not doing enough to save his marriage.
-  Justin talks Hope out of calling Bo.
- Stefano assures nervous Nicole HE has a new plan!
- EJ finds out what Ari has been hiding. Oh oh!
- Carly almost comes face to face with Maggie, who does
  find out Bo has a guest ...
- Hope later confronts Bo about his mysterious houseguest!
- Justin wonders about Bo and Hope's future. Meanwhile,
  those phone calls with wife Adrienne have not been going well.
- Sami and Brady don't see eye to eye on Nicole.
- Ari and Brady get physical! He hopes that one day she will
  trust him enough to tell what she is hiding. She is stressed.
- Nathan prepares to move into Lucas' home. Lucas tells Maggie
  to butt out of Nathan and Melanie's business. She decides he
  is right, though Nathan has already made up his mind. He has
  decided it looks better if he does not live with granny anyway!
- Stephanie tries to be friendly with Nathan.
- Vivian gets Lawrence's ashes and is extremely upset.
- Vivian and her latest admirer are about to sweep into town!
- Chad pays EJ a visit, to find out if he will fight in court
  to keep Syd. He is very aggressive about his rights!
- Nicole is slapped with a court order for DNA testing on Syd!
- Mia begs Sami for help again ...
- Rafe staggers home to his sis. He informs Ari that Nicole
  did not give birth to Sydney!
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