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Days of Our Lives Spoilers
October 18-23,  2009
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- EJ discusses his Sydney dilemma with Lexie, who
  encourages him to do the right thing and grab happiness.
  She feels sympathy for Nicole.
- Kate and Stephanie disagree about Philip! The prodigal
  son tells off mommy dearest as well and demands she
  butt out of his life for good!
- Vic visits sleeping Stefano and tells Lexie Kate the b*tch
  should not get away with this!
- Brady and Arianna seem to be back on track, but are
  they really? Brady has a near disaster! And Victor knows
  they are secretly seeing each other.
- Ari attempts once again to quit her undercover mission so
  she has a sincere chance with Brady.
- Brady gets involved in the search for Rafe!
- Looks like EJ might be replacing Vic as Salem's drug kingpin!
  Victor prepares to sell him that part of the biz ...
- DNA testing becomes a real issue. Nicole tries to divert
  Chad by coming onto him! He trashes her for her porno past
  after he realizes she is speaking lines from a porn flick.
- Not surprisingly, the D.A. will be on Chad's side hint hint!
- Brady tells Sami a secret ... He is 2-getha with Ari again.
- Chloe is free to marry again and ever so happy. But Dan
  must inform her that she might not be able to have children ...
- Meanwhile, Nicole is close to leaving town - with a little
  help from Sami and some cash! Nicole invites Brady to run
  away with her. He says no thanks. She then insults him.
- Will and Mia seek Sami's assistance. She agrees to help Mia.
  Mia tells Sami her doctor had introduced her to Nicole ...
- Sami and Mia work on a custody arrangement.
- Sami has a talk with Chad, who is still determined to
  fight for Syd. She gets through to him just a bit. But
  he gets mad cos she is Will's mom!
- Kate sees Nicole at the DiMera mansion.
- All it takes to wake Stefano up is realizing EJ knows!
- When Stefano is awake, he gets an update on EJ and Nicole's
  shocking situation. He realizes Elvis remains unaware that he
  is Sydney's father and chooses not to tell him. He summons
  Nicole to bring Sydney to him.Will she come or will she
  fly away to Rio?
- Once again, Phil and Nath verbally duel over the fair Melanie.
- Carly manages to sneakily get Rafe the meds he needs.
  She lurks around the hospital.
  (once our hero recovers, he will be indebted to her).
- Carly and Rafe learn more about each other as she
  continues to nurse him back to health, but she is still
  in big danger!
- Victor implores Hope to give Bo another chance and invites
  her to move into the Kiriakis mansion ...
- Maggie Interruptus - Mel and Nathan!
- Maggie wants Mel OUT! Nathan plays the gentleman.
- Mel and Nath decide it would be best to sneak around,
  given that Maggie disapproves of them being together.
- Will and Chad duke it out!
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