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- Victor points out to Dan that Chloe is not Rebecca.
  Dan agrees but points out Rebecca is gone and he does
  not wish to be alone ....
- WEDDING ALERT, but things don't go as planned!
  Of course, the planned wedding is the union of the
  excited Dr. Dan and pregnant Chloe, but things get
  rather tangled, given that Mel wants Dan to know that
  Chloe cheated on him (though Mel knows not she
  cheated with Phil, her own husband, of all people!)
  There is no holding back mad Mel! Carly also has some
  explaining to do, as she has long been aware of the secret
  and Mel now knows that too. Chloe contacts Phil to
  warn him! He promises to try and talk her out of exposing
  Chloe. Carly and Phil beg Mel not to tell the secret, but she
  insists the ceremony STOP. She talks to Dan and realizes
  how much Chloe means to him, not to mention that Brady
  had suggested love means everything. So the wedding is ONl!
  Chloe and Dan tie the knot and prepare for their honeymoon.
  Meanwhile, Phil's culpability is part 2 of that secret just
  waiting to come out - like a timebomb. Tick tock ...
  And Nicole has noticed how involved he was in helping
- Victor flirts with Maggie.
- Hope saves a life in prison when she calms down a patient
  suffering from appendicitis until the ambulance has arrived.
  Inmate April is still alive when transported to hospital, but
  Hope is later told that the patient didn't make it!
- Ciara is picked on by other kids, due to Hope's reputation.
  Bo finds out about it and wonders what to do.
- Bo and Hope get face time! He visits her and insists they need
  to be there for their daughter together. Hope asks him to give
  Ciara advice - ignore the bully and imagine him in a pink tutu.
  Bo is elated that the old Hope is back and tells her he thinks
  they have found a ladder that is leading them out of their
  black hole at long last...
- Hope discovers an irregularity in the prison. A sign of
  things to come?
- Nicole and Brady booze it up together. But Victor has had
  enough and schemes to break them up for good!
- Gus is back on the job, determined to free Madame Viv,
  after she convinces him to come back to her. He heads for
  the sarcophagus - and someone knocks him out!
- Once Rafe finds out EJ is doing better, he, Sami, and
  Roman show up to warn him of the kidnapping charges
  against him. Sami hisses she is not even his wife! EJ plays
  it cool and taunts Sami by saying that his memory is
  slowly but surely returning. He taunts Rafe and Roman
  by declaring their taped confession of him is inadmissible!
- Stefano gives Elvis a good talking to. He wants him to
  go to WAR with the woman who would dare try and take
  his children!
- EJ has an intense discussion with Kate about being
  a DiMera and what it means to her. He demands to know
  whether she is loyal to the family.
- Rafe decides to quit the FBI. Sami confesses to him that
  she shot EJ. He is shocked, sympathetic, and agrees she
  was pushed to the brink, so they must keep the secret. It
  will go no further than the 3 Muskateers - Will, Rafe, and
  Sami. As it turns out, Ari has overheard Sami's admission of
  guilt and vows to tell EJ! But Ari's luck is about to run out ...
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