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- Sydney gets an official Brady welcome!
- Kate stands by her phoenix. She stops EJ from strangling him!
  EJ keeps drinking and declares he is moving out. He later
  warns Sami that he will fight for his child, if need be.
- Kate assures Stefano that no one does more for his family
  than he does.
- A decision must be made ... EJ is most anxious to make an
  official custody arrangement.
- Troy warns Ari she had better make the new boss happy!
- Mel makes an admission to Phillip! She still has very intense
  feelings for him! Mel later tells Steph that Nath is the guy for
  her, but Steph already has ideas of her own!
- Victor finds himself further alienated from his sons.
  Phil clashes with the Greek tycoon and accuses him of
  not wanting him to be happy! Viv overhears and soon joins
  Vic at his table, ready to talk Carly, among other things!
- Vivian tries to manipulate Hope.
- Kate is upset over the return of Vivian! Speaking of Viv,
  she might just be Victor's new bff!
- Hope comes to Bo's place to drop off Ciara
  (no word yet on when she sees him kiss Carly)
- Ari's little sister Gaby comes across her stash of drugs!
  And she tells Rafe oh oh! They demand answers from Ari ...
- Chad and Mia come to terms with the loss of baby Grace.
- Hope tells Abe she no longer wishes to work with Bo and
  would therefore like to be re-assigned!
- Abe advises Hope to fight for her man!
- Sami butts heads with EJ and Stefano.
- Nicole kidnaps Sydney!
- Sami is horrified to learn that Nicole was bailed out by Brady!
- Brady wants to help track her down but Sami says no thanks.
- The DiMeras attempt to find Nicole, and so do the feds,
  whom Rafe gets on the case!
- More is revealed about Carly and Lawrence's relationship
  as she tells Bo her sad story (link below).
- Maggie tries to console Mia on Thanksgiving.
- Carly wants to move in with Maggie so she can be close to
  her secret daughter.
- Nicole makes a discovery about Ari.
- A disguised Nicole hides out in Cleveland with Sydney.
  She has changed her hair color.

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and Nicole's Great Escape! (spoilers page)

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