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- Kate flaunts her relationship with Stefano to Victor.
- Home again, Stefano gives Kate an expensive diamond necklace.
- Phil still refuses to give up on Mel!
- Vivian is hot on the trail of Carly!
- Meanwhile, Bo warns Carly that if the Alamains find her,
  it's over!
- Hope is stunned to find Carly sleeping in the bed she shared
  with Bo! She is even more stunned to hear she had been Bo's 
  fiancee when she (Hope) was presumed dead. Carly tells her
  about her involvement in Lawrence's death ...
- Justin learns that Bo is helping Carly.
- Hope wants the scoop on the Bo/Carly story and also asks
  suspicious Vic about her, without telling him why. Hope is mad 
  about Bo's ex and gives Bo 24 hours to turn her in!
- A new plan gets underway as Stefano and Nicole
  scramble to do damage control before Rafe can
  reveal the baby switch secret ...
  First Mia has to pretend she slept with many men and Chad is
  not likely the father, which, of course, the test will reveal! Mia
  plays along. Stefano wants the gossip to spread!
- EJ investigates whether FBI Rafe is aware of the fact that his
  sister is a top drug dealer ...
- Nicole visits EJ at the mansion. They kiss, but he turns both
  her and Syd away, lamenting she ruined his life with her lies.
- EJ admits to Stefano that he still cannot take his eyes off
  Sydney when she is around.
- A couple reconnect ... Rafe and Sami!(see pic above)
- Rafe informs Ari that Sami gave birth to Sydney and Nicole
  switched the baby with Grace. Mia was the missing link!
  Ari tells Rafe that Nicole already tried unsuccessfully to leave
  town with Sydney, but if she finds out what he is up to, she
  might try again - and succeed! He intends to keep Sami in the
  dark until he has proof.
- Rafe secretly slips into Sami's home! He is there to get some
  Sami DNA (the same he'd been doing when madwoman
  Meredith knocked him on the head) While there, he runs
  into none other than Sami herself! She is overjoyed!
- Ari is not so sure Rafe should tell Sami the truth, as it
  would mean her getting close to EJ.
- Chad has blood drawn for his paternity test with Syd.
  That November sweeps clock is ticking!
- Lexie has a warning for Chad the dad - about Nicole!
- Will is shocked by Mia's claim she had many guys!
  He dumps her!
- Mia is heartbroken. Nicole tries to console the teen. She
  gets to her and encourages her she is doing the right thing -
  before anyone over the age of 18 can question the veracity
  of her partying tramp tale.
- Chad emotionally informs Sami that Mia was his everything!
- Sami wants answers from Mia about the seemingly
unidentified father of her baby! She is mad!
- Mia asks Will to give her another chance ...
- Sami and EJ both visit the grave of Grace. Meanwhile,
  Sami has Rafe hiding at her place! Unbeknownst to her,
  he is waiting on the results of her DNA sample ...
- Rafe and EJ are about to come face to face, just before
  he meets his FBI contact, who bears Sami's test results ...!
- Carly decides to blow the pop stand that is Salem. Too late!
  Federal agents nab her just outside Bo's house!
- Victor informs his lovestruck grandson that according
  to seedy sources, Ari is a known drug dealer.
- Brady denounces drug dealer Arianna, who is then torn
  between love and loyalty. Should she tell him the truth ...?
  (and of course she eventually will!)
- Brady advises Mel to slow down. He does not believe she
  should presently be involved in a serious relationship.
- Nathan is hailed a hero for springing into action at the pub
  and saving someone's life with an emergency tracheotomy!
- Meredith now said to languish in a Florida psych ward,
  having completely lost her mind ...
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