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- Chloe continues to hide Sydney for Nicole and is not so sure
  she should hand her over to Rafe when he shows up! Rafe
  warns her that Nicole is one bad woman who is going down!
  Sydney is Sami's baby and he has the DNA test to prove it.
  Chloe hands over Sydney to him after Dan assures her it's true.
- Mia finds out her baby died. She learns about Sydney from
  Chloe, who leaves an angry voice mail for Nicole from
  the pub.
- Will keeps Lucas' phone number from Chloe. She assumed
  Lucas would want to be there for Sami and then suggests
  Will head home.
- Vivian and Victor share a common goal ...
- Bo gets some new intel on Lawrence.
  Someone unexpectedly confesses to killing Lawrence
  but it ain't true! (Viv sets it up as part of her destroy
  Carly plan). Bo feels Carly is in even more danger, given that
  someone is playing games. He insists she continue to stay with
  him, for her own protection. Hope is dismal that Bo did not
  contact her immediately after Carly was declared free and
  laments he must have chosen his ex over her. Bo goes to see
  her, to make things right, and loses his cool when he sees her
  and Justin in a friendly embrace. Justin lectures Bo for his
  behavior toward Hope.
- Vivian wants Carly to pay! She pays her a visit and makes
  nice but she doesn't mean a word of it!.
- Sami/Nicole smackdown! Sami confronts Nicole! First she
  denies what she has done, then she comes clean and claims
  she did it to hang on to EJ. Rafe arrives with Sydney and tells
  sobbing Nicole he summoned the cops. It's over. Meanwhile.
  Chloe has advised EJ to go to Sami's place. After Nic sees an
  opening, she  makes her great escape and races outta Sami's
  place. She runs to the pier and EJ follows.
- Sami emotionally thanks Rafe for bringing her together with her
  daughter, who would have been lost to her forever. Sami assures
  Rafe that Sydney will be a part of them, just as Grace was.
  Dow at the pier, Nicole is a wreck. EJ would like answers so
  she tells him the truth. She says she did it all for him! Nicole
  tries to convince him she did the right thing by stealing Sami's
  baby, as Sami would not have let him keep his daughter. EJ is
  livid and vows Nicole will pay! Nicole insists she will always
  love Sydney and continues to call herself her mommy as the
  cops take her away in handcuffs!
- Sami comes to the pier with Sydney and Rafe. Sami and
  EJ talk.
- Roman wants a word with EJ about what happened.
- A family is torn apart ... EJ starts to strangle Stefano after
  he puts the pieces of the puzzle together and realizes he
  was in cahoots with Nicole! Kate screams ...
- Melanie acts on a passionate impulse and kisses Phillip!
  Maggie, however, does not approve of Phil and tells him so!
- Meanwhile, Nathan puts his career before romance.
- Nicole is tossed in the slammer! She places a call to Chloe,
  but her old pal has had enough! Mia comes by to blast her!
- Ari and Brady get dangerously close to uncovering everything
  about the drug operation in Salem. Brady digs, and Ari finds
  out she has a new drug boss  ...
- Brady stands up to Victor!
- Adrianne (who reportedly will not be back in the near future)
  demands a divorce from Justin.
- Ari and Rafe discover their little sister has come to Salem.
- Brady agrees to bail out Nicole, unaware that Sydney was
  Sami's stolen baby ...!
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