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May 4-8, 2009

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- Steph considers getting out of town and going to London.
  She senses something  bad is going to happen and has a
  nightmare about Phil but decides not to leave him.
- Hope saves Phil by catching a killer - a nurse at the hospital
  that tries to suffocate the prodigal son! Hope nabs the gal
  after Mel tells her there was a new nurse. SuperMel also springs
  into action to help revive Phillip!
- Lucas admits to Chloe that he knows a secret about Sami.
  He does not realize that waitress Arianna hears him, too!
- EJ laments about the possibility of losing Stefano when he
  cannot reach him.
- He is consumed with thoughts of revenge against the
  one responsible for Tony's untimely demise.
- Steph shows up at DiMera mansion to speak with EJ. The
  silly goose wants to appeal to him to leave her boyfriend alone.
- Judgment day? Will learns ALL about Mia leaving her
  school so abruptly that no one knew why, so her judgemental
  classmates assumed she had a drug problem she needed to
  kick! Mia's feelings are hurt. Maggie thinks Will was too
  hard on her. Will soon agrees. Mia and Maggie have a talk.
- Nicole wants Baker to get outta town and yet he will just
  not go away!
- Both Sami and Nicole are peeved at the same guy!
- Kindly Father Matt is of the opinion that Chloe and Lucas
  need counseling to save their marriage.
- Sami gets mad at Rafe when she overhears him telling
  Arianna he loves her!
- Rafe explains to Sami that Arianna is NOT his girlfriend!
  He clarifies the nature of their relationship and introduces
  them ...
Evidently Arianna is Rafe's sister! Sami and Rafe
  have a long convo about their future and agree to see where
  things lead. He promises no matter what, he will always
  be there for goddaughter Grace.
- EJ slyly invites Baker over to the mansion and he is on
  a fishing expedition! Nicole hears when EJ starts to question
  the doc. But then EJ must go meet with Vic, who gleefully
  informs him  the phoenix is his captive!
- Rafe and Sami get romantic and interupted again!
- The Kiriakis clan have an emergency meetung.
- Brady thinks Victor should give up his idea of revenge.
- Baker calls Nicole a killer! He has to be hospitalized and it
  appears to have been a kinda mishap that he fell down the
  stairs. But a push is a push regardless! And Nicole would rather
  have let him die, though Maid Mary's appearance on the scene
  prevented her from doing so!
- Kate tells Dan she knows that he was having an affair
  with Chloe! She also tells Chloe she knows and fires her!
  Lucas is clueless and confused. Kate has no intention of
  telling him the truth, though, as she does not want to hurt
  him. She is none too pleased to realize that Dan, who
  defends Chloe's actions, is still in love with the opera diva!
- Max and Chelsea say farewell. Chelsea catches a plane to
  London ...
- Vic and EJ reach a peaceful agreement - so it seems!
  But the next thing Elvis knows, he is given a not so subtle
  warning by Vic's thugs. And still no Stefano ...
- Phil finally goes home.
- Scared Steph moves into the Kiriakis mansion as well.
- Phil consults with the gardener for a romantic night with
  Steph on the Kiriakis estate, unaware that he is no ordinary
  gardener! He is reportedly with the DiMeras!
- Phil asks Steph to marry him. He wants to be her hero ...
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