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WEEK OF MAY 31, 2010

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- Nath turns down a fellowship at John Hopkins
  to stay in Salem with Steph! Steph shares the
  info with Mel, who appears a tad jealous.
- Nicole tries to prevent Brady from visiting Ari.
  But he refuses to stay away ...
- Arianna confides in lawyer/pal EJ, who comforts her.
  He offers to get her off and all she has to pay him
  is one dollar to ensure their lawyer/client privilege!
  She accepts his offer and he promises to do things
  by the book, not by the DiMera rule of law.
  Brady is none too pleased about Ari letting
  EJ get close to her. Meanwhile, Ari remembers
  meeting Nicole at Java Cafe to give her the
  check from Brady the night Justin was attacked.
  That could be her alibi! EJ decides to go on a fact
  checking mission. When he finds Nicole, he shares
  that he suspects she had the means, motive, and
  opportunity to frame Arianna! He sets out to prove
  his theory and send Nicole back to the slammer ...
  Nicole plays it cool and pretends she will verify the
  date of the check, etc. EJ relays the info to Ari,
  who hopes Nicole will tell the truth. EJ admits to
  his client he knows Nicole was somehow involved
  in what went down, and he will know by her next
  move 1. how involved she was 2. how best to
  proceed ...
  The D.A., however, is out for a conviction!.
- Brady wants to help Ari, though she continues
  to push him away. He is disappointed when she does
  not tell him more about how EJ might be able to
  get her out. Nicole, meanwhile, continues to try
  and impress Brady with her feigned concern ...
- As big brother Rafe is nowhere to be seen, Gaby
  begs Sami to help her sister. Could she ask Commander
  Roman to get her out of jail? Sami believes Ari is
  innocent but hesitates on the ask Roman a favor part.
  Gaby warns Sami that when Rafe comes back, he
  will see her for what she really is and storms off. Sami
  leaves a voice mail for Rafe that his sister needs him.
  She then goes to visit Ari, who has every confidence
  that EJ will get her out. Sami is surprised and also
  impressed to hear that EJ stepped up to be her attorney.
- Baker tries to get money from Nicole. She blows him off
  and says the main thing to do is 1. tell his partner to get
  rid of the incriminating wallets 2. Stop the attacks. 
  Dick still refuses to name his partner, though he
  does tell Nicole not to worry cos the lady is a pro!
- Kate tells Carly that Chloe cheated on Lucas
  and also turned Brady into a drug user. Carly is
  shocked and believes her.
- Carly has demands of Chloe and reads her
  the riot act. Tell Daniel or she will! Daniel,
  meanwhile, has arranged for himself and Chloe
  to be joined in holy matrimony by Father Matt!
  Carly tries to talk Dan out of it but he insists he
  has not been this happy since Rebecca. He will
  not listen to anything negative about Chloe!
- Chloe has a dream that she tells Dan the truth
  and he denounces her. The desperate, disoriented
  opera diva agrees to join forces with Vivian after all
  and Viv's plan is a SHOCKER!
She wants Carly to
  be lured to an elevator of death ...! Of course,
  our confused Chloe first says no to Viv's offer, then
  yes, and then it may be too late ...!
- Meanwhile, Dan gets Chloe a ring.
- Caroline reacts to the news of Victor's sudden
  marriage to the likes of Madame Viv, when Brady
  mentions the crazy impromptu wedding. She does
  not approve and is very troubled about it.
- Victor and Maggie agree his wedding to Viv
  was more like a wake! They spend the evening
  chatting at her place, while Vivian is back at the
  Kiriakis mansion, trying to find her wayward hubby!
  When she does reach him on the telephone, he refuses
  to come home from Maggie's and Viv collapses in tears,
  coming to terms with the fact that the marriage means
  nothing! She then focuses her anger on Carly again.
- The Greek tycoon has an idea for Maggie - how
  about a law scholarship in Mickey's honor? Maggie
  is thrilled. The pair decide there is much to be done
  that they will do for this project - together!
- Bo and Hope are surprised when he finds the
  box Ciara mentioned under Hope's bed. They
  open it and find it is empty. Ciara has the wallets
  in her bag at the time, as she knew she would be
  having a sleepover elsewhere.
- Chez Bo, Ciara is hostile toward Carly and possessive
  of what she has in her bag. Bo overhears and asks
  her to tell him about those "treasures." She is
  about to show him when Caroline shows up,
  there to berate Bo for letting Victor get married
  to crazy Viv.
- Red lipstick Hope summons Baker to the pier
  and fills him in on her final plan. She is later
  stunned to see that Ciara has the wallets when
  she shows Baker where she once lived before
  her husband traded her in for another woman.
- Baker starts to fall for red lipstick Hope. He finds
  her gorgeous and intoxicating. There is just that
  one little thing he is not keen on - she intends to
  KILL BO, the man who deceived her!
  But first they must get those wallets back, so
  Baker tries to sneak into the house, setting off
  the alarm! Amid the chaos, Ciara leaves her
  knapsack unattended. Hope slips in and takes
  all the wallets.
- Ciara sees Hope hugging Dick Baker outside.
- Steph thinks she and Nath should start
  living together. She soon realizes her plan could
  backfire, given Nath's current attitude toward
  fatherhood. She confides in Adrienne how she
  tried to get pregnant. What should she do now?
  Adrienne suggests a morning after pill. Nathan
  later finds Steph with said pills!
- Viv wants to drag Victor on a honeymoon.
- Meddling Mel is even more suspicious of Chloe.
  Why is Chloe in such a rush to marry Dan?
  She suggests he slow down and not get married so
  hastily. Phil, however, supports Dan's desire to
  wed as soon as possible and agrees to walk Chloe
  down the aisle, calling it a new beginning. Mel
  questions him on his attitude. Can he look her in
  the eye and assure her Chloe is right for Dan?
- Meanwhile, Carly is troubled that Chloe has not
  told Dan and is convinced he needs to know the truth!

* Days will not air on Friday, June 4,
   due to the French open *
  Quel dommage!
  (= what a pity) 

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