WEEK OF MAY 3, 2010

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- Baker, having just won big again, is ready to
  flee Salem - until Hope sees him! They're not done yet!
  She insists they remain partners and tells him that during
  the day, when she plays the role of the police detective,
  she will not even remember him!
- Chloe shares her findings with Phillip. Unbeknownst to her,
  Vivian seems to have thwarted her with a new deception!
  Chloe sleuths around and meets with the seedy motel
  man, who talks in circles until she concludes her arch
  enemy - Carly - set her up! What follows is a crazy yellfest
  with Carly, where Chloe accuses her nonstop! Dan intervenes
  and agrees to find the motel man, who is in fact still working
  for Vivian. Poor Chloe. The guy is not going to vouch for
  having ever spoken to her at all, which could lead Dan back to
  his original theory - Chloe is losing it! She does not seem to
  feel he loves her enough.
- After Sami has an answer for EJ about moving in -YES -
  she prepares to become the newest resident of
  DiMera mansion. Roman is dead set against it!
- Sami tells Roman that she and EJ might have a future
  together. EJ overhears.
- EJ makes Roman a promise. Sami will be fine at the
- Not surprisingly, Kate and Sami have a heated
  argument (like the old days!) Sami warns her not to
  try and take Will away from her cos he is HER son!
  The disagreement makes Sami momentarily rethink the
  living arrangements.
- Stefano asks Kate to be nice to Sami while she stays
  at the mansion.
- Sami finds out a pipe broke at her home and the
  living room was flooded (secretly Stefano's doing so she
  will stay with the DiMeras). EJ assures her she will be
  okay at DiMera mansion with him and teases her that
  they can torment Kate, too!
- Sami and EJ discuss the kiss he still cannot remember.
  Will they try again ...?! He is a tad bashful about it.
- Kate overhears Stefano on the phone, asking if Anna
  has been a good girl.
- Stefano assures EJ that no one will ever find Anna, so
  she will not be a problem. EJ fears that if FBI Rafe tracks
  down Anna, as he intends, he will lose his chance with Sami.
  He warns Stefano not to underestimate Agent Hernandez!
- Meanwhile, Rafe is in South America, where he soon
  discovers former Salem resident Calliope has spoken
  with Anna, as per his instructions! He orders her to help
  him get a confession from Anna. But Anna is no fool and soon
  senses Calliope (who is wired) is up to something! Calliope had
  to do as Rafe wanted cos she and Eug are in trouble with the IRS!
  Calliope gets Anna to finally relax and unburden her soul to
  her. Anna explains that she kidnapped Sydney so as to get
  back part of Tony's lost inheritance. When asked who she
  was working for, Anna stops short of implicating EJ directly ...
- Will is drawn to the mysteries of his grandmother's past -
  and Chad has the same thought on his mind! Will finds an
  old photograph of Kate with Madeline. He shows it to Chad.
  Chad confronts his mother about it. Madeline pretends she
  met Kate thru business years ago, as a lawyer. Chad does
  not believe her and resolves to uncover the truth. Madeline
  warns Kate that if the truth comes out, it will be far worse
  for Stefano and Kate. Kate knows it!
- Chad complains to Gaby about his mother not wanting
  him to be friends with Will.
- Stephanie senses Phillip is hiding something ...
- Aunt Adrienne tells Steph to forget Nath if he
  cannot accept her as she is.
- Nathan is bothered by keeping his silence but tries
  to move on. He tells Steph he wants to take her to Paris
  next Spring, too.
- Melanie finds out that Steph could be plotting to
  get pregnant from Nath! Steph plays innocent.
  She claims she just lost her pills, when Mel discovers
  them from a homeless woman who fished them out
  of the trash! Could be too late, though, cos Nath and Steph
  have already had unprotected sex!
- Phil tells Mel the sad story of Chloe's hysterical
  pregnancy and leukemia. Mel understands why Chloe
  would be stressed. Phil admits she has been confiding
  in him but now feels he and Mel should give Chloe and
  Dan their space. However, he thinks about their fling even
  while in bed with new wife Mel!
- Brady gives Nicole her walking papers after she tries
  to seduce him.
- Brady is attended to after being attacked by Hope at the park.
  He staggers to the pub and falls into Nicole's arms. Gaby calls
  an ambulance. Brady has a mark on his body. The mark is the
  sign of the Celtic goddess for girl power! Nicole gets a devious
  idea when she realizes that Ari does not have a concrete
  alibi ...
- When Brady wakes up, he is grateful that Nicole was there.
  They are friends again.
- Victor wants the cops to find the mugger fast! And he does
  not feel Hope is up to the task.
- Baker loses Brady's money clip at a poker game.
- Hope's dreams are on the increase. She also wonders
  how the heck her makeup got on the floor!
- When Hope sees the mark on Brady, she recognizes it
  as the symbol of the Celtic goddess of female empowerment
  (i.e. girl power)
- Viv warns Arianna that Nicole is after her fiance.
- Brady advises Mel not to get involved in other people's
  relationship problems.
- Roving reporter Nicole finds out her next story for the show is
  illegal gambling!
- Victor is there for Maggie - literally! She invites him
  over to talk about how to repair his relationship with Phil,
  then falls - and he catches her!
- Sami and EJ go swimming and things look about to
  heat up. She gives him a massage. He alludes to Rafe.
  She says they are done. He is about to kiss her ...!
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