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May 25-29, 2009

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- Lucas dreams of Chloe and so does Dan! Nevertheless, their
  dreams are very different. Dan dreams that passionate Chloe
  tells him she loves him, while Lucas dreams of Chloe telling him
  sure she loves him, she is just not in love with him! Dan decides
  to take a leave of absence and get outta Salem, though the doc
  changes his mind when he realizes his intense feelings for Chloe
  will follow him wherever he goes!
- Brady asks Nicole to tell him if she knows where Steph is.
- Lucas perceives that Will has a crush on Mia.
- Nicole tries unsuccessfully to order Mia to steer clear of Will.
- Mia shows Will how to dance on an official date.
- Mia and hopeful Will get closer and closer ... until her cousin
  shows up. Oh oh. Mia hasn't even told Will the truth yet!
- Owen does not want to let EJ have Stephanie! Matter of fact,
  the not so constant gardener appears to have become somewhat
  obsessed with her. After a harrowing close call, Steph plays
  along, to save herself, and gives him a kiss ...
Pier Pandemonium! Phil rages when he realizes Elvis did not
  bring Stephanie for the exchange! The two guys start to brawl!
  Then the Salem P.D. show up.  EJ gets arrested, while Phil gets
  away! He heads for the mansion, where Mel shows him her
  earring clue. Meanwhile, Owen has snuck into the house to
  get Steph's belongings!
- Victor denounces Brady, while Caroline denounces Victor!
- Bo has it out with Victor. He then has a proposition for EJ ...
- Mel gathers useful intel for Philip. The earring clue and what
  she saw that night lead her to investigate Owen. Phil is most  
  appreciative of her help. She gets in touch with Owen's father.
  She and Phil do the math and conclude Steph is at the morgue.
  Brady is soon involved in the team effort as well.
- Disguised as a corpse, Phil gets to the morgue to save the day,
  but Owen has a gun!
- Obsessed Owen is determined to live happily ever after with
  Stephanie regardless.
- Meanwhile, Nancy Drew Mel and Hardy Boy Brady end up
  locked in the Kiriakis mausoleum together (courtesy of wacko
  Owen), where Brady cannot help but remember mother Isabella!
- Lexie is once more faced with the pitfalls of being a DiMera.
- Nicole has yet another unpleasant exchange with Sami and Rafe.
  She is increasingly nervous also because she has learned that
  Rafe wishes to adopt Grace.
- By the way, Caroline, like Arianna, does not agree with the idea
  of Rafe adopting Grace.
- Sami and Rafe have some very important words for each other!
- Lucas has a flashback about that fateful night. And so it begins!
  But don't expect Maggie to answer his questions with complete
  honesty. She will cover so as to prevent him from falling off the
  wagon again. Lucas, however, is determined to get to the truth.
- Victor gets nasty with Chloe and she winds up in Dan's arms,
  which wicked Kate sees! She is back from  London, ready to
  get back to her life in Salem, with a vengeance!
- Rafe gets a job in construction - or is he really undercover?!
- Stefano discovers he is in the custody of the Salem P.D.
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