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WEEK OF MAY 24, 2010


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- EJ and Sami get closer and closer, about to
  kiss, but then Stefano interruptus! Stefano
  later warns his son he will have no chance at
  romance with Sami if he does not let him
  take care of the problem with Anna. EJ
  reluctantly agrees to let fatha do what he must.
- EJ tells Sami it was good they did not do
  anything they regretted, while Sam replies
  she still loves Rafe.
- Rafe refuses to give up on Anna as his key
  witness and proceeds to interrogate her, but hits
  a snag when he gets thrown in jail down in
  South America! He meets up with ISA Shane in
  the slammer. Shane was on a secret mission ...
  The two guys assess their situation.
  Meanwhile, delirious Anna has whispered from
  her hospital bed that EJ masterminded the
  sydnapping, but no one is there to hear!
- Bo and Hope discuss Ciara. Hope claims
  she is concerned about her fibbing fantasies.
- Ciara tells him some unusual things about
  her mommy having a secret treasure box ...
- Brady learns of accused Arianna's seedy past
  and he is filled with shock and awe! She
  inists she was just accused of crimes that
  were committed by her teen gang leader
  boyfriend, who made a deal with the cops.
  Brady tells her he believes in her innocence,
  but she has her doubts ...
- Phil stops Nicole from trashing Ari in
  a roving reporter report so she must alter
  what she says and pretends to believe
  in Ari. Brady, however, has no idea that
  Nicole had planned to accuse Arianna!
  He thanks her. Nicole tells him a
  part of her will always love him ...
- Melanie realizes she does not know everything
  about Phillip but clearly trusts him as one of the
  good guys in town. Phil remains plagued by
  feelings of guilt over his fling with Chloe.
- Dan and Chloe plan for their wedding ...
  Chloe begs Carly to back off.
- Will is drawn into the darkness and
  mystique of Stefano's world. Sami is
  concerned ...
- Madeline freaks out after learning Chad
  met Stefano, via Will, the phoenix's new bff.
  She poses a threat more than ever, as she
  warns Stefano yet again that she can cause
  trouble with THAT TAPE! Bad move. He
  WILL have a couter-plan ...
- Vivian taunts Kate..
- A wedding is supposed to take place,
  but will it? Victor hates his bride-to-be!
  Vivian decides to take action and arranges
  for Brady, Dan, Bo, and Phil to receive
  an urgent message that Victor needs them
  so they must come to the mansion pronto!
  The fellas assume the worst ...
  Will Vic be a runaway bridegroom? Looks iffy
  when he appears to stop the wedding at one
  point, but then he does grumble he takes
  her to be his lawful wedded wife, after all.
- Maggie uncovers the real reason the handsome
  Greek tycoon proposed to wacky Vivian - to
  protect his family. She understands. She and
  Victor remain close despite his on-paper-only
  marriage to jealous Viv.
- Nicole warns Baker to get his boss to stop the
  insanity. Otherwise the cops will know arrested
  Ari did not commit the attacks. Baker warns Nicole
  the she-devil might come after her after finding out
  she helped set up a woman!
- Hope visits Ari in prison. She thinks her man attacks
  were a cry for help and says she understands.
- Baker fears Hope is spiraling outta control. Now what!
- Meanwhile, Hope is further upset when she views
  Carly catching Vivian's bridal bouquet!
- Alice is about to become the focus of many
  Salemites' lives.
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