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WEEK OF MAY 17, 2010


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- Sami and EJ get closer as a family.
  Johnny is taught how to play poker.
- Brady and Ari continue to have spats over Nicole.
- The DiMeras do damage control, but Rafe
  has no idea. Stefano has Anna poisoned with
  the intent to silence her forever!
- Rafe puts the squeeze on Anna to talk. She suddenly
  falls to the floor and is rushed to the hospital in a
  coma! He realizes her dinner from the hotel was
  poisoned and laments the guy who did it did
  not leave much of a trace.
- Baker will not reveal to Nicole who his she-devil
  partner is. Hope warns him he had better not ever
  say who she is and he had better not set up a
  woman to take the fall for the attacks.
- Hope and Baker target Roman and engage
  in yet another sneak attack, this time in front
  of the Brady pub, as Roman locks the door ...
  Once he is out cold, Hope puts the girl power
  stamp on him. She informs Baker that she has
  her reasons for targeting the men she targets ...
  What she does not tell him is that her ultimate
  target is BO (as many predicted)
- Baker and Nicole carry out their plan
  to frame Arianna for Roman's mugging. The evidence
  is planted by the dastardly doc! Meanwhile, Nicole
  keeps Brady occupied so he is not with Ari.
- Carly finds Roman and spies a small female suspect
  with brown hair running away.
- Roman wakes up in hospital with a headache
  but he will be okay.
- Ari has no alibi oh oh! She gets hauled down to
  the police station by Hope after the flashlight left
  at the scene of the crime is found to have her
  fingerprints on it.
- Brady stands by his woman.
- Red lipstick Hope soon turns on her partner in crime, cos
  she had warned him not to frame a female!
  Baker is also down cos he needs mo money
  and Roman didn't have much to steal.
- Bo is back! Wonder how he'll react to the news that
  Hope blames him for everything. Little does he know
  that she plans to hurt him more than anybody ...!
  Meantime, he vows to find the creep who mugged
  Roman. Hope reminds him this is her case.
  Things are pretty good in Carly/Bo land, though.
- Hope tells Justin she appreciates him but still needs
  more time. She is busy with her case.
- Mia considers dropping out of school but Maggie
  talks some sense into her. She agrees to finish the year
  before leaving town to escape the sad memories of
  losing Grace.
- Maggie admits to Mia that Alice has not been herself
  since Mickey died and Julie told her she is getting worse.
  (note from editor: ironically it was actually Susan Seaforth
  Hayes - Julie's portrayer - who also told me last year
  that Frances Reid - Alice - was badly off and getting worse)
- Stephanie decides to quit drinking alcohol for the time
  being and we all know why! So does Mel, who asks if
  it is cos she wants to have a baby. Steph denies it!
- Stefano gets Will to confide in him.. However, EJ feels the
  phoenix is up to no good and warns him to stay
  away from the lad. Sami hears and is pleased that EJ cares.
- Dan and Chloe start getting counseling and agree not
  to keep any secrets from each other. He is sorry she is
  in such pain ...
- Both Phil and Chloe ae haunted by flashbacks of
  their affair.
- Nath gives Chloe some friendly advice. She, however, is
  convinced he has his own agenda - to reunite with Melanie!
- Meanwhile, Steph gets closer to learning Phil's
  cheating secret! She knows he did something he regrets.
- Chloe tells a nervous Phil that Nath is aware of her fling.
- Mel laments to Phil that Dan and Chloe's relationship
  seems to be in trouble. She thinks Chloe is rather unstable.
- Phil talks to Dan ...
- Mel realizes Nath is not that keen on Chloe either.
- And that's not all! Mel and Steph have a cat fight!
- Dan seeks an audience with Father Matt.
- Chloe learns that Carly knows an inconvenient truth -
  about her - and assumes she means the fact that she
  cheated on Daniel - but all Carly intended to discuss was
  Nath's suggestion that Chloe get sex therapy. By the end
  of the mixup, Carly realizes Chloe cheated on Dan!
  Chloe, it seems, is her own worst enemy. She promises
  Carly it was a ne-time fling, but will she stay silent?
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