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WEEK OF MAY 10, 2010

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- Sami and EJ are about to kiss until ... Will Interruptus!
  He tells his mom that EJ is not the answer! Sami then
  informs EJ they share nothing more than their kids.
  Nevertheless, the pair continue to get to know each other
  better. Rafe later sends little Johnny a present - an FBI
  jacket. Ouch! Johnny is thrilled, Sami thinks it's cute, but the
  gesture makes EJ feel like a hoodlum. Sami assures him
  that he can be the kind of man his children look up to
  if that is what he really wants. He is not so sure Stefano
  would let that happen - and he's right!
- Sami tries unsuccessfully to have contact with Rafe.
  She misunderstands when he hastily hangs up after
  she hears a woman's voice.
- Sami praises EJ as a good father. EJ praises Sami as
  a good mother.
- Stefano demands Johnny take off that FBI jacket!
- Nicole meets up with Baker at a poker game when the roving
  reporter goes undercover. He pretends to be an Englishman,
  though Nicole knows he is Baker! Baker eventually admits
  he faked his death by giving himself a drug, to escape Stefano's
  thugs. Nicole is aware of the fact that he is linked to the
  muggings, as she has traced Brady's gold money clip back to
  him, but she does not turn him in. Instead, she comes up
  with an unusual  proposition. She wants them to frame her
  rival for Brady - Arianna! Baker certainly knows enough about
  muggings to pull it off and reluctantly agrees, when Nicole
  reminds him he could end up going down. Nicole will make
  nice with Ari and ask her for a drink. That is when she will get
  her fingerprints off a glass, to be planted at a future crime
  scene! Her original idea was to make Ari the victim but she
  would rather frame her. Baker pretends to be an anonymous
  tipster, so Ari steps away to take the call. That is when
  Nicole gets her glass - as well as some hair from her hairbrush!
- Hope warns Baker he is on his own and should shake
  Nicole. She also implies to Brady and Ari that Nicole
  should not be underestimated ...
- Hope acts bizarre around Carly and eerily says she now
  does not blame her for anything, she blames only Bo!
- Will has it out with Kate about a certain matter.Why did
  she not admit she knew Madeline!
- He also wants Sami to tell him what is going on
  between her and EJ!
- Insecure Ari and Brady discuss their wedding date
  and honeymoon. Brady and Sami talk. He realizes she has
  feelings for EJ!
- Rafe's South American adventure takes an unexpected
  twist, as Stefano wonders why there has been no word
  from Anna ...
- Meanwhile, Anna is onto Calliope's duplicitous game.
  She finds her wire and knows she has been recorded!
  Anna then prepares to make her great escape - and that
  is when Rafe shows up at her door to stop her. He threatens
  her with jail if she does not give him a name. The only name
  she tells him is Benny ...
- Vivian feels she has a new enemy - Maggie! She realizes
  Victor is sweet on the redhead, yet is determined to marry
  him. Thus, she pushes up their wedding date. Victor is
  flabbergasted. Phil suspects he will not go through with
  the wedding anyway.
- Meddling Mel tries to keep Nath away from Stephanie!
  She also now thinks Chloe is wrong for papa Dan. She
  informs Dan that Phil told her about Chloe's hysterical
  pregnancy. Dan is surprised to find out that Phil knew.
  He hadn't realized Phil and Chloe were that close ...
- Mel does not mind Victor spending time with Maggie!
- Sneaky Steph throws her pills in the river.
- Hope's attacks are not over yet! Meanwhile, in a crazy
  twist, she feels more and more pressure to crack the case
  (not realizing the attacker is in fact her alter-ego).
- Hope warns Ciara about men ...
- Chloe continues to believe Carly set her up and tells her so.
- Dan confides in Carly that Chloe is losing it - and Chloe
  overhears! This upsets her further. Carly tries to assure
  Dan he is not to blame.
- Vivian tries to recruit Chloe, but Chloe has her own idea.
  She tells Phil she will confess to Dan. Phil wishes she
  wouldn't! And Mel keeps saying she trusts her husband ...
- Victor waants to repair his relationship with Phil.
- Chloe braces herself to confess to Dan she was a cheater!
  She blurts out that she did something terrible when Phil came
  over and Dan says he knows. He knows that she confided
  in Phil about her hysterical pregnancy. He is sorry she felt she
  has to confide her fears and feelings to another man and vows
  to fix things between them. Chloe is speechless and agrees
  when Dan declares he wants them to go to therapy together.
- Maggie is released from hospital.
- Chad tries to talk Mia out of dropping out of school.
- Madeline suggests that Chad continue his education
  in another state. He wants to know why! She talks schools
  being better elsewhere and then runs into Kate. Here come
  more clues! They call each other HOs  and, for some strange
  reason, Kate seems to  think she could give her a hand with
  Chad ... (Maddie gets very defensive and blows her off as an
  unfit parent!)
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