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- Mel is overwhelmed and happy about papa Dan! He
  tries to get her to stop her Carly vendetta. Mel wants
  Carly jailed - and tells her so!
- Sydney calls EJ dada in the presence of Sami.
- EJ might not be able to control everything after all!
- Rafe finds out about EJ and Sami's secret. What will he
  do now? Ari thinks he should take the high road
  and forgive her. After all, Sydney is home and Sami is in
  seventh heaven! Rafe tries to get over his anger, He still
  loves Sami ...
- Rafe continues the investigation. He and Roman have
  found a clue! He also has some questions for EJ about
  when the kidnappers contacted him again.
- Elvis attempts to kick Stefano out of the house! Kate points
  out that it will take months for the issue to be resolved legally
  and advises Elvis to put aside his differences with his fatha
  for Sydney's sake. Elvis refuses.
- Stefano thinks Elvis is acting cagey and is not at all
  pleased he does not want him near Sydney! Can Kate help?
- EJ reveals his plan to Anna. He was not intending to leave
  town, he planned to remain and leave Hernandez in the dust
  while playing the hero ... He also alludes to the fact that
  something will come back to haunt Samantha.
- Rafe continues to follow the winding thread that
  will lead him to the kidnapper.Meanwhile, EJ tries
  to play the ideal family man. Rafe is jealous, though he
  puts on a brave face and gets to work after EJ invites
  himself to spend the night with Sami and the kids.
  By morning, workaholic Rafe is nowhere to be seen.
  EJ takes Ally and Johnny to school. Sami goes to find Rafe.
- Rafe has Sami's computer and the DiMera phone records
  examined. He has pulled an all nighter studying DiMera phone
  records and pinpoints a tower where the kidnapper made a
  crucial call to EJ ...
- Rafe shares his suspicions with Ari. The kidnapping mastermind's
  real motive was not money, but to hurt Sami.
- Steph tells Caroline she never gave Nathan's message
  to Melanie, but downplays its significance.
- Mel and Steph clash due to Nath. Mel has done the math
  about the letter so-called friend Steph never showed Nathan.
  Mel calls her a B*TCH to her face! Steph threatens to make
  a copy of the letter and show it to Phil, thus ending her marriage!
  Mel decides she cannot hurt Phillip.
- Nathan cannot get Mel off his mind. He confides in Maggie that
  he still cares for her, but alas she is married and hubby Phil is
  already house hunting  ... Maggie reminds him Mel is taken now.
- Will gives Mia another gift - a St. Christopher medal.  But
  Mia has been leaving messages galore for Chad and appears
  bored of Will, who wants them to be exclusive!
- Brady asks Arianna to marry him! She is not sure and therefore
  says NO, only to wish she hadn't. No problem. Good natured
  Brady pops the question again and she will accept this time!
- Ari is in for another surprise when Elvis asks her to
  come work for him at DiMera Enterprises!
- Maggie's condition worsens. She falls.
- Daniel consults with Maggie about his daughter. He is
  determined to do what is best for her. Dr. Dan also takes a look
  at feeble Maggie's hand and insists she get treatment for her
  myasthenia gravis. Maggie thinks it may have returned due
  to stress.
- Melanie realizes she must be there for ailing Maggie.
- Nicole has morphed into one tough bird in jail, getting in fights,
  reminding people that she is still a DiMera! (p.s. she's blonde)
- Brady asks Chloe to give Nicole some news - that Sydney
  is alive and at home. And so she does ... They talk babies.
  Nicole bitterly finds out that Sydney is home (good news)
  with her mother Sami (not so good news).
- Nicole the tough cookie is anxious to remember just who took
  Sydney. She concentrates (and is about to get results!)
- Meanwhile, Anna packs to leave Salem for good! EJ has
  warned her not to leave anything behind. She takes too long to
  find her boots and thus misses her flight. EJ has no idea!
  In addition, Anna cannot fit the boots in her packed bags ...
- Victor learns that Melanie's father is none other than his
  godson Daniel! They discuss. Victor advises Daniel to
  build a relationship with Mel, after getting over the shock
  that Dan and Carly once had a fling! Turns out the Greek
  tycoon admires Melanie's backbone. He promises to
  welcome her into his home and rein in Viv!
- Meanwhile, Carly and Vivian have a run-in. Viv taunts her
  that word is Melanie blames her for everything! Carly seems
  to believe Vivian's need for revenge is still there and will
  at least be partially satisfied if she goes to jail. Viv admits
  if she goes to jail, then she will indeed be satisfied. Carly
  realizes that is how she can keep Mel safe. She calls
  Bo and leaves him a message - she is pleading guilty!
- Dan assures insecure Chloe he cannot wait to marry her.
- EJ comes back to Sami's place and tells her to focus
  on her family, not the fact that Rafe's feelings have been
- Rafe gets an address to check out - the address of a certain
  rented home in the area where Sydney's kidnapper called EJ.
  Rafe storms on in, FBI style ...! (Friday cliffhanger)

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