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WEEK OF MARCH 29, 2010


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- Hope tries to play matchmaker for Justin and Adrienne.
  A tall order, as both are headstrong and hurt ...
  Julie is on her side.
- Mel and Dan disagree on Carly.
- Phillip and Chloe discuss Carly's intentions. Phil
  considers Carly bad news!
- Chloe soon fears Dan and Carly are getting too close.
- Phil advises Carly to stay away from Mel!
- After the Santo Domingo hurricane (wreaking havoc,
  preventing any wedding!), Nicole decides she will
  never give up on Brady. Nicole shows up on the
  flight home, determined to win back Brady, but Ari
  is not about to give him up without a fight! She confronts
  Nicole, who claims Brady still loves her while Ari was
  only a filler!
- Lexie wonders what he will do, when EJ admits he is in love
  with Sami ...
He is tormented that he could love someone
  who put a hole in his heart by holding back his child.

- Chloe is surprised by Victor's admission that he would
  rather Dan be with her than Carly Manning. He advises
  her to keep his godson away from that homicidal maniac!
- Papa Dan gives Mel a locket that had belonged to his
  mother. He also gives her some fatherly advice. Give
  Carly a chance. Mel refuses and shrieks at Carly
  when she approaches her at the pub. Mel runs out.
  Papa Dan follows his daughter. He slips on the ice,
  falls,and is rendered unconscious! Nurse Mel and Doc
  Carly work frantically to save him ... Mel thinks it is all
  Carly's fault - and so does Kenzie, who witnesses the
  argument that led to Mel fleeing, Dan falling.
- Dan is given an MRI at the hospital. He wakes up to
  Mel calling him Dad! Still, he is not out of the woods yet ...
Matter of fact, he sees double and it could be permanent!
  This leads Mel to blame herself for everything. She also
  praises Dr. Carly for saving her dad..

- Sami is upset as she feels Rafe has still not forgiven
  her. Roman warns Rafe to get over his upset cos
  that EJ DiMera is hovering around Sami!
- Benny, the loyal guard for EJ at the cabin, gets arrested!
- Justin warns Vivian to leave Carly alone!
- Ari informs Rafe that Nicole is back in town.
- Brady assures Ari he wants only her, but then contacts
  Nicole behind her back.
Meanwhile, Ari and EJ talk at the gym. They both agree
  that Nicole is bad news. Ari tells EJ she is back in Salem.
  Ari is glad to see EJ, like usual!

- Sami and Nicole clash! Nicole insists Sami is to blame
  for what happened, as she lied to EJ about his daughter.
  Sami SLUGS her and so begins a no holds barred catfight
  that Rafe has to break up! He takes both gals down to
  the station.
He and Sami get very close when he attends
  to the scratches on her face, but then he gets called away
  to interrogate Nicole. He warns the felonista that she could
  be charged with obstructing a federal investigation. She does
  not provide him with any big info, however.

- Nicole accepts that she must let go of Sydney forever.
- EJ tries to convince Sami to keep Rafe out of her life.
- Sami, however, wants Rafe back, and plants a kiss on him!
- Nath and Steph decide to go forward.
She accepts a date
  invitation for dinner! He still thinks Mel's letter said nothing.
  She is still crazy about him.

- EJ fears Nicole is a loose cannon who knows too much
  but after they have a run-in, he is relieved she does not
  seem to know the whole truth. However, she does suspect
  something ...!
- Steph confides in Adrienne about her letter deception.
- Gus learns a secret from Viv.
- Phillip sees a tender moment between Nath and Mel.
  Nath is trying to make her feel better with a hug.
  asks if Phil is jealous. He asks if he should be!

- Viv boasts to Phil and Mel she will soon be Mrs. Victor
They do not take the news well.
- Kate and Victor will be at odds! She has a fit when she
  finds out he asked Vivian to MARRY HIM! Does the
  sly tycoon intend to live with Viv - or is this a ploy so
  he, as her husband, could have crazy Viv committed,
  after she succeeds in her plan to break up Bo and Carly?!
- Victor seeks an audience with Maggie. They open
  up to each other.
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