Days of Our Lives Spoilers

March 23-27, 2009

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- Nicole gets a lucky break after Sami's adoption announcement
  thwarts Tony's plan to reveal her secret. Tony will wait!
- Sami explodes when EJ questions her judgement on adopting
  a baby when she already has 3 kids and is on her own. She
  warns him the only thing they have to discuss is Johnny!
- Salem becomes a world of extremes as Kate gets more evil,
  Nicole gets more desperate, and hothead Phil gets caught
  up in a dangerous game!
- Maggie realizes that Dan gave up Chloe for Lucas and he is
  devastated over it! She says she now hates him less.
- Kate wonders what would happen if the truth came out.
- Daniel confides in Brady.
- Nicole informs Brady that Tony knows that Syd ain't her baby!
- Nicole also has a confrontation with Mia! What next ...?
- Chels and Steph get an apartment together. Max impresses
  Chelsea when he gives Theo a pep talk about his role in a play.
- Chloe doesn’t feel well. Is Kate responsible?! After all, she
  does have thoughts of a poisonous plan! Of course, Chloe
  has no idea of Kate's wicked daydream, so she assumes
  something more calendar related hint hint!
- Phil wants the fuels project back but Tony ain't selling!
- Tony warns Phillip he is not his own man as long as he does
  Victor's bidding.
- Nicole continues to depend on Brady.
- EJ and Stefano are none too pleased when Tony tells the
  family empire adios!
- Nicole steels her nerves with a drink and later sets out to steal
  the blueprints from Tony's room, but her plan is a bust!
- Phil gets FIRED by Vic for losing the lucrative fuels project!!
- Phil then decides to talk tough with Tony ...
- Tony and Phil have words and a struggle down at the pier.
  Tony seems to take a fall on what appears to be a sharp
  piece of wood. Nicole does not want him to make it and
  her actions reflect this! Matter of fact, Stefeno uttered
  anti-Tony threats, too! Nicole, by the way, is the only
  witness to the Phil/Tony fight - or is she ...?
- Rafe and Brady cross paths and interesting deets follow!
  Rafe indirectly tells Brady his concerns about Sami, and Brady
  realizes he is the new man in her life. Speaking of Rafe, EJ
  decides to pump him for info on Sami's mysterious adoption!
- After a brief spat, Sami and Rafe get closer and the lovebirds
  kiss again! They attend Grace's secret baptism together and
  Sami chooses Rafe as Grace's godfather!
- Sami asks Sister Agnes to tell her all about Rafe's past.
  Will Agnes tell her everything ...?!
- Bo is horrified that the mystery man in his Hope vision is
  none other than Roman. Or is it ...? Bo is so confused, he
  wrestles with what to do and changes his plans. Hope cannot
  figure out what has him so wound up! Chelsea wonders what's
  eating Bo. Meanwhile, Bo freaks out when he sees Hope
  with Roman - and lies to her!
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