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WEEK OF MARCH 22, 2010


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- Will hands Mia the necklace he gave her, which he
  knows Chad ended up with, and accuses her of
  getting around! He warns girls like her end up alone.
- Lexie hears Theo say that Sydney was with EJ
  the whole time! Elvis claims Theo must have
  misunderstood Johnny the story teller. Still, Lexie
  cannot help but wonder if Johnny heard or
  saw something while at the mansion. EJ shrugs it off.
- Sami gets mega-mad at Rafe for not giving her a
  recommendation to the FBI and says they should
  take a break. He agrees, but he is still focused
  on catching the kidnapper.Meanwhile, EJ suggests
  she concentrate on their children and claims Rafe
  is just bothered that she got Syd back without his help.
- Nicole fears Anna will not come through and so
  she summons Rafe, but stops short of telling him
  the truth once she finds out she has been pardoned!
  She pretends she thinks the woman with the boots was
  Kate, but Rafe doubts she means it (and Kate was
  cleared). He also suspects there is something fishy
  about her sudden pardon. Nicole is too happy to
  care and heads down to Santa Domingo, where she
  thinks Brady is on a business trip!
- Sami complains to Abe about her "break" with Rafe.
  Abe assures her they still have a chance.
- EJ starts to feel the net closing in ...
  And so he should, cos cornered Anna has blackmailed
  the governor into giving Nicole a pardon (with revealing
  pictures), which means Nicole will be back on the street!
  Rafe gets nowhere with the cagey governor and goes
  to see Victor, to find out who he might have spoken
  to ... Anna!
  Things get even more tangled when Rafe and
  Sami find out Anna set the pardon in motion.
  Sami wants blood! EJ calls Anna and she insists she
  did not implicate him, though she will not say where she is.
- Rafe now seems to think EJ and Anna have a secret -
  that she was working for him! Perhaps Anna was the one who
  took Sydney and Nicole found out!
  Rafe asks EJ some tough questions. Elvis is adamant
  he had no connection to or knowledge of Anna'a activities.
- EJ scrambles to do damage control! He tries to convince
  Sami that Anna must have wanted revenge on him as
  she blamed him for Tony's death.
- Nathan wants time apart from Stephanie.
- Melanie does not tell Nath what he wants to hear
  about the mysterious letter. Truth is, Maggie told her she
  cannot have feelings for two guys and make her marriage
  work. Mel chooses Phillip. She lies to Nath that the
  letter was really just a goodbye note!
  Meanwhile, Steph advises Phil to keep Mel away
  from Nath if he wants his marriage to last cos she is
  sure Nath still has the hots for Mel! Phil is confident
  Mel loves only him!
- Nath then wonders if he and Steph should try again. He
  asks her what she thinks ...
- Will deduces Mia has not been faithful. He confides in Kate!
- Dan fears Vivian is still out for revenge - and tells Bo.
- Bo demands Victor do the right thing and call Viv off
  Carly or else he will take care of her, consequences be damned.
  The Greek tycoon tries. He suggests that Vivian end her
  crazy vendetta and marry him. That's his final offer!
- Things get heated between Viv, Bo and Carly.
- Viv accepts Victor's marriage proposal after telling Bo
  and Carly she will withdraw. Victor realizes she now intends
  to hurt Carly by breaking up her and Bo - and the Greek
  tycoon appears delighted about it!
- Anna gets comfy in her hotel room ...
- Arianna has second thoughts about getting married.
  Brady convinces her they should just do it! And so
  a wedding is planned ... but will they elope in
  Santa Domingo?! Nicole knows and does not want to let
  Brady slip away so there should be a wedding crasher
  alert, given she goes to Santa Domingo, too! She wants a
  future with Brady and wishes to tell him so. Fay shows
  up with money for her daughter and tells her to move on.

  FBI Rafe also hopes to fly down so he can confront her
  about what she knows about Anna! Meanwhile, Ari is assured
  by Brady that he loves and wants to marry her despite Nicole
  trying to "kiss him goodbye" so she decides she wants to do it. 
  Luck, however, is not on the couple's side, as the forces of
  nature are about to come crashing down around them!
- Adrienne (Justin's ex-wife) finds out he has feelings for Hope.
  She wants answers - from Hope herself, after she shows
  up cos Hope pretends Justin has a problem! Hope insists she
  does not love Justin and feels there is still a chance for
  him and Adrienne. Adrienne warns her she is just displacing
  her hopes about herself and Bo and needs to move on.
- Mia taunts Gaby and later tells Chad she (Mia) dumped Will.
  Chad, however, hears Gaby say Will in fact dumped Mia, so he
  tells Mia they are through!
- Stefano discovers that Anna took Sydney, but who was
  she working for?! He is also troubled that Elvis tried to
  unfairly implicate him to Hernandez. Tick tock ...!
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