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WEEK OF MARCH 15, 2010
started 02/28

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- Detective Hope tells Melanie that Carly went to save
  her from Vivian on her wedding day, not harm her!
  She suspects Mel already knows. Mel cries she shot her
  on purpose, just like she threw her away!
- Rafe has the forensics lab go over every inch of the
  deserted cottage where he believes Sydney was held ...
- Carly must face the music. She wishes to enter a guilty plea.
  Bo is dead set against it but he, Hope, and Justin cannot
  change her mind!
- Max stops by the pub on his way to a medical convention
  in San Diego. Caroline ie thrilled and suggests he visit Mel.
- Max is shocked by the shooting and has a heart-to-heart
  with Mel, who will always be his little sister regardless!
  He warns her if she puts her bio-mom in jail, she will only
  be hurting herself.
- Max warns Phil to treat Mel better than he treated Stephanie!
  Phil insists he loves her and intends to prevent anyone from
  ever hurting her again.
- Hope runs into Vivian at the cemetery and Viv is
  thrilled to hear that Carly is pleading guilty.
- Mel asks Dan if he and Chloe and Phil and her can
  get together. He happily agrees! Dan also wants Mel
  to do right by Carly when Justin calls to tell him she
  is pleading guilty! Mel rushes to the courtroom in time
  to testify and busts in just when Carly is about to
  be sentenced by the judge (D.A. Woods asks for the
  maximum sentence!)
- Melanie testifies with a twist! She tells the court the shooting
  was actually an accident and recants her earlier statement
  accusing Carly. Case dismissed! Carly is off the hook,
  but Mel still wants bio-mom to steer clear of her. Daniel, on
  the other hand, is someone she trusts and respects.
- Kate tells Carly to be careful cos Viv is still out for revenge!
- Vivian leers at Carly there is no deal since she is not going
  to prison. Dan takes matters into his own hands and threatens
  Vivian to back off! Carly is grateful for his intervention.
- Nathan learns all about the letter when Stephanie
  confesses to him! Will she lose him? As Mark Hapka
  himself pointed out, there are only 2 girls available to his
  character - Melanie and Steph. And Mel is now a married
  woman ... In addition, Steph (aka Veronica Lodge) is
  determined to stake her claim!
- Gaby is disheartened when Chad informs her he still cares
  for Mia soooo ...
- Chad and Mia get up close and personal. He wants to go on
  a date. She agrees but wants it to be their secret! Meanwhile.
  Will thinks he and Mia are exculsive but wait until he
  discovers Chad had Mia's necklace!
- Nicole's mother Fay gives her some advice. Accept the fact
  that she will be in prison for a long time. Nicole tells her
  to get out and she will never see her again!
- As DaysCafe already reported on Feb 9 on our
Spoilers page,
  Melanie and Phillip move in with Maggie.
- Anna has trouble - from Nicole! Yes, she remembers Anna
  was the one who took Sydney (this is gonna be good!) Nicole
  summons Anna and gives her an ultimatum. Anna has to get her
  outta jail in 24 hrs - or else!  First thing Anna  must to do is track   
  down the corrupt, womanizing governor, who just happens to be
  at the Kiriakis mansion for a fundraiser. ...
- Kate has a plan for her phoenix, so he can see Sydney. She
  drops off gifts for Will at Sami's place and brings Stefano!
  Will agrees to let Stefano spend some time with Syd.
  EJ finds out and states Stefano has zero rights with his
- Dan discovers Chloe has been lying about going
  to therapy. He tells her he knows ...
- Rafe learns that his sister is engaged, but will it last?
- At a family gathering, Theo claims to know a secret -
  so he tells EJ. But has someone put him up to it?!
- Brady and Arianna announce their engagement!
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