Days of Our Lives Spoilers
June 8-12, 2009

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- Nicole explains to Mia she only told the nurse she was Grace's
  mother so that she would be able to hold her.
- Nicole has a breakdown in the chapel and begs God to spare
  Grace and punish her instead!
- Nicole also feels guilty for her actions and nervously waits.
  T'would seem the phoenix owns her now!
- Stefano opts to keep his silence, unaware of what lies just
  around the corner, which might change everything!
- Stefano advises EJ to attend to his family and he will manage
  delicate business matters (i.e. Owen), though Elvis suspects the
  phoenix already has an operative working on a plan to take care
  of the hapless gardener!
- Caroline summons Father Matt to the hospital, where he gives
  baby Grace her last rites.
- Sami loses Grace forever. Both she and Will are devastated.
  Sami wishes to surround herself with her kids and no one else.
  She also decides to tell Will the truth! That's not all. She blurts
  out to EJ that he was Grace's father. After the shock wears off,
  he seems to be madder at Rafe than her. Rafe actually lets
  Elvis rough him up over it!
- Mia is heart broken over Grace.
- Chelsea comes back from London and then leaves Salem again,
  this time with Max.
- As we already stated he would, Victor reinstates Brady in the
  Kiriakis clan. Vic also wants a meeting with Stefano because
  he has a DEAL in mind! The phoenix is all ears. Vic wants
  a TRUCE and what Victor wants ...
- Arianna is suspicious that someone has been hiding something.
- Nicole is worried about Sydney's safety.
- Chloe discovers a reason to be mad at Lucas, as he kept
  Sami's secret from her.
- Nicole fears Elvis could still be imprisoned for kidnapping.
- EJ wonders why Owen clammed up with the cops and
  prods Stefano about it.
- Victor offers his heartfelt condolences to Caroline ...
- Kate wants Dr. Dan to appear on her show. The stage
  is set for the start of her twisted plan!
- Daniel is depressed over Grace dying on his watch.
- Chloe loves Daniel and she tells him so, but her timing
  is off ... He suggests she go home to her husband.
- Stephanie's dependence on pills is about to start.
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