Days of Our Lives Spoilers
June 29-July 1, 2009
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- Hope appreciates Bo telling her about his Zack vision. Bo is
  taking it seriously, as Zack helped Theo in the past, and vows
  to protect Ciara ...
- Mel keeps the truth about Steph's addiction from Philip,
  since a promise is a promise. Phil realizes Steph is keeping
  a secret from him and heads home to ask her. He does not
  find her there, but he does find her bottle of pills!
- Steph admits to Father Matt she has reservations about
  becoming a Kiriakis because they are sinners - and she knows
  her fiance would not change for her the way Patch did for
  Kayla. The kindly priest believes she has already made
  up her mind, though he does point our she has more morals
  than the Kiriakis clan.
- Maggie finds out that Dan and Chloe are deeply in love.
- EJ and Stefano consult with Judge Fitzpatrick on the custody
  battle. They threaten her future if she does not side with them!
  The judge eventually agrees to go along and says Sami's behavior
  could be considered borderline sociopathic!
- Nicole lets Sami have a visit with Johnny and she doesn't
  tell EJ about it! She even swears little Johnny to secrecy!
- Nicole convinces Sami to get Rafe off her back. She reasons
  that if EJ senses he is nosing around, he will get nervous,
  making it next to impossible for her to sneak Johnny to Sami!
- Sami happens upon Rafe at Emily's grave.
- Sami and Rafe fight and make up.
- Sami wants Rafe to tell her all about Emily, which is something
  he was NOT planning to do!
- Rafe continues his investigation.
- Nicole attempts to reason with cold EJ.
- Just like the Wicked Queen in Snow White, Kate poisons some
  fruit intended for Chloe! Beware of the apple ...
- Mel tries to get Brady and Arianna together at Horton cabin
  after she realizes Brady will not ask Ari on a date.
- Kate sets out to spread lies about Daniel - from his own lips -
  by using a twisted recording !
- HOT: Steph dumps Phil!
- When Phil confronts her with the meds she has been taking,
  Steph informs him that she needed them to get thru all the
  stress but enough is enough. She is just not cut out to be a
  Kiriakis, and so she takes off her engagement ring and
  walks away ...
- It'll be a B*TCH of a cliffhanger when Chloe eats poisoned
  fruit and collapses, cos it takes place on Wednesday, July 1
  and due to Wimbledon coverage, Days will not be seen again
  until Monday, July 6! By the way Chloe will pass out in Dan's
  arms (Lucas is not present at the time).
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