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WEEK OF JUNE 28 , 2010
started 06/13


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- Bill has a poignant farewell scene with Kate.
  She laments she is filled with guilt and no one
  can help her.
- Hope feels slighted by Bo, as he plans to
  go over the muggings case with Abe and
  Roman, leaving her out. He tells her he thinks
  too many things have been giving her stress.
  He also feels Arianna is innocent despite the DNA.
- Hope thinks Ciara is telling tales again!
  Ciara informs Theo that her mommy first
  had the treasures, which were wallets, then
  Ciara got them, but the night her mommy
  was hugging that strange man, they went
  missing again.
- Dan tells Mel that Chloe is pregnant and
  swears her to secrecy for now.
- Mel brings up the subject of babies with Phil!
  His babies, that is! Does he want another one?
  And what about the baby he already has,
  the son he gave up? Mel just happened to
  enter the pub when Kayla was lecturing him
  for giving away Pocket. Phil explains to Mel
  he was not ready for kids at that time and he
  knows from updates that Tyler (Pocket) is
  happy with the loving parents he has.
- Meanwhile, Stephanie continues to suspect
  Phillip has done something very wrong and
  has told him his next mistake could go viral
  all over again!
- Shane and Kim have a very heated discussion!
  He demands she listen to him and give their
  love a chance. Will they overcome? Of course
  they do! He quits the ISA for the woman he loves.
- Maddie tells Chad he is better off that Mia
  is gone from Salem and if they are meant to
  be, he will hear from her.
- Madeline suspects that Kate is aware of her
  huge secret and it makes her verrrry nervous.
  Kate admits she knows and agrees to keep
  her silence for the time being ...
  It is evident the secret concerns STEFANO.

- Rafe is dismayed by some of the changes
  that have occurred in Salem since he left.
  EJ, meanwhile, is dismayed to see Rafe
  back in Sami's world, though he is convinced
  he knows how she really feels ...
- Rafe and Sami bicker about her living
  with the DiMeras and Rafe grabs her
  in a passionate kiss! Enter EJ!
  Moments later, Stefano shows up.
  Rafe tells the DiMeras the latest on
  Anna and leaves. Sami follows. What
  about their kiss? Rafe pretends he was
  just sayin goodbye.
- EJ now decides to make his move and
  confesses to Sami that he is in love
  with her. She tells him they are just friends,
  but he doubts it and they get closer and closer ...
  EJ then gets word on Arianna's arraignment, but
  he remains determined to get the girl  he still wants
  - Sami!
- Rafe pressures Ari to drop EJ as her lawyer
  but Ari accuses him of making it about Sami.
  She can see he still loves her!
- EJ and Rafe butt heads again when EJ shows
  up to see his client.
- Nicole feels the net closing in and fears EJ
  might have evidence to implicate her. She
  calls Baker and complains there could be trouble
  if EJ presents proof in court that they set up Arianna ...
  Rafe happens by, but how much has he heard?!

- At Alice's grave, Carly opens up to Jen and asks
  for her advice. She admits she knows something
  about Dan that could hurt him. Jen agrees she
  should do the right thing ...
- Jennifer is touched when Carly points out
  she is much like Alice.
- Chloe is released from the hospital.
- Carly pays her a visit. Chloe insists she used
  protection with the other guy so the baby can
  only be Dan's, but Carly does not believe her.
- Nicole gives Chloe more deception advice.
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