Days of Our Lives Spoilers
June 22-25, 2009

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- Will denounces Sami and Rafe - and agrees with EJ!
- Nicole is relieved to hear Sister Theresa was reassigned to a
  convent in another town, but for how long?!
- Mia's world gets complicated due to Chad, who is back in town.
  She wants him to stay away from her, but does she really mean it?
  He insists he is here to stay and wishes they could hang out ...
- Unbeknownst to Mia, Chad gets a job at Java Cafe too!
- Sami angrily tells EJ and Nicole that she will see them in hell
  for taking Johnny! She wonders why Nicole looks so guilty.
- Lucas offers Sami his full support in her battle with EJ and
  assures her she is a great mom.
- Chris (Ross) helps Kate with the show ...
- Speaking of said show, host Chloe becomes a nervous
  wreck due to the fact that Dan will be working with her!
  He tries to convince her all is well with Kate, unaware that
  she has expertly transferred his fingerprint to the poison bottle!
- Dan finally realizes Chloe is still incredibly drawn to him.
  The opera diva even gets klutzy while filming!
- Sami delivers Johnny to EJ at the mansion.
- EJ threatens Rafe when Sami taunts him that the Rafester could
  be Johnny's father too!
- At the cemetery, Rafe tells the late Emily he is sorry!
- Hope informs Nathan that Mel spells trouble!
- EJ coldly tells mad Sami that his temporary full-time custody
  of Johnny will become permanent and she will never see
  him again. What now? Sami hits back by trying to convince
  Steph to implicate him in her abduction! But Steph is super
  stressed as it is and did make a promise to Philip ...
- The Kiriakis business operations go back to their seedy roots,
  with Phil and Vic up to something down at the pier. Mad Bo
  finds them!
- Rafe spies Brady and Mia talking at the church together and
- Rafe is increasingly suspicious of Nicole's sad preoccupation
  with the late Grace! Nicole later realizes he is getting too
  close to the truth! And he certainly is, as he senses a link
  between Mia and Nicole. He wants to know what those two are
  hiding from everyone. Rafe shows up on Nicole's doorstep to later
  apologize for his interrogative tactics. Realizing that Nicole is
  sincerely sorry for Sami, he asks her to try and help her rough
  predicament. But when he brings up the fact that Mia might not
  be who she claims, Nicole gets defensive and tells him to back
  off. That makes Mr. F.B.I. even more suspicious!
- Stefano advises Nicole to snap out of it!
- Phil asks Lucas to stand up as his best man at his wedding to
- Steph takes a fall and is knocked unconscious.! Dan finds
  out about her overdoing it with the meds when he attends to
  her at the hospital and gives her a piece of his mind!
- Nicole tells Arianna what a great guy Brady is.
- Hope finds herself in the spotlight and someone secretly
  notices, but whether the stranger is good or bad is unclear.
  What happens is that Hope makes a generous donation to
  a worthy cause - autism - and gets her pic in the paper.
  It catches the eye of the mystery man ...
- Lucas is about to eat Kate's poisoned on set appetizers intended
  for Chloe, so she stops him in the nick of time!
- Since Kate's poison plot was a bust, she decides to record ...
  She also wants Dan to surprise Lucas and Chloe with a gift
  for their home.
- Bo sees Zack in a new vision. Zack warns him to take care
  of Ciara and keep her safe ...
- Steph has a night terror concerning Philip.
- Nathan sees something that surprises him and demands
  an explanation from Mel ...
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