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WEEK OF JUNE 21 , 2010


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- Suspicious Lucas questions Sami
  on her living arrangements! He
  also thinks Alice would want Will
  out of the DiMera mansion.
  Will later assures him that EJ
  has been supportive ...
- Lucas's future plans involve running
  Hearth and Home from Hong Kong,
  though he will visit Salem sometimes.
- Stefano assures young Will
  that he is not the man he used to be!
- Nath invites Steph on a hot air
  balloon ride.
- Kate and Stefano watch the tape.
  Tis a sex tape of young Maddie ho with
  a congressman who gets nasty. Boss
  Stefano intervenes and the congressman
  is KILLED! The whole thing had been
  a set-up so that Stefano would be
  able to blackmail the politician to
  support his project, hence the taping.
  And Kate had been the one to recruit
  Maddie when she needed money!
- Madeline seeks an audience with Stefano
  to get the rest of her stuff back. She
  is very nervous but Stefano agrees
  they can put things behind them.
- Kate decides to withhold another secret
  from Stefano that concerns Maddie. It's
  bigger than anyone could imagine and
  would change everything!
- Sami's older sister Carrie will have
  some advice for her. Choose the man
  she wants and stick with it!
- Carrie and Sami talk about Anna.
  Carrie is sorry for what Anna did
  but Sami insists she is not to blame
  for what her mother did. They hug
  and decide to start fresh, in Alice's
  and Sydney's honor.
- Mel warns Chloe that if she
  hurts her father, she will crush her!
- Chloe and Dan plan their
  wedding - again. But Chloe is
  pregnant! Carly interrupts the
  wedding with the news and the
  sonogram confirms it! Dan is
  elated, but Chloe's dream becomes
  a potential nightmare when she finds
  out how far along she is - which means
  either Daniel or Phillip is the papa!
- Chad is caught off guard by his mother
  when she pretends to casually accept his
  decision to attend university in Salem.
- Mia says goodbye to her friends in Salem
  after Madeline gets her out of town with an
  offer from the New York High School
  for the Performing Arts, along with the
  promise of housing and living expenses
  paid, plus a free plane ticket for that day!
- Will laments he is going to miss her.
  Sami consoles him.
- EJ promises Arianna he will prove
  Nicole set her up! He believes his
  ex will soon slip up.
- Brady wants Nicole to do a roving
  reporter piece on Arianna's innocence
  but she claims her boss will not
  allow her to cover the muggings.
  She proceeds to do the Alice
  story instead.
- Ari admits to Brady that she
  should have believed him. Brady
  tells her he has doubts about her
  lawyer and therefore intends to
  find and punish the creep who
  framed her!
- Nicole schemes to make Brady hers.
  She discovers that he and Arianna
  are through when he admits it.
- Kayla approves of Nath and Steph.
- Kayla hears Steph was duplicitous
  from a worried Adrienne.
- Lucas, Mike, and Kim are back.
- Kim complains to Bo that Shane just
  up and vanished after the divorce.
- Kayla tells off Bo for being with Carly.
- Sad times. Alice passes away on June 23.
  Maggie is the one to make the announcement,
  first to Jennifer.
  Lots of real tears. Jennifer and Hope seem
  to be hit the hardest. Jen has been keeping
  the family together. A young Alice ...?
- Steph tries to console Nath.
- Poor Mike misses saying goodbye to the
  Horton matriarch when he is delayed and then
  has a car accident.
- Rafe is surprised to see Shane on the flight
  back to Salem!
- Rafe comes home to Salem and pays Sami
  an unexpected visit at the mansion cos he
  is very concerned about her!
- Meanwhile, Shane reappears on Kim's radar
  when he shows up at Alice's funeral.
- Hope finds out from Doug that Alice believed she
  and Bo were still meant to be. She and Bo talk ...
- Mayor Abe has high praise for Alice.
- Lexie attends to Mike Horton is in
  the hospital. Bill and Jennifer break
  the sad news to him about Alice.
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