Days of Our Lives Spoilers
June 15-19, 2009

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- Arianna tells Rafe she thinks something is not quite right with
  him and he admits to her that Sami was Grace's real mother.
  Ari visits the grave of Emily Hudson, a name from Rafe's
  mysterious past  ...
- It's official. Vic and Stefano agree on a TRUCE! The only
  casualty will be someone's state of mind! Bo is concerned
  that Steph is in over her head with the Kiriakis clan. Hope
  thinks at least the family feuding is over.
- Brady tells off Nicole but she insists she will have it all!
- EJ vows to take charge of his life from now on!
- Rafe tells Sami he LOVES her and she replies she LOVES
  him too!
- Sanctimonious Steph is stunned when Phil pressures her to
  lie to the cops about the kidnapping. EJ's name is to be kept
  out of it. Phil explains it would be too dangerous for her to
  point the finger at Elvis, for it would lead to the wrath of
  Stefano against the entire Kiriakis clan. Steph bows to the
  pressure and agrees, but comes across a revealing note which
  Phil never told her about! She totally overreacts!
- Max tries to tell Steph that Phil is no knight in shining armor,
  but she refuses to listen.
- Phil wants to get Steph a car!
- Mel steps up for Phil.
- Stephanie has a creepy Owen hallucination!
- Chloe dreams of Daniel again. She also confides in Father
  Matt about her woes ...
- Nicole is plagued with guilt but Stefano insists she keep
  her silence about what only they know!
- Kate tries to dig up dirt on Daniel by delving into his wife's
  death. She reads up on what happened to Rebecca.
- Will denounces Sami! He also announces his intention to
  move in with grandma Caroline, fed up with his mother's
  latest scheming ...
- Bo and Hope remember Zack.
- Max's invitation to Mel to go to merry old England with him
  is turned down. She stays in Salem!
- Mia's ex-boyfriend Chad shows up, and as we already
  mentioned, he has no idea she had his baby! She freaks out!
- Mia has trouble with Kinsey, who gives her a really
  hard time.
- Bo has harsh words for Rafe.
- A famous ball player is spotted at the Java Cafe!
- Maggie is delighted when her grandson Nathan arrives in
  town, and he will be Salem University hospital's newest
  intern! Mel will be intrigued, unaware that Phil is close
  to becoming unattached again!
- The fallout from the baby switch appears to take an
   unexpected turn, with revenge high on the DiMera menu ...
- Grace's funeral gets underway.
- Nicole feels bad.
- Stefano reminds Nicole to play it cool.
- Little Johnny is in the middle of a tug and war between
  Sami and EJ, who wants full custody of his boy, at least for
  the time being - and he gets it! Even Nicole is a tad shocked
  when Master Elvis hands Sami the court order awarding him
  temporary custody of Johnny - moments before Grace's
  funeral. And his timing is intentional. Brrrr!
- Meanwhile, Steph will march on over to that funeral, with the
  intention of confronting EJ once and for all ... Holy smackdown!
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