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WEEK OF JULY 5 , 2010


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- Shane and Kim head home to Los Angeles,
  and they are happily back together. Before he
  leaves, Shane gives Rafe some advice - don't
  play fair against the DiMeras! Rafe asks his
  FBI boss not to send him out of town for
  a while, cos he must attend to personal biz!
- Rafe is anxious to keep EJ away from
  both Sami and Ari.
- Jennifer has a run-in with Viv and tells her off!
  Jen and Carly talk again.
- A private investigator snoops around for
  Brady. Brady orders him to find that gold
  money clip already! He is dismayed that Ari
  still thinks he does not believe in her innocence
  and has given him back his engagement ring.
  In his opinion, her lawyer EJ is the devil and
  she has sold her soul!
- The press covers Ari's arraignment, though
  Nicole and her cameraman are not permitted
  to enter the courtroom..
- EJ tells Arianna to trust him, he knows what
  he is doing and he will make the person who
  framed her slip up ... For now, he gets her
  out on bail, which he pays. He bluffs to Nicole
  that he has proof she framed Ari!
- Stefano tries to warn Elvis that he should let
  go of the notion of happily ever after with
  Sami, as he senses Rafe will dig until he
  finds something on him! EJ will not listen.
- Stefano thinks EJ will not get what he is after.
  He fakes to Nicole that his son has evidence
  she set up Arianna - so she should leave town!
  Nicole feels let down by the phoenix, who was her
  ally once upon a time. She also spies the tail EJ
  has put on her and reacts ...
- Bo happens to be holding the divorce papers
  when Hope drops by to pick up Ciara. She pretends
  not to be bothered about it. In addition, she appears
  to be angry at men when she goes over what she
  assumes Ari felt against the powerful men who
  must have led her to the attacks. Bo realizes
  something is not right with Hope and he also
  doubts Ari is guilty. Carly comes home and tells
  Bo that Hope was oddly friendly to her one time
  while he was away ...
- Hope pops another sleeping pill!
- Adrienne is clearly upset when she spies
  Hope and Justin getting up close and personal -
  and Justin is in Hope's bedroom! What Adrienne
  doesn't realize is that red lipstick Hope was actually
  trying to divert Justin with a kiss, cos he was told by
  Ciara that Hope had his missing wallet!
- Sami talks relationships with Caroline. She feels
  EJ has changed, though Caroline feels he will never
  be able to change, just like her Victor ...
- The teens hang out at the beach.
- T gives Chad relationship advice.
- Chad issues Gaby an invitation.
- Maddie warns Kate that the secret getting
  out will only ruin lives. Kate agrees not to mention
  what she saw in the document - provided Stefano
  does not ask about it, which he probably won't..
- Will and Gaby get to know each other better.
- Will finds out that Maddie was a ho for hire
  when he overhears Kate and Madeline talking
  at the mansion! He and Chad have a big fight
  and it takes a cop to break it up! They do not
  get arrested cos the cop realizes Will is the
  grandson of Commander Roman Brady.
  Will suggests Chad ask his mom about her past.
  Chad tries ...
- EJ thinks his luck is about to change when the fair
  Samantha admits she just might have feelings for him.
- Sami is moved by some memories of Rafe
  when she hears Gaby singing a familiar lullaby
  at a family picnic down at the lake. She woefully
  tells Gaby she misses Rafe. Gaby says Rafe
  misses her too. Will thinks Sami should call Rafe
  but then realizes part of the problem is Rafe cannot
  accept EJ as a part of her life. Will admits that he
  might have been wrong about EJ, who is great
  with the kids, and he might have changed after all.
- Victor wants to dine with Maggie.
- Caroline decides to volunteer at the hospital.
- Caroline is mad about Victor's roving eye!
  She gives him and the redhead a piece
  of her mind.
- Bo is increasingly concerned about Hope.
- Carly starts to feel insecure in her seemingly
  blissful relationship with Bo. Jen had warned her
  that Hope would always be a part of his life.
- Nicole tells Baker they must neutralize EJ -
  for good! He refuses to involve himself or his
  lady partner in crime.
- Hope and Dr. Baker have their next meet-up.
  Lovestruck Dick learns more about her mad plan ...
- Nicole pumps Sami, in case she knows anything
  about EJ's so-called evidence. Sami is clearly unaware.
- Desperate Nicole breaks into the DiMera mansion
  and that is when she accidentally discovers EJ was
  the mastermind behind the sydnapping - the lucky
  break she was hoping for, cos now boy does
  she have leverage! She secretly records a telling
  conversation between EJ and Stefano while
  hiding at the mansion.
- Nicole demands a meeting with her ex. She brazenly
  tells EJ she knows exactly what he did and heard
  him discussing his mastermind role in the sydnapping,
  with Stefano.Tough luck, that, cos EJ hears the bomb
  drop from his enemy Nicole after he has spent the day
  getting closer to Sami, with the kids at the lake!
- Carly insists Chloe get a paternity test -
  or else she tells all! If she gets the test and the baby
  belongs to Daniel, she will keep her silence.
- And Chloe has not seen the last of Vivian. Madame
  pays her a visit, during which she gloats she did
  indeed set her up to believe Dan was having an
  affair with Carly. Viv is gonna tell Carly, too, though
  she does not say anything about having wanted Chloe
  to kill her. She warns Carly that she will never stop
  until she has destroyed her!
- Kate reminds Carly that Chloe was a disaster
  for her son. She later bumps into Daniel and
  suggests he not delude himself about his fiancee!
- Mel assures Daniel she is happy about the baby and
  he assures her no one will ever replace her in his heart.
- Daniel informs Victor that Chloe means the
  world to him. He gives his beloved something special -
  a christening gown.
- Phil/Mel and Nath/Steph run into each other at the
- Phil accidentally finds Mel's big sister tee. He is
  stunned when Mel enlightens him that Chloe is preggers!
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