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July 27-31, 2009

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- Lexie cannot guarantee that Chloe will ever wake up.
  She suggests a family member sit with her. Despite Daniel's
  loud protests, Kate worms her way into a private visit with
  comatose Chloe. She then whispers to her that no one loves
  her so she should just let go! Luckily Brady enters, too.
- Dan insists Chloe is still in danger with Kate around! He
  is physically removed from the hospital by the cops.
- Brady tells Arianna how he really feels and they kiss again!
- Chadman wants Mia back!
- Nathan and Mel decide to reschedule their date.
- Sami lies to Rafe so she can go see Meredith.
- Roman pays Sami a visit, looking for answers.
- Rafe appears to think Sami and Roman are up to something.
- Nicole feels backed into a corner ...
- Nicole accuses EJ of having Sami on the brain.
- Stephanie confesses to Phil that she is still in love with him!
  It is an impulsive declaration, however. They almost kiss
  but Henderson interrupts the moment. Phil then tells her it is
  just as well. They may love each other, but he will never
  change. They sadly agree to at least be friends ....
- Lexie and Abe try to spend some quality time together.
- EJ wonders why he dreamt of a connection between Sydney
  and Sami. He becomes rather obsessive about it. The dream
  involved Nicole and baby, which seemed to morph into
  Sami and baby ...
- Sami wants Meredith to tell her more about Emily, but how
  much should she believe?
- Meredith makes a shocking claim. Just before her mysterious
  fatal accident, Emily and Rafe had a fight!
- Salem will be shocked by Daniel's official arrest! Bo tries to
  find out the truth. The commis feels he is innocent! Still,
  the evidence is piling up, starting with Dan's fingerprints on
  the vial.
- The doc gets arrested for trying to kill Chloe, who is not in any
  condition to speak up on his behalf ... Keep in mind that he
  is still the godson of Victor Kiriakis, though, and the Greek
  tycoon will be on his side. Matter of fact, Vic suspects Kate of
  being responsible for Chloe's coma and confronts her!
- Bo is more convinced than ever that Daniel didn't do it!
  That having been said, Mayor Abe reminds him he has to go
  by the book. Bo investigates another angle
- Kate tries to dupe Victor. She also uses Will.
- Daniel is out to save Chloe and expose Kate!
- Lucas loses his cool . He wongly assumes Daniel is trying
  to set up Kate. AND he wants answers about his supposed
  affair with Chloe! Dan has decided to tell it like it is.
  Guess how Lucas gets in to see Dan in the slammer? He
  pretends to be a lawyer! He confronts Dan and to add insult
  to injury, finds out Chloe only stayed with him cos of her pact
  with God. Ouch!
- Trouble erupts in the jail and it leads to a fight!
- Rafe is dismayed to hear that Sami met Meredith. He cannot
  conceal his displeasure that she lied to him yet again.
- Sami wants the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but!
- Rafe admits to Sami he was driving the car when the
  tragic Emily accident happened!
- Rafe also admits to Sami that he recently met with Meredith.
  He does not see eye to eye with her.
- Sami and Rafe bicker and make up again.
- Meredith discusses the death of Emily with Stefano!
- Chloe's friends gather round her. Nicole wants to do right by
  her friend. Chloe's state makes Nicole and Brady re-bond.
  They are there for each other.
- As Chloe lies unconscious, Nicole unburdens her tainted soul!
- Nicole changes her mind about neutralizing Rafe, but it seems
  too late! The phoenix is not likely to stop now!
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