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WEEK OF JULY 19 , 2010


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- Phil is mortified when Mel announces her plan to surprise
  Chloe with a baby shower! He tries to talk her out of it by
  claiming it is too soon. She agrees. She later is unhappy
  to see Nath and Steph loveydovey at the beach.
- Chloe and Daniel discuss names and Chloe wonders how
  Victor will react to their news. She accidentally says she is
  having a baby with Victor's son. Dan reminds her he is the
  godson! Chloe later fears she let that slip cos her baby is Phil's!
- Steph thinks she has won big when Nath would like to live with
  her, as Lucas is selling his house. Only thing is, she can't shake
  this nagging feeling about Phillip about to blow it with Mel,
  which could spell the end of her and Dr. Nathan! Nath assures
  her he is over Mel.
- Bo discusses Hope with Roman, who thinks he should give her
  space. Bo refuses to abandon her.
- Ciara tells Bo she saw mommy hugging a strange man and
  maybe he was the one who stole her treasures!
- Daniel runs into Father Matt and finds out there never was an
  annulment problem. He advises Dan to ask Chloe why he will
  not be able to perform their marriage, cos there is another reason!
  When Dan confronts Chloe, she pretends she no longer gets along
  with the priest and would rather have a civil ceremony.
- Chloe also talks to Father Matt. He learns she is pregnant. Of
  course, the priest still feels that the truth will set her free.
- Chloe and Carly meet at the hospital and get along better.
- Baker tells Hope he is falling in love with her and begs her not
  to kill Bo. He suggests they just mug him, clear him, out and run
  away together. Hope pretends she will think about it ...
- Before she dies, Madeline gasps to Chad that she lied for him!
  (Now only Kate will know the secret!)
- When EJ summons Nicole to a meeting, she informs him she
  has decided the best punishment would be for him to be with
  Sami, so she will not tell her he kidnapped Sydney. She will still
  be wanting money, though ...
- Rafe is dismayed to hear that Sami intends to continue living at
  DiMera mansion. He warns her that her life will be hell, but
  Sami is determined to give EJ a chance, for their kids' sake.
  She is still upset to meet Rafe's new assistant, cos that was
  the job she had wanted!
- Brady suggests Nicole take things with him one step at a
  time, cos he is not over Ari.
- Ari is ready to get another lawyer, but EJ promises her that
  he is totally devoted to her case and will not be leaving town
  after all. However, he does admit he has nothing concrete on
  Nicole. Ari tells EJ how much faith she has in him and it's
  a whole lot!
- Nicole and EJ discuss their latest deal. Her first demand is
  that he prove Arianna's innocence, cos Brady just keeps
  on digging, which means a) he could end up discovering
  she framed her b) he is spending to much energy on Ari, while
  Nicole wants a commitment! Rafe hears part of their convo
  at the pier, in which EJ warns her to tell no one! Rafe knows
  Nicole is up to something. He suspects she has the goods on
  EJ, whom she blackmailed, and resolves to find out himself!
  He tells Sami he knows that EJ and Nicole  have a secret!
  Sami, however, blows him off, assuming he is just jealous. He
  then breaks into Nicole's home to snoop around and finds her 
  mysterious journal, which appears to be written in code!
- Bo finds Hope at the house and tells her she has changed. Where
  is Hope?! Bo asks her to stay for a chat. He is closer to the tragic  
  truth, but he is also in grave danger, cos red lipstick Hope is out
  for HIS blood! Unbeknownst to Bo, Hope has de-activated the
  alarm and fire alarm. She spikes his coffee with sleeping pills!
  Just before he passes out, she lashes out at him for betraying
  her and taunts him that she will now have her revenge ...!
  Then she proceeds to pour gasoline on him! Her plan is ruined
  when Daniel comes to the door, in search of Carly. Hope conceals
  herself. Here comes Roman with emergency backup, as Baker
  anonymously tipped off the cops! Dan works on unconscious
  Bo and he is rushed to the hospital. Hope later visits him at
  his hospital bedside, ready to finish him off for good so he will
  not be able to point the finger at her, but he wakes up and
  Carly walks in before she can do anything  ... Of course, he
  will not remember what happened - yet!
- Hope now also feels betrayed by Baker!
- Chad is devastated and filled with guilt over his mother's tragic
  death. His D.A. dad holds him responsible, but an examination 
  reveals Madeline suffered an aneurysm. Chad blames himself
  regardless. Kate tries to help him, but poor Chad seems to be
  losing it without any parent support. Stefano waants to make
  him feel better. The phoenix thinks the D.A. is wrong to
  mistreat his son and sadly remembers Tony. Chad makes
  a comment about Woods never acting like a father. Kate
  then sarcastically muses to herself that she wonders why!
- Sami is hot and cold with EJ. But she wants to make
  things work for the sake of their kids. She insists she and
  Rafe are over and DiMera mansion is her home.
- Victor sneaks out to see Maggie again! They discuss Daniel.
- Vivian is consumed with jealousy over Maggie's hold on Victor
  and she will not take it sitting down. Oh oh!
- Roman and Abe try to figure out who wanted to
  silence Bo forever ...
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