Days of Our Lives Spoilers
July 13-17, 2009

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- Brady learns a secret from Dan - he is smitten with Chloe!
  They are over now, he laments.
- Sami invites Rafe to move in with her, despite their recent
  disagreements. Bad timing, though! Rafe and Sami start a
  new phase of their lives, surrounded by turmoil. EJ heads
  over to Sami with a peace offering, given that Steph has
  decided to testify against him, and winds up butting heads with
  Rafe, who is there moving in! He thinks Rafe should NOT
  move in!! Blowup time! Meanwhile, Sami meets Nicole at the
  park and thanks her for changing EJ's mind about the custody
  suit, until EJ arrives and declares he has changed his mind right
  back again! Elvis insists he needs to know more about Rafe and
  he wants answers ...
- Rafe unpacks and finds Emily's ring, along with an old
  newspaper clipping about her mysterious death that he has
  been saving all this time! Rafe secretly burns the article on
  Emily's death.
- Lucas extends an invitation to Dan and finds his brush-off odd.
- Chloe gets a clean bill of health - for now.
- After Kate plants the small bottle of drugs At Dan's apartment,
  she lurks hidden in his closet, waiting for a chance to escape ...
- Chloe wonders what Kate's scarf is doing at Dan's place.
  It is purple but Chloe is not sure ... And whose perfume does
  she smell? Chloe is there with Lucas, by the way, to pick
  up busy Dan's clothes for the new shoot.
- EJ becomes more reasonable. He finally appears ready to drop
  his custody suit.
- Mia and Will have a date.
- Mia runs into Sydney and the DiMeras at the park.
- Chloe has a revealing conversation with Nicole. She is upset
  that Daniel might be seeing someone new!
- Stephanie becomes a career girl. She is HIRED by the
  hospital admin.
- Sami reaches out to Nicole. How about a truce?
- Nicole slips up with Sami!
- Stefano schemes and proudly and informs Nicole that his plan
  to neutralize a certain someone is already underway! Good thing,
  cos Nicole is desperate for Rafe to have his attention diverted!
- EJ is increasingly suspicious of Stefano and Nicole.
- Rafe tries to reason with Will to get him to ease up on Sami.
- Ciara has a birthday party, organized by Bo and Hope ...
  Caroline later asks Victor why he was not present.
- Little Ciara catches the interest of a stranger, who
  approaches her!
- Phil will not give up on Steph.
- Steph tells Phil to stop calling her!
- Nathan and Stephanie talk about their families and appear
  to click. He offers to buy her a coffee after they collide and
  she takes a rain check, though he does put a smile on her face!
- Dan considers leaving town for good and tells Kate. He goes
  as far as a resignation letter for the hospital ...
- Chloe is in bad shape after consuming more poisoned food.
- When Dan realizes she is ill and feverish again, he changes
  his plans, so he will remain in Salem.
- Mel decides to go the extra mile and play matchmaker for
  Phil and Steph. She believes they belong together!
- Mel arranges for Phil and Steph to have an accidental meetup.
- Phil gives Steph a passionate kiss.
- Chadman wants to know just how close Will and Mia are!
- Ailing Chloe wants to keep Dan at bay and Dr. Lexie is baffled
  by Chloe's request. Of course, poor Dan is about to be set up!
- Maggie tries to make sense of things.
- Arianna has misgivings about getting close to a recovering addict
  and therefore gives Brady the brush-off.
- Brady discusses Ari with Victor.
- Nathan wants answers from Mel!
- After her latest fainting episode, Chloe has a dream/hallucination 
  concerning Dan.
- Mel does a nursing test but also yearns to be at Titan!
  Brady warns her to stay away from rebound Phil ...
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