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WEEK OF JULY 12 , 2010


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- Rafe finds Johnny's penguin at the beach. He hands
  it to Sami. The chemistry is there, but he still cannot
  seem to accept EJ as part of her family life.
- Phillip demands answers from Chloe!
- Chloe must deal with a paternity test!
  She laments she does not know which guy
  is the father ...
- Phil tells Chloe if the baby is his, he will
  play by her rules, but he will help her
  get through it.
- Mel attempts to play matchmaker with
  Brady and Ari - on a picnic.
- Brady is unable to get through to Ari. They
  are through and Victor is delighted by the news.
  However, Brady and Nicole later kiss!
  Brady is the one who pulls back, after
  deciding he might not be thinking straight,
  on account of his recent breakup.
- Daniel admits he is jealous of Chloe and Phil.
  He changes his tune when he finds out Vivian
  paid the male nurse to lead Chloe to believe
  Dan and Carly were cheating. Chloe informs
  Daniel that Phillip has been her rock. Dan gets
  it and apologizes for ever doubting her.
- Justin updates Bo that he and Hope are moving
  forward with their relationship.
- Adrienne wonders about Hope'e mental state
  when she notices her behaving oddly. Things
  get pretty heated! Adrienne then warns Justin
  and Bo that Hope is off, as she kissed Justin
  and acted like it was nothing. Justin hopes she
  is wrong. Vic informs him that Hope just
  needs to be left alone.
- Hope gets more pills oh oh!
- Nicole taunts EJ with the damning recording
  which proves he paid Anna to kidnap Sydney.
  He is way worse that she is! He asks her price.
  She declares he has nothing she wants! He
  responds in a threatening manner ...
  The roving reporter summons the camera crew
  (i.e. Ari) so she can announce what she wants
  on the air! EJ, however, is determined to have
  his say. He tells the viewers she is a liar. The
  broadcast gets interrupted by breaking news at
  the zoo before Nicole can tell all!
- Nicole almost tells Sami that EJ was
  the one who stole Sydney! Twice! The second
  time is at the mansion, but Sami gets mad and
  refuses to listen! Nicole taunts EJ to enjoy his
  freedom while it lasts ...
- She feels badly about not sharing the all important
  info with Brady, who wants to help her bring down EJ.
- Sami wants EJ to tell her what Nicole's big secret is.
  EJ pretends it is that Stefano flooded the townhouse
  to help keep her at the mansion. Sami is amused.
- EJ asks Sami to take a loooooong family vacation
  with him. She appears to consider, yet decides NO
  after he wonders if her reluctance is because of Rafe.
  She claims she said no, as she does not want Nicole
  to think they are running away.
- EJ yells at Johnny. Sami does not hear.
- EJ appears ready to maka a deal with the devil
  (Nicole, that is!) as he has her brought to him
  by henchman Marco ...
- Ari wonders if EJ is in some kind of trouble.
  He denies it and explains he will probably
  be leaving town on business. He promises to
  find her a good replacement lawyer. She thanks
  him for all he has done for her thus far and calls
  him the best.
- Carly fears that if Daniel finds out what she knows,
  he will never forgive her for not telling him, nor
  will daughter Mel!
- Viv warns Mel that Carly will only burn a hole
  in her soul.
- Mel tells Phil she is now ready to live
  in their own house, big enough for a family
  and a nursery. Phil agrees to the house, but
  reminds Mel that he needs more time before
  they start a family of their own!
- Hope and Carly clash after Hope spies
  her kissing Bo in public! Bo tries to talk to Hope
  about it, then realizes she is playing mind games.
- Bo reassures Carly that she is the woman he wants.
- Baker is worried and advises Nicole not to
  risk angering EJ or he will do some digging.
- Red lipstick Hope is friendly toward Carly
  again. Carly is freaked out by it. Hope admires
  how she fought back against the sadistic Lawrence.
- Bo decides to investigate Hope.
- Hope feels the time to kill Bo has come! She
  tells Baker that afterwards, she will disappear!
- Lexie finds out about some sleeping pills via Abe,
  who has gotten a prescription.
- Chad pays Kate a visit and then ...
- When Chad demands answers, Maddie
  confesses she used to be a call girl! Chad
  denounces her and runs up the stairs at the
  dangerous pier. Maddie follows and loses her
  footing because of him. She comes tumbling down ...!
- Kate panics when she sees Stefano lying on
  a hospital bed! Turns out he just stopped by for
  an insulin fix. But he and Kate are now at the
  hospital, where Maddie is about to be rushed ...

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