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- Friday spoiler alert! BUZZ DaysCafe broke on Dec 10
confirmed. EJ is the mastermind!
- Sami has a clandestine meeting with EJ. He updates her
  on the second note he has received, demanding 5 million
  dollars!. The kidnapper calls them and annnounces she
  will deal with Sami from now on, mother to mother.
  They have 24 hours to get the money, and if Sami
  tells her FBI boyfriend anything, Sydney will never come
  home! Sami demands to hear Sydney's voice. When she
  does, she starts to cry and Elvis promises to make
  everything better ...
- Carly is traumatized by visions of when Vivian buried her
  alive and is desperate to protect her daughter from her wrath!
- Bo admits if Hope and Justin were involved, that would change
  everything for him.
- Victor is livid about the Justin/Hope kiss!
- Hope tells Victor that unless he stays out of her personal life,
  she is moving out with Ciara! He agrees to back off but kicks
  Justin out! Justin runs into Carly and enlightens her.
- Vivian informs Bo that she and Victor caught Justin and Hope
  in liplock. Bo asks Hope for answers, which leads to another
  disagreement. She blames him for putting Ciara at risk with
  the kidnappers and still partly loving Carly, while he blames
  her for moving out and therefore giving up on them! Maggie
  later advises Bo to try and take things in small steps to fix
  his marriage. She and Mickey were able to work things
  out that way ...
- Brady visits Nicole and gives her a pre-hearing pep talk.
- Rafe warns Brady he will have to deal with him if he
  hurts his sister.
- Troy wants Arianna D-E-A-D!  He gets a hitman but our hero
  Brady will save the day by walking in at just the right time!
  Tha assassin pretends he was just there for a cup of coffee.
  Brady points out the pub is closed and tells him to leave.
  Troy gets mad and later warns the killer to do the job!
- Get ready for some courtroom drama at Nicole's hearing!
  Brady takes a stand - literally! And he is the only one to defend
  the baby switcher. Sami blasts Nicole, blaming her for everything.
  Chad, EJ, and Mia add to the negative account of what N did.
  Brady then shocks Arianna when he gives a statement in
  support of Nicole! He implies temporary insanity. Sami is livid!
  Ari assumes he still loves the felonista and walks out without
  listening to what Brady wants to say to her afterwards.
- Nicole gets a prison sentence. She advises Brady to move
  on with his life and sadly vows to never forget him.
  appears devastated and Ari believes he still loves Nicole.

- Bo states Carly's daughter is safe from harm.
- Much to her horror, Carly finds herself stuck in an elevator
  with Vivian and freaks out! She blurts out to Viv that yes, she
  did kill Lawrence! Vivian is disgusted.
- Nathan and Phillip continue to disagree about Mel marrying Phil,   
  while still in jail. Nath insists Mel wants him. Phil doubts it and
  he is not impressed that Nath claims Steph does not even fit
  into the equation.
- Mel and Steph head to the jail to bail out their battling guys.
  Steph is disappointed when Phil tells what Nath said. She
  storms out, without helping bail him out. Melanie goes on to
  give Nath the brush-off, insisting she wans to marry Phllip!
- Nathan then hopes to get a second chance with Steph and
  apologizes for fighting over Mel, after he had asked her
  out for New Year's eve. What now ..?
- Meanwhile, Mel makes love with Phil, then dreams of Nath!
- It's official. Rafe is back with the FBI! Meanwhile, Sami still
  has not told him about the ransom notes. With this revelation
  change her mind ...? NOPE, cos EJ convinces her not to!
  Rafe starts to have his own suspicions. He tells Sami one
  should not lie to loved ones ...
- HOT! Bo and Justin are about to butt heads! And Justin admits
  he has intense feelings for Hope so there!
- Anna thinks someone is onto her. Paranoia or is she right ...?
Someone shows up at the cabin to see her on Thursday and
  so she opens the door, holding Sydney, only to find EJ there!

- Gaby realizes Mia can be no real friend of hers. The teen is
  stunned to find out she had a baby with Chad. after Mia
  convinces her to attend Nicole's hearing with her.
She is
  not impressed with Chad and tells him to stay away from
  her after Mia claims they are soulmates!

- Will suspects Mia still cares about Chad and dumps her.
- Bo and Carly kiss again, after her elevator scare.
- Maggie and Mickey happily plan to go on a cruise.
- But a terrible tragedy is about to occur and no one sees
  it coming. Salem is rocked by a DEATH!
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