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- Stefano is onto EJ! Syd's medicine bottle fell out of EJ's coat!
  Elvis says it is for Johnny and Sami admits she has been
  using such a bottle for Johnny. The phoenix, however, knows
  his duplicitous son is up to something, especually when he spies
  him consoling Sami, vowing to bring back their daughta. Elvis
  also lays it on thick, offering to talk to Rafe, to help Sami and
  Rafe mend fences.
- Roman forewarns Ari she will have to go back to jail.
- Troy promises EJ he will not rat him out. In exchange, EJ
  will let him live.
- Rafe gets involved with Ari's plight. He threatens to expose
  the police department for recruiting an untrained undercover
  agent. The result? Ari is freed pending an investigation!
- EJ is suspected of tampering with evidence - so says Rafe!
- Sami is disheartened. Rafe has no leads.
- Rafe leaves Sami - after he sees her and EJ together
  at DiMera mansion. He is of the opinion that she trusts
  EJ more than him. She gives him her St. Anne medal.
- Arianna admits to EJ that she has been undercover
  for the cops!
- Brady and Roman are worried, but what can they do?
- Justin and Carly compare notes on Bo. He claims Bo and Hope
  are the real deal, while she is a home wrecker but Carly claims
  Justin is just waiting for Hope for himself!
- Carly and Dan remember Rebecca. Dan says Chloe is his future.
- Kate is livid and suspicious that Viv got Mel her wedding dress.
- Nathan gives Mel the brush-off. He also tells Steph yet again
  that they shouldn't tell anyone they are seeing each other.
- Mel decides she loves Phil the most! She gets wedding fever!
- Vivian gets confirmation that Melanie is Carly's daughter.
  The birth dates match. Now what? Victor warns her they
  simply cannot harm Phil's beloved. She appears to agree,
  until ... Madame sees an apparition of Lawrence. Victor
  is convinced she has gone bonkers!
- Mel opens up to Maggie about family.She just knows Phil
  still loves Kate, but Mag advises her to steer clear of that one!
- Maggie receives Mickey's belongings from his office. Hard times.
- Maggie has her eye on a good stiff drink but resists the
  temptation! Nath misunderstands and thinks she drank a bottle!
- Arianna has a question for EJ - who is Anna? Turns out Ari
  picks up his phone when the nutty nanny calls! She is about
  to fall out of favor with EJ(Anna, that is).
- Carly and Melanie finally have a nice moment, tho Mel wrongly
  assumes the daughter she "lost" years ago died.
- Phillip has a very bad feeling about Vivian trying to get
  close to his fiancee ...
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