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- Troy overhears Ari's private conversation ...
  He then convinces her to meet him at her room later,
  lying that the big boss will be there. Ari is desperate,
  having learned from Roman that the higher ups want
  to drop the operation!
- Brady agrees to give Mel away at her wedding.
- Phillip has an important question for Bo. Bo agrees to
  be part of the February wedding and be welcoming to Mel.
- Bo removes his wedding ring and pretends he was the reason
  Carly came back to Salem, in an attempt to throw Vivian
  off Mel's track. Abe warns him it might be too late by the
  time he tells Hope the truth ...
- Carly tries to give Mal a pep talk about having a career
  as well as a marriage.
- Maggie finds it difficult to deal with her loss, so she
  keeps busy. She warns Kate not to mess with Mel!
- Kate tries to get to Phillip thru Mel.
- Sami and Rafe have a blowup over Sydney!
- Rafe finds out about the ransom.
- Anna leaves the cabin without telling EJ.
- Rafe admits he was having Sami tailed. He has the FBI run
  tests on the ransom notes.
- EJ tries unsuccessfully to reach Anna but eventually gets thru.
- The FBI waits for the kidnapper to try and take the money ...
- Still, no Sydney.
And it gets worse! EJ arranges for Sami to
  receive another message from the kidnapper, warning that
  because the feds were involved, they will never see Syd again!

- Nath and Steph talk to Julie about relationships. They decide
   to keep their budding romance from Phil and Mel.
- Anna fears EJ has no intention of returning Sydney.
- Bo and Hope are filled with regret. Poor Hope finds out
  what Viv heard and is devastated to see Bo removed his wedding
- Justin and Hope - it's gonna happen, but Justin
  hopes sooner rather than later and kisses her!
- Carly is shocked by Mel's tumultuous past and more
  determined than ever to protect her from the evil Vivian.
- She has a scary dream that Viv murders Mel, just after
  a horrific flashback of Lawrence threatening to kill her baby ...
- Phil warns Carly to leave his fiancee alone.
- Victor gives Carly a piece of his mind.
- Carly begs Mel to steer clear of Vivian. Does she listen? Nooo!
- Carly is starting to lose it, as Viv is about to discover! Viv will
  be on the receiving end! Bo asks Dan to watch over Carly.
- Mel is not the only gal torn between two lovers. It is now
  official. Mia wants both Will and Chad!
- Gaby accepts Chad's Olympic invitation.
- Chloe informs Brady that Nicole would like an update on
  the Sydney situation.
- Troy still wants Arianna dead and proceeds to strangle her,
  but this time EJ saves her!
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